How much did Jenni Rivera pay Juan Lopez?

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How much did Jenni Rivera pay Juan Lopez? Dolores “Jenni” Rivera Saavedra rose to prominence in the United States entertainment industry. She also embarked on the path of entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

She is the best musician, most known for her paintings of regional Mexican music, particularly Banda, Mariachi, and Norteo. She has been deemed the most influential woman in history by numerous media outlets. But in 2012, Jenni Rivera and six others perished in a plane disaster near Monterrey.

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Even after much research, the original cause of the synchronicity is now unknown. Legal action has been taken against numerous parties, including the plane’s owners, Rivera’s estate, and many more.

How much did Jenni Rivera pay Juan Lopez?

How much did Jenni Rivera pay Juan Lopez?

Juan Lopez was Jenni Rivera’s second husband. In recent months, Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera’s courtship has deteriorated. All of their details are available here for your perusal.

Who became Jenni Rivera?

For Jenni Rivera, the story begins on July 2, 1969. She was raised in the Long Beach area of California. Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera are her parents’ names. This group originally hails from Mexico. She is the lone sister of five brothers. Her parents surrounded her with music and encouraged her to pursue it.

Rivera was bilingual (in English and Spanish) at an early age. Family and friends helped her investigate the differences between banda, nortea, and ranchera. She finally proved herself in the research department as well, earning straight As. However, she became a mother at the young age of fifteen.

Rivera put her promotional CDs at a flea market to help her sustain her young child. She eventually became a valedictorian in her class and graduated. Subsequently, she enrolled at California State University, Long Beach. She graduated with a degree in business administration from an accredited college or university. After that, she started working for the record company her dad had founded, Cintas Acuario.

How became her profession?

As a Father’s Day present, Jenni Rivera was taken to the studio and accompanied by her father. After that, she began releasing more successful albums through Capitol/Latin EMI’s label. First released in 1995, Chacalosa was her debut album.

Many folks warned her early in her profession that, due to the dominance of males in the Mexican track style, she had no possibility of ever being famous. Despite the challenges she faced, she grew resolved to succeed in her chosen field.

In memory of Selena, a Tejano music diva who died in 1995, Rivera released the albums We are Rivera and Farewell to Selena. Then she released her debut commercial record, which quickly rose to prominence. Que Me Entierren Con l. a. Banda is the final title.

The release of Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida in 2005 brought her even more success. They officially certified it as double platinum. The song “De Contrabando” she sang has become a smash hit in both Mexico and the United States. Additionally, Joyas Prestadas and La Voz Mexico are two of her many chart-topping singles.

How became her married existence?

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First marriage

Jenni Rivera has been married thrice. In 1985, Janney Rivera gave birth to her first child, a son she named Chiquis Rivera. The father of Jenni Rivera’s child is José Trinidad Marn, her lover. They had two children together, both of whom have different names: Jacqueline and Michael. She eventually divorced José Trinidad Marn in 1992, citing physical and emotional abuse as reasons.

Rosie Rivera, Rivera’s younger sister, said that Marn se*ually molested her and their cousin Chiquis in 1997. Next, a physical checkup proved that he had also assaulted Jacqueline.

The subsequent opening of a molestation case against him resulted in Marn’s nine-year period of hiding out from the law. Then he got in trouble with the law and was given a life sentence (plus 31 years) without the possibility of release.

Second husband Juan Lopez

In 1997, Juan Lopez became Jenni Rivera’s second known lover. It was in a Los Angeles pub that she first laid eyes on him. She started singing karaoke at the bar thereafter and quickly hit it up with Lopez.

The two had a pleasant beginning to what is now a sour affair. In the short time between the wedding and Lopez’s imprisonment for smuggling, the couple went through a lot of upheavals. After being arrested, Rivera stood by him during his six months in jail.

Rivera’s children with Lopez include a girl named Jenicka and a son named Juan Angel. Six years into their marriage, however, they decided to split up in 2003. Lopez was falsely charged with drug promotion in 2007.

There was the word of Juan Lopez’s death from pneumonia in 2009. Author Jenni Rivera reveals in her memoirs that she learned of her husband’s extramarital affair. She once even went so far as visit his place of business and demand an introduction to his other woman. As a result, her life with Lopez became a constant source of conflict.

In 2010, Rivera wed a fellow baseball player named Esteban Loaiza. They filed for divorce a few months before Rivera passed away, but it was never finalized.

When did Jenni Rivera die?

Juan Lopez passed away on December 9, 2012, due to a coincidental encounter with the air. She joined a group of six strangers on Learjet 25 for a visit. When it got too close to Monterrey, Mexico, the plane went down. The evening before the crash, she went into the city and performed at Monterrey Arena.

Then, she and four other crew members boarded a plane for the trip to Toluca, Mexico, where she would be performing at La Voz… México. Fifteen minutes later, though, the jet’s touch was no longer where it should be. The wreckage of the plane was discovered near Iturbide, Nuevo León, later that same day. There were no survivors on board the plane.

Jenni Rivera was laid to rest at Long Beach, California’s All Souls Cemetery on December 31st, 2012. For a long period of time, headlines all over the world mourned her passing. The pilot had lost control of the airplane for unknown factors. These are the most useful documents unearthed during the entire inquiry.

Rivera’s final plea became a social media phenomenon after her death. Many people from many countries gave her records to listen to. The people at Universal Music Group are saddened by the passing of Rivera, whom they considered a close friend. Several museums and galleries have opened tributes to Rivera since his death.

What are Jenni Rivera’s youngsters doing now?

How much did Jenni Rivera pay Juan Lopez?


Chiquis is Rivera’s first child. Janney Marn Rivera is her full name. She is currently 36 years old. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a singer. She has released three albums, the most recent of which is Playlist. She is also well known for her appearances on reality television. She produced Rivera’s show in 2018.

She has sexually abused as a child thanks to the use of José Trinidad Marn. It has evolved into astounding information. She has not spoken to him since that time.

Jacqie Campos

She is Jenni’s second daughter and the younger sister of Chiquis. She is thirty years old now. She is also pursuing a career in track. Her most recent unmarried became “Ex-Factor” in August 2021.


He is Jenni’s third child, whom she had with Marn. He is thirty years old now. He has chosen a different profession than his own family members. He is a painter and an artist. Michael has participated in the NBC and NFL’s CANVAS competitions.

Jenicka Lopez

Jenicka Lopez is Jenni and Juan Lopez’s daughter. She is three years old. She is a beauty expert and a fashionista. She is well-known on both Instagram and YouTube.

Johnny Lopez

The youngest of Jenni Rivera’s children is a toddler named Johnny. Juan Lopez’s second child to reach the toddler stage is he? He is in his twenties currently. In addition to that, he is a musician, and he may be comprehended by making use of the Cinco. He came out as bisexual in 2017, and he has been in a relationship with the same individual for the past two years.


Jenni Rivera becomes a gorgeous musical star. She matured into a strong woman who was also a wonderful mother. But the fact that she passed away is a terrible tragedy.


When Jenni Rivera tied the knot with Juan Lopez, how old was she?

When Jenni was married to Juan, she was 27 years old. When Jenni gave birth to her daughter Jenicka, she was 28 years old.

How did Jenni Rivera meet Juan Lopez?

Juan López became Jenni’s second husband in 1997. Prior to that, the couple had first met in 1995 at a club in Los Angeles where Jenni was performing in order to make some additional money.

What sort of work did Juan Lopez engage in professionally?

Juan Manuel López Pardo was a Mexican drug dealer, spouse, and friend to Jenni Rivera. He was born on March 17, 1972, and passed away on July 14, 2009.

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