Lana Rhoades Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family

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Lana Rhoades is the best American actress. Her actual name is Amara Maple, who was born on September 6, 1996, in Chicago, the USAIts miles very famous that her own family is of Czechoslovak descent. 

During her adolescence, she acquired a rather strict trainingMaximum of her days in formative years were spent in Illinois close to the Wisconsin border. During her school days, she becomes a completely popular cheerleader and a gymnast.

Lana Rhoades has dated her fair share of high-profile influential figures, including the likes of Kevin Durant and Mike Majlak. But who is she currently dating?

The “greatest friend in the entire world,” a baby boy named Milo, was recently born to the 25-year-old woman who recently gave birth to him. She stated that “every day since the arrival of her kid has felt like Christmas morning.” However, who is she currently dating?

Rhoades has remained silent about the whole incident, even though Logan Paul has revealed the identity of the man who is the father of Rhoades’ child.

Who is Lana Rhoades New Boyfriend? Know Everything Here Now

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Real Name     Amara Maple
Date of Birth     September 6, 1996
Birth Place     Chicago, the United States
Profession     American actress
Age     25 Years Old
Height    1.6 m
Nationality    American

The following is information that you ought to be aware of concerning Mike Majlak and his relationship in the year 2021. In 2021, after breaking up with his previous partner, is he seeing someone new at this point? Let’s find.

It is unnecessary to provide an introduction for Mike Majlak, particularly among younger audiences and fans of the “Impulsive Podcast.” The show is hosted by Logan Paul and Mike Majlak, who share the role of co-host.

In addition, Mike is frequently seen in the films and Vlogs that are uploaded by Logan Paul, alongside members of Mike’s squads such as Jacquelyn Noelle, Lydia Kenney, and Ayla Woodruff, as well as Logan himself.

If you enjoy watching Logan Paul’s video blogs, then we can safely assume that Mike Majlak is involved in a romantic connection. He is frequently observed beside his girlfriend. Who exactly is it that Mike Majlak is going out with in the year 2021? This is what you need to be aware of.

If you are someone who follows Logan Paul’s Vlog, as we have stated previously, then we are going to presume that you are already aware that Mike Majlak is in a relationship; however, who is the female that he is dating?

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If you enjoy watching Logan Paul’s video blogs, then we can safely assume that Mike Majlak is involved in a romantic connection. He is frequently observed beside his girlfriend. Who exactly is it that Mike Majlak is going out with in the year 2021? This is what you need to be aware of.

If you are someone who follows Logan Paul’s Vlog, as we have stated previously, then we are going to presume that you are already aware that Mike Majlak is in a relationship; however, who is the female that he is dating?

However, if you are unaware, Lana Rhoades is Mike Majlak’s girlfriend. Amara Maple was the name given to Lana when she was born in the United States on September 6, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois. Lana is an American adult film actor.

The beginning of the couple’s romantic relationship was reportedly established sometime in January of 2020, according to numerous reports. Although it has only been a few months, not one of us anticipated that the two would be able to maintain their relationship for this long.

We did not mean to be condescending in any way, but given the nature of their relationship, we did not anticipate the couple to last for more than a few weeks at the most.

Who is Lana Rhoades New Boyfriend? Know Everything Here Now

It seems as though the two had a pretty on-and-off relationship. They had officially broken up a couple of weeks ago, but now they are back together.

Allegations of infidelity led to the breakup of the relationship between Lana Rhodes and her boyfriend, Mike Majlak, according to the sources. Mike was accused of cheating on his girlfriend, Lana Rhoades, by Dexerto. Dexerto’s account states that infidelity took place.

On the other hand, the YouTuber and co-host of the Impulsive Podcast addressed allegations of cheating way back in February of 2020. According to the reports, he is alleged to have cheated on Lana Rhodes with Ava Louise, also known as the “Dr. Phil Girl.”

However, later on, Mike Majlak revealed the entire story behind his “Purported Indedility.”

