Rachel Bradshaw – Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Bio And Family

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American musician and vocalist Rachel Bradshaw was widely appreciated for her performance in the television documentary The Bradshaw Bunch. The 34-year-old, who was born on May 13th, 1987, has worked in a variety of fields during her career.

A businesswoman, she has branched out into a wide range of fashion products, such as t-shirts and baby bodysuits, as well as mugs and other items. With a variety of quality levels, her items are a big hit in the market.

NameRachel Bradshaw
Age35 Years
CountryUnited States
ProfessionCountry Singer

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Rachel Bradshaw Reveals How The Bradshaw Bunch Changed Her Life - E! Online

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About Rachel Bradshaw

Grammy Award-winning singer Rachel Bradshaw is best known as a member of the Nashville-based band Stella/James, which she joined in 2010. The band’s SoundCloud page, titled simply “SoundCloud,” features a slew of its original recordings.

For college, she enrolled in Belmont University. Terry Bradshaw’s daughter, Bradshaw, is also well-known actor.

It’s no secret that her father is a well-known country music star, and her performances on stage and in songwriting have been praised.

Her Father, Terry Bradshaw

QB with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL). Since 1994, he has worked as a sports analyst and co-hosted the popular Fox NFL Sunday.

It appears that Terry Paxton Bradshaw’s daughter has inherited his talents as an actor and vocalist. He has been in numerous films and television shows.

Failure to Launch, a 2006 American romantic comedy starring Sarah Jessica Parker, was his most well-known role. In addition, he has released a number of records in the music industry.

During his 14-year professional football career, which ended in 1979, he led his team to four Super Bowl titles. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the first quarterback to win four Super Bowls.

In addition, the College Football Hall of Fame inducted him.


Rachel Bradshaw is a well-known figure on social media as well. A surprising accomplishment is a fact that her following has grown to more than one hundred thousand. Additionally, she posts frequently on her Instagram account.


Former National Football League quarterback Terry Bradshaw and his third wife, Charlotte Hopkins, are the parents of this beautiful little girl. Her sister’s name is Erin. As was just mentioned, in addition to his work as a quarterback, actor, and singer Terry Bradshaw is one of the most well-known and famous athletes in the world.

Romantic Connections

Rob Bironas, a former NFL kicker, was Rachel’s husband. After just three months of marriage, the kicker was killed in an automobile accident. Tragedy struck towards the end of 2014.

Personal Life of Rachel Bradshaw

When Rachel Bradshaw was born in Dallas, Texas, in May of 1987, she was the youngest of three children. The daughter of a well-known celebrity is quite down-to-earth. In addition to being a former NFL quarterback and singer, her mother is Charla Hopkins, who is also his third wife.

The law firm KoonsFuller, PC has Charla Hopkins as a shareholder and family lawyer on staff.

Rachel grew up with the same aspirations for a profession as her two working parents, both of whom achieved success in their own sectors. Rachel’s father is a well-known NFL record holder who currently works as a sports commentator.

The Story of Rachel Bradshaw’s Parents’ Marriage

In addition to Melissa Babish and ice skater JoJo Starbuck, her father was married to three other women before settling down with his third wife. It was in 1983 that Rachel Bradshaw’s mother and father were married. In 1999, the couple’s unhappy union came to an end.

Her father began dating Tammy Alice after their divorce, and the two were married in 2014. Her mother, on the other hand, married Rick Hagen in the same way. She also has a younger sister, Erin Bradshaw, a University of North Texas honors graduate.

Rachel Bradshaw’s Education

At Grapevine High School, Rachel received her high school diploma. The university she attended for her graduation was Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she studied business.

Career and Professional Life of Rachel

Rachel is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter.. When it comes to music, her abilities are well-acknowledged all across the world. His role as an instructor was to teach his daughter the value of hard effort and the importance of reaching achievement via ideal competition.

Rachel Bradshaw, like her father, had an interest in playing the guitar, so she followed in her footsteps and became a professional musician. In the end, this decision will bring her to her true purpose.

She signed as a solo country musician after completing her undergraduate studies, which was a big start in her music career. As a solo singer and songwriter, she quickly rose to prominence.

With Jerrod Niemann, she co-wrote “What Do You Want,” which was awarded RIAA Certified Gold Country single status.

She also performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and received a lot of appreciation for her performance. The Grammy-nominated country music musician Jamey Johnson, with whom she had recorded a duet, was another one of her connections.

