Top 10 Shocking facts about Jeffrey Dahmer: The “Milwaukee Cannibal”

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Top 10 shocking facts about Jeffrey Dahmer that you should know: Jeffrey/Jeff Dahmer, the notorious American serial killer, was called “The Milwaukee Monster,” “The Milwaukee Cannibal,” and other horrible names. He also became a major skidmark that showed how unfair the country’s legal system was. 

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Even though Dahmer’s horrible crimes made him a household name in the United States, many people still don’t know the whole story about the serial killer, his victims, and how he was able to fool the whole Milwaukee police force. So, in this article, we’ll talk about the Top 10 shocking facts about Jeffrey Dahmer we know about Jeffrey Dahmer. Relax and keep reading!

10 Shocking things about Jeffrey Dahmer that you should know

Top 10 Shocking facts about Jeffrey Dahmer: The “Milwaukee Cannibal”

Now, before we get to the list, we want you to know that the new Netflix show “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” is heavily based on Dahmer’s life. So, if you haven’t seen the show yet, you should know that there will be spoilers! Also, there are bloody and Top 10 shocking facts about Jeffrey Dahmer details in this article. So, read what comes next at your own risk.

1) His father was a big influence on Jeffrey Dahmer.

Lionel Dahmer was born on July 29, 1936. He was a skilled chemist who worked as a Senior Research Chemist at PPG Industries in Barberton, Ohio. Later, he was made the Supervisor of the Analytical Chemistry department of the company. You might be wondering why I’m telling you all this about Lionel Dahmer.

Well, first of all, he is the father of Jeffrey Dahmer, an infamous serial killer in the United States. And secondly, you should know that most of Jeff’s works were taught by Lionel himself!

Lionel taught Jeffrey how to take apart roadkill like possums, raccoons, and other dead animals, even though he was very busy and a terrible husband to his then-wife Joyce Flint. At the time, Lionel was doing an experiment in which he drilled a hole in a frog’s head and poured different liquids into its brain to see how the animal would react. The real point of the experiment was to show that even if almost all of an animal’s brain is damaged, a tiny bit of brain can keep the animal alive in a vegetative state.

Jeffrey learned this at a very young age, and he became very interested in the insides of animals, their bones, and their organs. In fact, Jeffrey was said to play Fiddlesticks with animal bones and be crazy about internal organs.

Lionel taught his kid how to keep the bodies and bones of animals, as well as how to do dissections and taxidermy, which is the art of stuffing animal insides to make them look alive. At the time, the father didn’t mean to, but he thought he was teaching his son to do what he loved, which was taxidermy. But Jeff didn’t use the skills for good. Instead, he used them to hurt people.

Lionel later became an author, and in his autobiography, “A Father’s Story,” he wrote that he had violent dreams and fantasies like Jeffrey. This is another interesting fact about Lionel. Even though, unlike his son, he didn’t follow his gut and put his skills to good use.

But it’s important to remember that Lionel loved Jeffrey until the very end and was with him until he died on November 28, 1994.

2) Jeffrey’s first victim was like his “dream come true.”

Jeffrey Dahmer’s own words and legal evidence show that he killed his first person in Ohio, where his father lived. But the killer later said that the death of 18-year-old Steven Hicks, who hitchhiked to a concert in Dahmer’s car, was an accident.

Jeff told the police that he had fantasies about young boys because he was gay and lived alone. In one of his dreams, he meets a stranger on the road who gives him a ride because he is hitchhiking. They have a good time together. Just like his parents, he didn’t want them to leave him.

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Now, the situation got off to a good start when Hicks agreed to go to Jeff’s house, but it quickly got worse when the hitchhiker asked Dahmer to drop him off at his destination before it was too late. Jeff asked the stranger to stay longer, but the stranger said no, and the two 18-year-olds got into a fight. Dahmer finally got a barbell and hit him on the head with it. Later, when Hicks was having trouble with his head injury, Jeff took a longer dumbbell and strangled the boy.

At the time, Jeff was staying alone at his father’s house while his father stayed at a nearby motel with his then-girlfriend Shari, thinking that Jeff was staying with his mother Joyce Dahmer. But Lionel didn’t know that Joyce had already left the house with their younger son David (whom we’ll talk about later), leaving Jeffrey alone for almost three months.