Mike elucidated,

“Because I was aware that I had caused her pain, I did have remorse. I don’t think that I cheated, I don’t think that I was unfaithful, or that I was a liar or anything like that, but I know that what I did affect her, and that pains me. I don’t think that I was unfaithful, I don’t think that I was unfaithful, or that I was a liar or anything like that.”

What follows is everything that we currently know about her romantic relationships.


Who is Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades, whose birth name is Amara Maple and who is currently 25 years old, is a former adult film star and social media influencer who hail from Chicago, Illinois.

Previously, she was a model for Playboy magazine, and she has also been in several pornographic films. Additionally, she appeared in the 2017 movie Lana.

Rhoades is currently a digital creator and an influence, and she was a co-host of the 3 Girls 1 Kitchen (3G1K) podcast with two other influencers, Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams, until very recently.

Rhoades announced that she was getting ready to host her very own podcast in July of 2021.

On the 3G1K podcast, Rhoades discussed her experience spent working in the adult entertainment industry as well as some of the most embarrassing sequences she was asked to record. She has also addressed her marriage at the age of 18 as well as the men and women she dated in the past.


Who is Lana Rhoades’ boyfriend?

Despite the large number of people who follow her, Lana Rhoades has been quite good about keeping her private life under wraps as of late. Despite this, it seems that Rhoades is currently a single parent and is responsible for parenting their child on her alone.

Mike Malak, who is a YouTuber and novelist, is her most recent lover. After initially meeting through Logan Paul, the two started dating in January of 2020 and were reported to have an on-again, off-again romance during their time together for over a year.

However, Rhoades announced that they had broken up at the beginning of 2021. According to HITC, rumors of adultery caused them to break up and move on with their lives. 

Even after they broke up, Rhoades continued to make appearances in Majlak’s YouTube video blogs on multiple occasions.

Does she work in any film?

Lana is the best actress now not star in pornographic movies. In October 2020, Lana became featured on the duvet of Playboy mag and nowadays she keeps to version for her enthusiasts on Instagram.


How did Lana Rhodes and Her Boyfriend Meet?

The couple’s relationship appears to have been marked by several highs and lows, and they even spent some time apart from one other; nevertheless, now that they are reconciled, we are overjoyed for them.

The pairing of Mike Rhodes and Lana Rhodes appears to be ideal, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Logan Paul as the person responsible for bringing the couple together. The information that has been gathered suggests that Logan was the one who brought them together. Stay connected to BAE Magazine if you want to stay current on the lifestyle choices made by your favourite celebs if this has been all I have to share with you for the time being.

Who Is Lana Rhoades' New Boyfriend? Who Is Her Baby Daddy?

Some details concerning Lana Rhoades’s previous partnerships and relationships are unknown. It is typically not difficult to determine who Lana is dating; however, keeping track of all of her hook-ups, flings, and breakups is more difficult. Even in the year 2022, celebrities continue to surprise us with the degree to which they guard the privacy of their lives.

At most, Lana Rhoades was in a handful of partnerships. She does not have any children. Lana Rhoades had never been in a relationship before this one. According to surveys, approximately forty percent of males will declare “I love you” to their spouse for the first time within the first month of a relationship. However, men wait an average of ninety days, while women wait an average of one hundred and thirty-four days. 


Lana Rhoades biography

On Friday, September 6, 1996, Lana Rhoades was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States of America. Lana is a nickname that her friends have given her; her birth name is Amara Maple. She will turn 26 years old in exactly 86 days from now, which means that she is currently 25 years old. Visit the website Birthday Details to acquire further fascinating information not just about this date but also about your birthday.

Lana is a member of the Millennial Generation; her zodiac animal is a Rat; her totem animal is a Bear, and she was born in the year 2000.

Virgo is the zodiac sign that corresponds to people who were born on September 6th. Horoscope description.

Adult film actor who relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles after getting in touch with agent Mark Spiegler through email. On Instagram, she has more than 1.3 million followers, and on Twitter, she has more than 450,000 followers. Her parents are still based in Illinois; therefore she does her best to conceal the nature of her work from them whenever she can.