The country music band Stella/James, which includes Rachel Bradshaw, has been sharing their original songs on SoundCloud.

Rachel Bradshaw’s Self-Titled EP

In January, Rachel Bradshaw released an album of the same name.

The Bradshaw Bunch’s famed singer delivered her long-awaited CD. It was published on January 7, 2022, and had six original songs penned by the country artist herself.

The Grammy-nominated singer Jamey Honson has also collaborated with her on this debut album, which is quite an accomplishment. If I Needed You is a Townes Van Zandt cover song.

A music video for the cover is also in the works, and it will be published soon.

The album’s subject matter is centered around romantic relationships. During the first few months of the corona quarantine, Rachel Bradshaw reported that this inspiration came to light. Her father and the rest of the family were present throughout this time.

To round out the story, Rachel Bradshaw was torn between pursuing a real-world career and performing solely on stage for the course of the titular musical.

Ultimately, she decided to sing on stage, write songs, and spend more time with her family, which cured her issue.

Nationality and Residence of Rachel Bradshaw

The United States of America singer’s nationality is American, and her ethnicity is White. She turned into born and raised in Dallas, Texas, united states of America of the USA, and is now based in Nashville, Tennessee, of the USA.

The Untold Truth Of Rachel Bradshaw

Net Worth of Rachel Bradshaw 2023

Rachel Bradshaw, the daughter of NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, has a net worth of approximately $5 million. Along with her singing profession, she’s making money selling various clothing and goods items, like jerseys, t-shirts, and baby bodysuits. As of 2023 Rachel Bradshaw have $1 million net worth.

Rachel Bradshaw’s Life and Tragedy

Rachel Bradshaw and Rob Bironas got married as previously reported. As a well-known NFL player, Rob Bironas held the single-season record for field goals.

They only had a short-lived marriage, lasting barely three months before things went horribly wrong. The terrible death of her husband Rob Bironas occurred in September 2014 when he lost control of his 2009 Yukon Denali and slammed into a tree.

The NFL player’s family and friends, as well as the Bradshaws, were horrified by the news, as was the rest of the globe. The tragic death of the well-known athlete startled fans around the world.

Rob Bironas And His Tragic Death

Rob Bironas began his career in the Arena Football League and worked his way up the ranks before becoming one of the NFL’s most consistent kickers. He was 36 when he was killed in a car accident, just a few months after getting married.

He died in September 2014 when he was unable to control his 2009 GMC Yukon Denali, according to police in Nashville. Just a few hundred feet from where he lived, he was involved in a car accident.

After hitting several trees and coming to a stop in an upside-down position in a culvert, police say the SUV was speeding when it went off the road and overturned.

At Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Bironas was pronounced dead after being transferred there. At the time of the accident, there were no signs of drugs or alcohol in the body of the deceased.

Reactions After the Fatal Incident

Bironas was released by the Titans after nine seasons with the team. Bironas worked for the Lions and the Buccaneers in the off-season.-

After the accident, according to police spokesman Don Aaron, a police chaplain was with Rachel Bradshaw. In the wake of his daughter’s tragic death, her father opted to stay in Nashville rather than appear on Fox’s NFL show.

A message of sympathy was also sent from the Titans.

Robert “made an enormous impact as a player over the course of his nine years with the team, as well as making a significant impact in the Nashville community off the field,” according to a team statement released at the time of his death.

Achievements of the Deceased Player

During his career, Bironas set a franchise record by kicking 11 field goals in a single game. As well as the longest field goal in Oilers or Titans history at 60 yards against the Indianapolis Colts.

He set an NFL record by kicking a game-winning 29-yard field goal against the Houston Texans in 2007. In the same year, he was named an Associated Press All-Pro and made his only Pro Bowl appearance.

Georgia Southern won the Division I-AA national championship in his first year at Auburn. When he was cut by Green Bay in 2002, Bironas was working for his father’s company in Louisville, Kentucky.

While training with Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh, he played in the Arena Football League and the AF2. While he was pursuing a career in the NFL, he worked as a part-time security guard and performed other duties.

Finally, in 2005, he was able to earn a spot on the Titans’ roster.

Who Is Rachel Bradshaw Dating Now?

Rachel was dating Dustin Hughes when the program The Bradshaw Bunch premiered in September 2020. Before the two had even exchanged rings, Rachel was said to have tried on her wedding outfits and seemed eager to move forward quickly.

There is no doubt in my mind that Dustin and I are going to be together for the rest of our lives.” Rachel said on the broadcast, “That’s what we talk about. “. Buying the dress first seems like a no-brainer. “I don’t fit in!”

