Enrica Cenzatti Life Story: Ex-Wife of Famous Opera Singer Andrea Bocelli

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Enrica Cenzatti became the first spouse of singer-songwriter, musician, film producer, and operatic tenor Andrea Bocelli. For this reason, that year 1982, he recorded 15 solo studio albums of both pop and classical tracks. He has also sold greater than 90 million records everywhere in the global.

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You may have all heard the phenomenal voice of Andrea Bocelli, who’s famous for his existence and achievements. But, in case you want to know approximately his first spouse, Enrica Cenzatti, live with us, as we will bring you toward her. 

Childhood of Enrica Cenzatti:

Now not much is available approximately her circle of relatives’ records, early life, and training, except being born in Italy. There are contradictory reviews about her birth yr: A few point out it as 1969, while others as 1970. As a pupil, she lived in Pisa, Tuscany place of Italy, during her teenage years.

 Love story of Enrica Cenzatti and Andrea Bocelli:

During Andrea’s law studies, Andrea and Enrica met; Andrea used to play piano in nearby bars to finance his research, and Enrica, a high faculty scholar, turned into a single of those bars on a fateful night. The minute she saw him, she fell in love, and Andrea, despite the fact that blind, in some way understood that she was the one for him. The two started courting soon later on, and in 1992 mounted their dating with a wedding party. The couple embraced their first infant in February 1995, a son referred to as Amos.

enrica cenzatti

The second son of them turned into born in October 1997, known as Matteo, who recently started his musical profession. Sadly, the couple’s bond commenced to cease, and in 2002 observed in divorce, the cause for which has never been offered publicly, but they remain excellent friends. Enrica lives within the same community as her now ex-husband, and the 2 obtained custody of their children.

Sadly, Enrica has selected to live silent. She does no longer just like the public look, so she has by no means informed what she does for a living, and other private facts about herself, together with her dad and mom’s names, whether she has any siblings, and which schools she studied. with any luck, we are able to get to understand her non-public lifestyle in the future.

Enrica Cenzatti’s ex-Husband, Andrea Bocelli:

Andrea Bocelli changed into born on September 22, 1958, in Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy. he is the son of Alessandro Bocelli and Edi. for the duration of the being pregnancy, doctors told Andrea’s mom to terminate, as it changed into seen that Andrea could be born with an incapacity.

However, his mom decided not to give significance to doctors and decided to hold the pregnancy. From the beginning, Andrea turned into identified with congenital glaucoma, which left him with inadequate sight. Andrea became brought up at the circle of relatives’ farm along with his younger brother Alberto, and from an early age, began a hobby in song, with only the sounds of classical tunes encouraging him to remedy troubles frivolously resulting from glaucoma.

He started out taking piano training while he become the handiest six and began singing in a tenor voice when he turned into simply seven. His nanny talented him a report from Franco Corelli, and from then, he began showcasing an interest in tenor singers.

How did Andrea misplace His Sight absolutely?

While Andrea turned into best 12 years of age having massive desires toward track, Andrea changed into gambling out of doors as a goalkeeper in a recreation of soccer together with his pals, taking a pause from track, while a ball smacked him inside the head, which triggered a mind hemorrhage, and left him absolutely blinded in each eyes.

The medical doctors even attempted leeches as their last wish for Andrea’s sight to be healed, however this attempt, like numerous tries, however remained unsuccessful. however, this did not restrict him as he continued formal training and in the end graduated from the University of Pisa with a law degree.

Upon getting his regulation diploma in 1986, he practiced as a courtroom-appointed defense lawyer for about a yr earlier than absolutely resigning from the career. He ultimately contacted well-known tenor Franco Corelli to guide him. Corelli happily allowed him to be his pupil, and Bocelli went again to performing at the piano bars inside the evenings to pay for the training.

At these bars, he predominantly played songs by way of Frank Sinatra, Charles Aznavour, and a few Italian pop. He additionally executed Mozart and Beethoven sometimes, however, those had been now not that famous. On this sort of night in 1987, he coincided with Enrica Cenzatti.

At the time, she become just a 17-year-vintage scholar, narrow and shiny. It did now not take long term for a romance to develop among them. She initially fell in love with his voice and then with him. On June 27, 1992, they were given married. After a few years, on February 22, 1995, their first son Amos changed into born. On October 8, 1997, the couple embraced their 2d son, whom they called Matteo.