Every year, there are a large number of celebrity relationships begin to develop.


Did Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak break up?

Yes. The relationship between the two has ended. They reconciled in October 2020, but by Valentine’s Day of this year, Rhoades was uploading images of herself by herself, and she subsequently revealed that the two had parted ways and were going their ways. This is what HITC has to say about it. 

It was rumoured that Rhoades went on a date with Kevin Durant, a player with the Brooklyn Nets, in June 2021. When she talked about the date on the 3G1K podcast, she didn’t name anybody, but hints such as the fact that her mystery date was a Libra (and Durant is the only Libra on the team) led her admirers to believe that she went out with Durant.


Lana Rhoades Social Media Acounts

Rhoades’ Twitter cope with has over one million fanswhile her Instagram web page has collected over 16 million fans. Lana Rhoades has taken over social media thanks to her profession inside the grownup film enterprise. Even after leaving, she has reserved a committed following. She is said to launch herself podcast quickly.


Plastic Surgery of Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades’ plastic surgical treatment Lana Rhoades’ top is five ft 3 inches. She had a slimmer body form while her profession kicked off however has passed through plastic surgical procedure to increase her bust and butt. She loves her sexier appearance even if human beings criticise her actions.


Are Lana Rhoades and Kevin Durant together?

To be honest, we can’t say for certain. There is no evidence to support this claim, and according to Distractify, Rhoades reportedly described the date as “boring” and departed the event early. It didn’t sound like a good idea to go on a second date.

To add more fuel to the fire, her ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak admitted on a recent podcast with Logan Paul that he had “an understanding that it [her child] was going to come out looking a little bit differently than I look,” and that he was shocked that the child looks “as pure as the driven snow, like a macadamia nut.” This statement came after Mike Majlak said that he had “an understanding that it [her child] was going to come out looking.

Rhoades has dispelled the rumors that her baby’s father was “random,” despite all the speculation that has been going around. Recently, she responded to online haters on Twitter by saying: “Nobody mentioned randomness in their comments. LOL, y’all need to quit making all these assumptions. Could be a sperm donor, could be my ex-husband, could be a new boyfriend, and could be a hookup— you just never know. Could also be a new boyfriend? Could also be a hookup.”

It seems unlikely that we will ever find out.



  • Penthouse puppy of the Month 5 (2016)
  • AVN 10 Prize within the high-quality Revelation and exceptional Boy/girl intercourse Scene through hot fashions
  • Angel of the Month and Muse of los angels Direct fashions


Lana Rhoades Net Worth

As of 2023, Lana Rhoades has an estimated net well worth of $24 million. A large portion of her wealth has come from the enjoyment enterprise, a difficult task with intense competitionMost performers are lucky to make simply enough cash to pay their monthly billsMost effective the pinnacle 1% has the capability to earn millions.


Is Lana Rhoades single or dating?

Lana Rhoades does not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

How many significant others did Lana Rhoades have throughout her life?

At the very least, Lana Rhoades has been in a few relationships in the past.

What is the total number of Lana Rhoades’ offspring?

She does not have any children.

Have there been any rumors of Lana Rhoades having an affair?

This information cannot be obtained at this time.

What exactly is Lana Rhoades’ age?

There are 25 years between Lana Rhoades and you. In 86 days, it will be her next birthday.

What sign of the zodiac does Lana Rhoades fall under?

Her astrological sign is Virgo, and the planet Mercury is her ruling luminary. When it comes to the Chinese zodiac, Lana is associated with the rat as her animal sign.

What is the complete form of Lana’s name?

Amara Maple is her birth name and legal name.

How much money does Lana Rhoades have in the bank?

We do not keep track of net worth data here at CelebsInsights; however, we do recommend that you check out: Net Worth.

What is the number that represents Lana Rhoades’s route through life?

The number 4 represents Lana Rhoades’s direction in life.

How much Lana Rhoades’s net worth in 2023?

$24 million

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