But the two quickly realized their romance was doomed from the start and called it quits.

Terry Bradshaw, the oldest daughter, has had her share of hardships, and her new boyfriend Dustin has exacerbated them.

Rachel was happy and joyful after marrying NFL great Rob Bironas. Her husband was killed in a car accident in 2014, as previously indicated.

Her focus has since shifted to real estate, and she’s gained notoriety separate from that of her illustrious football father.

In the first few episodes of season one, Dustin made an appearance with a besotted Rachel. Despite this, Rachel was ready to carry her new relationship further.

The Bradshaws are wary of Rachel’s boyfriend for a variety of reasons, but this is what we know about his most recent gaffe, which is sure to enrage everyone.

According to rumors, Dustin is currently pregnant by a different lady from the one with whom he cheated on Rachel. Rachel, who was devastated by the news, revealed that she had felt the relationship was on the upswing before the news broke.

“We were looking at houses in Lantana the week before we left for Washington, D.C. During Valentine’s Day, he said, “Okay, I’d want to see what kind of rings you prefer.” In a teaser film, Rachel tells her sisters, “Jokes on me” – that was immediately before DC.

Society’s expectations of Rachel, who is in her thirties and has two married sisters and one child, can be discouraging at times. Harrowing…” At this stage in my life, I expected to be married and have a family of my own. While being recorded, Rachel says this.

Dustin, on the other hand, is ambling around aimlessly while Rachel Another story awaits. An image of Dustin appeared on his daughter’s phone when the father came into the room. It appeared to be a picture of Dustin standing next to a pregnant woman based on his face and facts.

His wife said, “He’s already pregnant!” Screaming, Rachel leaped from her seat. Terry chimed in, “Way to go, Dustin, you piece of sh*t.”

“Weasel,” he called Dustin, who “got some lady pregnant,” in the short confessional clip. He intended to say much more. Neither Rachel nor his family will likely ever warm to Dustin.

After Rachel and Terry broke up, Terry suggested that her next man undergo a thorough background check and express his displeasure at what he found out.

He may be able to benefit off Rachel’s family name. When it comes to celebrities’ partners, it’s not always easy to tell who is sincere.

In the event Dustin truly cares about Rachel, he would have informed her of her pregnancy from the start.

Some Interesting Facts About Rachel Bradshaw

A few fun facts about Terry Bradshaw’s daughter Rachel Bradshaw, a former professional footballer: has no worries that he will not marry.

  • Rachel Bradshaw was married just for three short months 

In June of this year, Rachel married James Robert Douglas, also known as ‘Rob’ Bironas. An American football player and record holder for the most field goals in a single game, Bironas was known as “The Beast.”

He began his college football career at Auburn University and Georgia Southern University, where he was a member of the football team. Bironas was a productive player for the Tennessee Titans throughout his NFL career.

In September 2014, just three months after tying the knot with Rachel, he was involved in a horrific vehicle accident and died. For a long time, there was very little information regarding what happened that night. When Rachel and Bironas were together, they had no children.

  • Terry Paxton Bradshaw’s daughter, Rachel Bradshaw.

Actor and former professional football player Terry Paxton Bradshaw has a long and distinguished career. Throughout his career, Bradshaw played quarterback for the NFL. Four Super Bowl triumphs in six years and eight AFC Central championships for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He doesn’t have a reputation in the music business.

  • She inherited her mother’s good looks and demeanor when she was a child.

Rachel is a beautiful, elegant, and charismatic performer with a commanding presence on stage and in the studio. Her looks are heavily influenced by her mother. She’s beautiful to look at, and she’s a big draw on the big screen.

  • Rachel Bradshaw inherited her father’s love of music.

Rachel’s father taught her how to play the guitar when she was a child. With her father Terry Bradshaw, a talented guitarist, Rachel learned to play guitar and sing Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’ as a child.

Terry had a brief stint in the music industry in the 1970s. He signed a record deal with Mercury Records while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The man who introduced her daughter to the joys of music has been a constant source of encouragement.

  • Belmont University is where Rachel Bradshaw studied music.

This trip to Nashville was all about learning as much as possible about the country music industry and composing for her. She wanted to attend a college that had a purpose.

When Rachel arrived in Nashville, she made it her goal to make new acquaintances and establish contacts in order to begin her career in country music. Jerrod Niemann, whom she co-founded in 2012, was one of those buddies.

