Privacy Policy

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All readers or clients are requested to read this policy. This policy aims to inform how we safeguarded your personal information and make sure an exceptional experience when you browse this website.

Quick Overview:

  1. How We Safeguard Your Privacy?              
  2. How do we protect your data?
  3. What information do we collect?
  4. Do we share your information with other parties?
  5. Amendment on policy
  6. Contact us
  1. How We Safeguard Our Customers’ Privacy?              

Your privacy is something we care about!

We care for you, respect your privacy, and make sure to deliver the best service. We appreciate you have confidence in our company, and we promise to never break your trust and guarantee optimal protection of your information against any threat/scam.

  1. How do we protect your data?

When it comes to processing your data, we make sure to treat everything in the most responsible manner. We collect and process your data justly, legally and transparently for our legitimate purposes. Users are requested to provide accurate and up to date information as we remove any inaccurate data, without any delay.

  1. What information do we collect?

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The information we collect may include your gender, contact details, bank details, identification information, or any other information related to our work.

  1. Do we share your information with other parties?

Even though we promise to keep your data safe with us, sometimes we might have to share your information with our contractors to carry out our duties or to fulfil our legitimate interests. We ensure those companies will never misuse your data, and will only process your data for the lawful purpose.

  1. Amendment on Policy

We may revise, alter, or add new things to the mentioned written policy when required– you can find our policy on our website or by requesting us for a copy.

  1. Contact us

Ask for help if you are unsure about our policy.


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