Steven Mark Hicks: The First Victim Of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Killings

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According to the documentary “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” which can be found on Netflix, the murder of Steven Mark Hicks in 1978 served as the impetus for the horrendous atrocities that were committed by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

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In any case, Jeffrey committed the murder of Hicks while his parents were away and he was staying with relatives in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, just three weeks after he graduated from high school. The circumstances surrounding the murder are unknown.

Who Was Steven Mark Hicks?

Jeffrey Dahmer took the life of Steven Mark Hicks, who was 18 years old and had recently graduated from high school. Dahmer was responsible for Hicks’s death.

Steven Mark Hick: The First Victim Of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Killings

People who knew him described him as a kind and compassionate individual who delighted in being of assistance to others and who was always open to the prospect of forming new friendships.

He abstained from hurting others, whether they were people or animals because he was not a fan of violent behavior and did not enjoy inflicting pain on others. Because of this, it is difficult to come to terms with the tragic and untimely end he met.

Steven Mark Hicks’s Murder Was Unplanned

Dahmer murdered his first victim in 1978, three weeks after graduating from high school.

On June 18, 1978, while Jeffrey was making his normal commute, he came across a hitchhiker who was standing by the side of the road in hopes of being picked up by a passing vehicle.

While immediately approaching Jeffrey, Steven Mark Hicks took a moment to introduce himself to him. He asserted that he was in Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio, for a performance of an Ohio band.

According to Dahmer, the fact that Hicks was standing along the roadside without his shirt on sparked the desire in him to bring him back with him.

Jeffrey enticed the hitchhiker with beer, convinced him to get in the car and join him at the house since he had the entire place to himself, and then came to the conclusion that he could easily exert his authority over Hicks. When they arrived at Jeffrey’s house, he and Hicks immediately began conversing with one another while listening to music and drinking beer.

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Reports indicate that Jeffrey had a sexual interest in Hicks; however, as soon as Hicks began talking about other girls, Jeffrey understood that he had no chance of getting with Hicks.

Hicks eventually asked Jeffrey to take him to the performance as promised after observing that his behavior gradually evolved into one that made him feel a great deal of unease.

However, Jeffrey did not let the man go and instead used a dumbbell weighing 10 pounds to strike Hicks twice in the head from behind, knocking him unconscious both times.

Hicks was knocked unconscious by Dahmer’s blows with the dumbbells, and then Dahmer strangled him.

Jeffrey masturbated over Hicks’ body after removing his clothes, all the while scraping his chest with his hands. Hicks’ clothes were still on. Dahmer began the dissection of Hicks’ body the following day in the basement of his home.

“I have never doubted that I was right about that. Dahmer stated in an interview with Inside Edition in 1993 that the commission of his first murder was not premeditated.

The Body Of Steven Mark Hicks Hasnt Been Discovered

Unfortunately, Jeffrey meticulously burned Steven Mark Hicks’ remains; as a result, his body has not been found since that time. This is unfortunate.

After breaking his skeleton into pieces and dissolving his flesh in acid, he disposed of the remains by dumping them in a wooded area close to his home.

Additionally, the acid that was used to disintegrate Hicks’ flesh was flushed down the toilet after it had been used.

In the years that followed Hicks’ disappearance and death, Steven Mark Hicks’s family put out their best effort, including working closely with the police and even hiring a private investigator, but to no avail.

Hicks’s skeletal remains have never been located.

The murder of Steven Mark Hicks is shown in the third episode of the Netflix show Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

In the third episode, it was revealed that Steven Mark Hicks’ death was the result of a tragic accident.

The Netflix series depicts Steve lifting weights and drinking beer, but when Steve meets his buddies, Jeffrey doesn’t want Steve to leave. Steve is reluctant to leave because Jeffrey doesn’t want Steve to leave.

During Steven Mark Hicks’s attempt to run away, Jeffrey struck him with a dumbbell. After that, he killed himself by strangulation, dismembered his body, and scattered the pieces across the woods that were behind his family’s home. This was vouched for by Dahmer himself.

Family of Steven Mark Hicks Sued Lionel For Parental Negligence

Lionel, Jeffrey’s father, released a book in 1994 titled A Father’s Story, and he gave a portion of the revenues to the families of the people who were killed in the attack.

Steven Mark Hick: The First Victim Of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Killings

The majority of the victims’ families stood behind Lionel and Shari, but later on, three families filed lawsuits against him. Two of the families accused him of using their names without their consent in the book.

The family of Steven Mark Hicks filed a wrongful death case against Lionel, Shari, and Joyce’s former spouse, citing parental negligence as the cause of death. The action was filed against Lionel, Shari, and Joyce.

Final Verdict

The last time anyone saw Steven Mark Hicks was on June 18 when they were hitchhiking to a rock performance in Chippewa Lake Park in Bath, Ohio.

Dahmer claims that as he was traveling, he became intrigued by the young man because his shirtless chest caught his eye.

He was killed by being strangled, his body was dismembered, and Dahmer’s scattered skeletal remains were found in the woods behind the house where he grew up.

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