Rachel Bradshaw penned the lyrics to ‘What Do You Want?’ and starred in the music video as Niemann’s ex-girlfriend. It was a succession of meticulously planned steps toward a career in music that culminated in these events.

As a freshman at Belmont, Rachel told the Associated Press in 2012 that securing a record deal was her primary goal when she arrived. Following her “signing with Bigger Picture Group” contract, she said this.

  • Rachel Bradshaw is the sixth person on the list. This band’s lead singer is one of the three members named “Stella/James.”

One of the three lead singers of Stella/James, a country music trio, is Rachel. Stella/James, the trio’s SoundCloud handle, hosts a plethora of their own music.

The band also runs a YouTube channel via which they routinely release videos. Rachel’s money is from her music. She is on the list of the Richest Country Singers.

  • Rachel Bradshaw had scoliosis.

Richel suffered from scoliosis when she was 13 years old. Because of that, she endured significant back and muscle discomfort. She suffers from pain for years. She opted to go for the surgery in 2016 and can now live a regular life.

  • Rachel Bradshaw has a tattoo on her wrist for the memories of her late spouse.

Rachel is blonde and has blue eyes. She got the tattoo done on her wrist. Which demonstrates the admiration for her late husband. She also transformed her wedding ring into a necklace to wear it eternally to commemorate Rob.

  • Terry Bradshaw previously sought to break the engagement of Rachel and Rob.

Terry Bradshaw, who is the father of Rachel Bradshaw said that he sought to stop her daughter and rob’s engagement. The family went on holiday in Hawaii, and Rob divulged the intentions he had; Terry made Rob suffer on that trip.

  • Rachel Bradshaw sang the National Anthem.

Rachel sang the National Anthem in the Pittsburgh Steelers game. She is featured in the soundtrack of the movie “All’s Faire In Love” 2009 with the song “score.”

Rachel Bradshaw is best noted as a country music vocalist. She got recognized in 2019 when she sang the National Anthem at the commencement of the Seattle Seahawks-Dallas Cowboys game.

Rachel delivered the National Anthem, a new version that demonstrated that she has skill. Before 2019, her affiliation with the sports world may have led her to NFL fan.

She appeared in an episode of ‘The Best Damn Sports Show Period‘in 2007 and on a reality show, but it regrettably only ran for two episodes. There could be family links that got her on to these platforms, but there is no doubt that she has the ability as a country singer.

What’s else Rachel’s fans approximately recognized from her?

Music has continually been a huge consciousness for Rachel, and he or she spent her university years honing in on her capabilities. Her ardour for song translated into her predominant choice at Belmont Universitywhere she chose to take a look at track to end up a more potent singer and songwriter. Proper after graduating from university, she changed into signed as a solo USA musician, proving that she followed the right direction to success.
RACHEL BRADSHAW on Twitter: "Short haired Rach 💇🏼‍♀️ https://t.co/pUPAwLd1dr" / TwitterIt’s pretty smooth for interested fans to research greater approximately Rachel on account that she’s remarkable candid in episodes of her own family‘s reality TV display. She additionally makes sure to submit on Instagram consistentlyWhether or not she’s posing for mag covers, promoting her show, or showing off a number of her most glammed-up looks, she’s generally continually staying connected along with her followers.


Facts about Rachel Bradshaw

  • She is a warm yoga and health enthusiast
  • She changed into formerly married to Rob Bironas, who passed away in September 2014. 
  • Her mom, Charlotte Hopkins, turned into her dad’s 1/3 partner. She has a sister named Erin and a half-sister named Lacey. 
  • Her rendition of the yankee countrywide Anthem made her famous.

In the End

We sincerely hope that this in-depth look at Rachel Bradshaw’s life and the tragedy that has befallen her will provide you with a better understanding of who she is and how she is dealing with it.

However, despite the tragic ending of her marriage, the singer continues to perform and spend time with her loved ones. Her debut record has been well-received, and her performance on the big screen has also been well-received.


How old is Rachel Bradshaw? 

Rachel Bradshaw is 35 years as of 2023. 

How long was Rachel Bradshaw married?

They were married best 3 months whilst, on Sept. 20, 2014, Bironas died after crashing his SUV on Battery Lane in Nashville. He became 36. “Rachel brought a grounding pressure to Rob and she or he created a domestic full of love, track, and laughter; a existence he held very expensive,” his obituary read.

Where was Rachel Bradshaw born?

Dallas, Texas, United States.

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