Jeff was scared after he killed Hicks, so he hid his body under their house. He and his dad later found the first roadkill. But Dahmer cut the body into pieces later. He also tried to break Hicks’ bones, but he couldn’t because the bones were still wet inside. So, he put the bones in the oven and cooked them until they were soft and broke easily. He then spread the bone dust all over his backyard. Jeff said that he thought that if he did that, his fantasy hero, Hicks, would always be close to him.

3) “Doin’ a Dahmer” and Jeffrey’s popularity at school

The third interesting thing about the Top 10 shocking facts about Jeffrey Dahmer that you should know is how he made money from beer while he was in school. You see, Dahmer was an outcast at school, and the “popular” kids often ignored him. But one of Jeff’s school friends wrote a graphic novel about him called “My Friend Dahmer.” In the book, he said that Jeff became the school clown for “doin’ a Dahmer.”

Then, what is it? Well, the Urban Dictionary says that “Doin’ a Dahmer” just meant “playing a practical joke” on someone. Jeffrey often made other students laugh at school by acting like autistic people. The phrase became well-known after it was used in the novel Jeffrey Dahmer by Joel Norris in 1992.

But when Dahmer was found guilty of killing and mutilating 17 young men, the phrase “Doin’ a Dahmer” took on a whole new meaning. Since then, the phrase has only been used to talk about the terrible things he did.

4) How racism and carelessness on the part of the police led to Dahmer’s crimes

Jeffrey Dahmer was a white man who lived in the United States in the late 1980s. At that time, racism and colorism were common. This is one of the main things that led Jeffrey to commit crimes and kill people. Did you know that at least five murders could have been stopped if the police had paid attention to a black woman named Glenda Cleveland who lived next door to Dahmer’s apartment in the Milwaukee Oxford Apartments?

Cleveland called the police more than once because of the sounds of electrical tools, screams, and awful smells coming from Dahmer’s apartment. In fact, when Dahmer drilled a hole in the head of a 14-year-old boy to keep him in a vegetative state, the boy, Konerak Sinthasomphone, escaped from Dahmer’s room while he was out getting alcohol. Cleveland, her daughter, and one of her cousins found Konerak outside Dahmer’s apartment. He was naked, murmuring words they couldn’t understand, and bleeding from the head.

The woman called the police right away and told them what was going on. When the police showed up, Konerak was sitting and almost not aware of what was going on around him. Jeffrey got here quickly and was able to handle the situation with no trouble.

So far as we know, Dahmer told the police that Konerak was his boyfriend who had gotten drunk, fallen, and hurt himself. He also told the police that Sinthasomphone was 18 years old, but he was only 14. Even though Glenda and her daughter complained a lot, the police believed Dahmer and even helped him bring his victim inside. When the police went to Dahmer’s apartment, they found a dead body of a victim lying next to Jeffrey’s bed. This was also a surprise. This was the body of Tony Hughes, who Dahmer killed the day before he drugged and brought 14-year-old Konerak to his house.

If the police had taken Glenda’s complaints about Dahmer seriously and looked into him, they would have found Hughes’ body and might have saved Konerak Sinthasomphone, who was later killed by Dahmer.

5) In Dahmer’s apartment, police found human bones in every tool.

When police finally caught Jeffrey Dahmer on July 22, 1991, they found human bones in almost every object in his apartment. There was a reason why Dahmer was called the “Milwaukee Cannibal.” After killing and cutting up his victims, Jeff took their organs out, cut the meat off their bones, and ate them! The serial killer said that eating his victims made him feel like they were a part of him.

When the police searched Dahmer’s house after he was arrested, they found Konerak Sinthasomphone’s severed head and the internal organs of other people. Aside from that, they found many bottles of hydrochloric acid, a large canister where Dahmer melted the flesh in acid, and several skulls. Jeff painted a lot of the skulls to make them look like ancient artifacts.

6) Even though Dahmer had several mental disorders, he was found legally sane for his crimes.

After Dahmer was arrested in 1991, it was found that he had a number of mental problems, such as schizotypal personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and psychotic disorder. He also had a mental disorder called “Splanchnophilia,” which makes a person want to touch flesh and bones.

