Andrea Pirlo Net Worth: Biography, Earning, Charity and Social Media

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Andrea Pirlo Net Worth:

Source of wealth:Football contracts, endorsement deals, and investments
Date of Birth:May 19, 1979
Country of birth:Italy

Andrea Pirlo Net Worth is estimated to be around £38 million (€42 million/$50 million), derived from his earnings as a footballer and several sponsorship deals. He is the most famous football player

The Italian earned that figure during his 22-year playing career in Italy and the United States.

He won two Champions Leagues with AC Milan before winning four consecutive Scudetto with Juventus.

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Pirlo was a key member of Italy’s World Cup-winning team in 2006 and was inducted into the Italian Football Hall of Fame in 2019. Read more: Robin Van Persie’s Net Worth

Andrea Pirlo Net Worth: Biography, Earning, Charity and Social Media

The former midfielder is not known to publicly discuss his financial situation, and he also has a stake in his father’s metal trading company, Elg Steel.

How much money does Andrea Pirlo make?

According to online sources, Pirlo’s annual salary as head coach of Juventus is up to £7.5 million (€8 million/$9.8 million).

Pirlo agreed to terms with the Serie A club on a two-year contract worth £14 million (€15.5 million/$18 million).

He is also said to have signing and tournament-winning bonuses built into his contract, which would see him earn £16 million (€18 million/$20 million) over two years at the Allianz. It is slightly less than other top-tier coaches make in lucrative leagues like the Premier League.

In comparison, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola makes £15 million (€16.5 million/$18.5 million) per year, comparable to what Jose Mourinho earns at Tottenham.

Meanwhile, at Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp is said to reach £10 million (€11 million/$12.5 million) per year. Using £7.5 million as Pirlo’s annual salary at Juventus, the table below shows how much he earns per month, week, day, year, and minute.

Per minute£14.31
Per hour£858
Per day£28,846
Per week£144,231
Per month£625,000
Per year£7,500,000

Andrea Pirlo has what kind of sponsorship deals?

Pirlo has previously worked with Nike during his playing career and after, with the famous sportswear brand even producing a special limited edition of the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 boot for the ex-midfielder.

In addition, the Juventus head coach has a relationship with Rolex, which has released his Submariner watch as part of the Andrea Pirlo Project.

Andrea Pirlo does what kind of charity work?

Pirlo has participated in several charitable endeavors while playing and, after retiring, participating in high-profile charity football matches on behalf of several organizations, including the Piedmontese Foundation for Cancer Research.

Along with other FIFA icons, he has demonstrated his support for the battle against racism in football.

How many people follow Andrea Pirlo on social media?

Pirlo has nearly 7.8 million Instagram followers and frequently shares pictures of his life on and off the field.

In addition, he has a Twitter account with 2.8 million followers, though he uses it less frequently.

FAQ About Andrea Pirlo Net Worth

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