Mooski Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Real Name & Career

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Mooski is the stage name of Alabama native Darien Hinton, Mooski Net Worth who is both a singer and a rapper on the rise. The song “Track Star” that he performed is currently extremely popular on the platform TikTok. 

Mooski song currently has 555.7 million views on TikTok, making it one of the most popular songs on the platform. The amount that Mooski Net Worth financially is still being calculated at this time.

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Mooski Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Real Name & Career

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Real NameDarien Hinton
Birth Date/ AgeN/A
Birth PlaceOpp, Alabama, United States
ProfessionRapper, Singer
Relationship StatusN/A
Mooski Net WorthUnder Review

Early life

Darien Hinton was the one who gave birth to Mooski in the town of Opp, Alabama, in the United States of America. There is a lack of specific information regarding his early life, including his parents and academic background. Both his date of birth and his actual age are unknown at this time. However, judging from the way he presents himself, he appears to be in his early 20s.

After completing his secondary education, he joined the Marine Corps and served in that capacity. Before he started his career in the music industry, he did his time there a few times. Mooski launched his own self-titled YouTube channel on October 13, 2020. You can check it out here. His debut track on YouTube was titled “Peak’N,” and it was uploaded by him.

Mooski Net Worth & Career

His debut single also includes guest appearances from fellow emcees UnderGod Gwalla and StunnaC4. It was helpful in establishing his name as an up-and-coming rapper thanks to him. As of this moment, the official music video for the song has been viewed on YouTube more than 145,000 times.

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On the first of February in 2021, Mooski released a new song under the title “Miami Freestyle.” There have been sixty-four thousand views of the song’s official music video uploaded to YouTube. After the release of his new song “Track Star,” he went on to achieve massive success in the music industry.

On April 7, 2021, Mooski presented the world with the official music video for the song “Track Star.” Over five million people have viewed the music video on YouTube in just one week since it was uploaded. A few days earlier Mooski Net Worth, on February 20, 2021, released the official audio recording of the song “She’s A Runner She’s A Track Star.” There have been more than 5.3 million listens to the audio version of the song on YouTube.

The viral song performed by Mooski is currently making the rounds on TikTok. The TikTok user known as City Boy J is credited with bringing the song’s dance challenge to the platform, which contributed to the song’s subsequent rise to popularity. TikTok is a significant contributor to the widespread success of the song.

On the other hand, he has a grievance against Mooski because TikToker was not featured in the music video for “Track Star.” TikTok known as City Boy J is of the opinion that the reason he was excluded from the music video was the fact that he is gay.

Mooski Height, Weight & Measurements

Mooski now has a height of 5 feet 9 inches, which converts to 175 cm, and a weight of roughly 70 kg, which is equivalent to 154 pounds. At this time, we do not have access to information regarding his chest size, arm size, or waist size. In a similar manner, both his hair and eyes are a dark shade of brown.

Mooski Personal Life

Because Mooski dedicated his popular song “Track Star” to the woman he believes to be his girlfriend, it is possible that he is involved in a romantic relationship. In point of fact, he has made reference to the fact that his girlfriend is a real Track Star and that she flees away from him whenever things go difficult.

Mooski Net Worth

Mooski Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Real Name & Career

Through the success of the song “Track Star,” Mooski has established his name in the public consciousness. In his career as a musician, he has not yet achieved a greater level of fame. Although it is possible that Mooski has made a sizeable amount of money as a result of the release of a few songs, the precise Mooski Net Worth that he has amassed cannot be determined at this time.


What is the real name of Mooski?

Darien Hinton,

Who is Little Mooski?

Being honest in your music can be a winning strategy, and Mooski, an Alabama native from the small town of Opp, found a way to make that work for him in his hit song “Track Star.”

Is Mooski Jamaican?

“He’s from Jamaica, and the beat sounds like dancehall. What’s wrong?” One person said this, and another said, “The artist is of Jamaican descent, so I think he’s just showing respect to his family island.”

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