So, Dahmer’s lawyer and father tried to prove that Dahmer was crazy by pointing to these things that doctors had found. Lionel didn’t want his son to go to jail, and pleading insane in court was one way for the killer to avoid jail time and go to a mental hospital instead. But they lost the case, and the judge said that Dahmer was legally sane and knew exactly what he was doing to his victims. On February 17, 1992, he was finally given 15 sentences of life in prison.

7)Jeffrey Dahmer led the police to the bodies of the people he killed.

Jeffrey Dahmer helped the Milwaukee police find the dead bodies of his victims that he had buried or kept somewhere after he was caught. In fact, Dahmer admitted to killing his first victim, Steven Hicks, even though the police didn’t know about it.

Dahmer said that after he killed his first person in 1978, he was terrified for more than a year and felt scared every time he heard a police car. He even said he kept an eye on the news because he was hoping to hear about Steven Hicks’ disappearance at some point. But that didn’t happen, and that made him want to do more crimes like that in the future. Still, Dahmer didn’t kill his second person until 1987, nine years after he killed his first.

After killing his second victim, Steven Tuomi, in a hotel room, the serial killer went on a killing spree, killing poor, gay people every two weeks. Later, he told the police everything he had done wrong and said, “I should be dead for what I did.”

8) As a child and teen, Jeffrey was hardly cared for or paid attention to.

Even though Jeffrey Dahmer was not like other kids on the block, his parents’ lack of care affected his mind and personality over time. He grew up in a family that wasn’t close. His parents always put their work and home life ahead of Dahmer’s needs. Also, as a child, he was shy and kept most of his thoughts to himself. But when he was a teenager and realized he was gay, he tried to talk to his father about it, but his father didn’t listen.

Also, Joyce, Jeffrey’s mother, is said to have taken several pills for stress, depression, and other mental problems she was having at the time while she was pregnant with him. This could have also made him have a twisted mind and mental disorders.

9) The one that Dahmer didn’t get.

On July 22, 1991, Jeffrey paid a black man named Tracy Edwards to come home with him from a nearby club. When Edwards went into Dahmer’s apartment, he saw a lot of empty bottles of hydrochloric acid and smelled a strange odor. Dahmer even tied one of his hands behind his back. When Dahmer did that, he knew something was wrong and tried to leave the house.

But Jeffrey wouldn’t accept that and threatened him with a knife. Dahmer is said to have told Edwards at one point that he wanted to hear his heartbeat before eating it.

Tracy was 32 and a smart young man who knew how to deal with Dahmer. He tried to reassure Dahmer that he wouldn’t leave him, and then he started posing for pictures. Because Dahmer was already drunk, Edwards was able to trick the serial killer when the time was right. Edwards hit Dahmer in the face and was able to get out of the house of horror with one hand still in a handcuff.

He ran through the streets until he saw a police car. He took the police to Dahmer’s apartment so they could find the handcuff’s key. When a police officer went to Dahmer’s apartment and looked in his bedroom for the keys, he found Polaroid pictures of bodies that had been cut up in the drawer. When they found out who Dahmer was, they put him in jail right away. In the end, Tracy Edwards was seen as a hero because she told the police about Jeffrey’s crimes.

10) Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother changed his name and stopped being seen by the public.

Dahmer family, many people know the name Jeffrey Dahmer, but his younger brother didn’t get much attention over the years. David Dahmer was Jeffrey’s younger brother by six years. In fact, Jeffrey is said to have given his little brother his name when he was born.

Top 10 Shocking facts about Jeffrey Dahmer: The “Milwaukee Cannibal”

But after Jeffrey’s crimes were found out in 1991 and David Dahmer was found guilty, he changed his name and disappeared from public view. Reports say that David has a stable job and graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. He is also said to have a family with at least two kids. Lionel Dahmer said in an interview that David legally changed his name and didn’t even show up to Dahmer’s trials.

So, these are the Top 10 shocking facts about Jeffrey Dahmer and his family. Jeffrey was a strange person whose life got more and more out of control because of problems with his parents, with society, and with the law.

According to what he said, he never wanted to kill his victims. Instead, like his parents, he just wanted them to stay with him. Christopher Scarver, a religious man, killed Jeffrey Dahmer in prison with a hammer. He thought that God had sent him to kill the “Milwaukee Monster.”




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