Except for his marriage, something else additionally came about in 1992 that stopped growing Bocelli’s career trajectory. He luckily auditioned for a demo tape that become to be produced by using Italian rock famous person Zucchero Fornaciari. Thru Fornaciari, Bocelli met Pavarotti and later accompanied Fornaciari on a eu excursion. He posted his first studio album, ‘Il Mare Calmo della Sera’, in 1994.

When you consider that then, he has put out 14 greater studio albums, 3 best hits albums, and nine entire operas. He has bought over 90 million records and has been bestowed both the OMRI (Order of advantage of the Italian Republic) and OMDSM (Order of benefit of Duarte, Sánchez, and Mella) honors. Inside the Nineteen Nineties, Cenzatti emerged in many pics published by using several guides alongside her husband and children.

Regardless of the decay of their marriage and last divorce in 2002, Enrica Cenzatti and Andrea Bocelli decided to raise their sons collectively. As of 2007, they had resided close to each different in forte Dei Marmi, a hotel city in Tuscany, Italy. At the same time as the men liked to stay with their mother, they might frequently arrive and spend time with their father at his villa.

Soon after their department, Bocelli began dating Veronica Berti, who turned into additionally his manager. They ultimately were given married on March 21, 2014. From his relationship with Berti, Bocelli has a daughter, Virginia, born on March 21, 2012.

Despite this, Enrica Cenzatti has kept a friendly relationship together with her former husband. Their son, Matteo, has developed a hobby in his father’s profession to come to be a tenor and musician.

Courting with Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli was born to a nicely-to-do farm implement dealer. He became raised in his own family estate in Lajatico, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Whilst his mom become pregnant with him, his dad and mom had been told to abort him because the docs concluded that he could be born with disabilities. It became pretty clear at start that there was something severely incorrect approximately his eyesight. In the end, the doctors deduced his disease as congenital glaucoma. Bocelli could lose his imaginative and prescient completely after an twist of fate at some stage in a football recreation. He was 12 years vintage on the time.

Having been interested by track considering that he was an infant, he started out taking piano classes after he became six. Within the next years, he additionally became adept in playing the flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and drums. Bocelli changed deeply prompted by way of Franco Corelli, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Luciano Pavarotti, and Beniamino Gigli, and aspired to end up an opera singer one day. Notwithstanding this, he enrolled on the University of Pisa to pursue a regulation diploma and in his unfastened time, performed at diverse piano bars so he could earn extra money and meet girls.

After receiving his regulation diploma in 1986, he practiced as a court-appointed defense legal professional for approximately a year before quitting the profession altogether. In the end, contacted famous tenor Franco Corelli to educate him. Corelli gladly well-known him as his scholar and Bocelli went back to playing on the piano bars in the evenings so he could pay for the training.

At these bars, he predominantly played songs with the aid of Frank Sinatra, Charles Aznavour, and some Italian pop. He additionally played Mozart and Beethoven sometimes, but the ones were now not that famous. On this kind of night in 1987, he met Enrica Cenzatti. on the time, she turned into a 17-year-vintage scholar, narrow and radiant. It did not take long for a romance to develop between them. She first fell in love with his voice and ultimately with him. On June 27, 1992, they were given married. a few years later, on February 22, 1995, Amos changed into born. On October eight, 1997, the couple welcomed their 2nd son, whom they named Matteo.

Besides his marriage, something else also happened in 1992 that ended up changing Bocelli’s career trajectory. He efficiently auditioned for a demo tape that was to be produced via Italian rock star Zucchero Fornaciari. thru Fornaciari, Bocelli met Pavarotti and later accompanied Fornaciari on a ecu tour. He launched his first studio album, ‘Il Mare Calmo Della Sera’, in 1994. Because then, he has positioned out 14 more studio albums, three greatest hits albums, and nine complete operas.

He has bought over 90 million statistics and has been provided both the OMRI (Order of benefit of the Italian Republic) and OMDSM (Order of benefit of Duarte, Sánchez, and Mella) honors. Inside the 1990s, Cenzatti was regarded in several pics posted by various courses along with her husband and kids.


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