Why Should Every Fashionista Consider Getting Silver Biker Jewelry

Why Should Every Fashionista Consider Getting Silver Biker Jewelry

Biker jewelry, as you may guess, was originally designed for bikers. However, it is at the stage of its development when it will successfully integrate with any ensemble. Do you prefer a casual style? Then why don’t you complete it with a massive silver chain? Do you enjoy a relaxed, down-to-earth appearance? Then you can benefit from leather or beaded bracelets, as well as simplistic silver pendants on a long leather cord. You can even combine biker jewelry with an office suit. For example, a medium ID bracelet in a silver finish is a stylish solution to add a touch of biker aesthetics to your business apparel.

Not every person is bold enough to include biker accessories to his or her style. Some might think of them as too bulky, in-your-face, or inappropriate. Some people are scared that they might confuse biker symbolism and conduct a wrong message. You shouldn’t worry about those things. Indeed, there are many symbols significant to motorcyclists and it’s great to know their meanings. However, if you are not aware of what they symbolize, it’s ok. Bikers don’t require everyone to know what a skull, for instance, means. Besides, some symbols are multi-faceted and they can denote different things for different people.

So, if you are still not sure why to add silver biker jewelry to your collection, we have some foolproof arguments.

Why Wear Silver Jewelry

Silver is one of the most ancient metals and it has been known even before gold. At some point in history, silver has been even more valuable than the yellow metal. Today, silver jewelry is extremely affordable. A fairy burly biker ring made of this precious metal costs just a few dozens of dollars. Most of biker accessories are much cheaper than designer trinkets containing not a gram of noble metals. It makes silver jewelry a beneficial option for money-savvy customers.

Silver is a metal suitable for any occasion and wardrobe. Whether you have dark or pale skin, if you prefer classic or avant-garde style in clothing, if you are going to a posh reception or looking for an every-day accessory, silver meets every need. Its muted white-ish appearance is ideal to blend in with every color out there. This is why it looks harmonious when silver items carry precious stones or inlays of different materials. While gold looks best only with warm colors, silver goes well with cold emeralds or sapphires and ferocious rubies alike.

Silver is very easy to process, that’s why you can find silver jewelry in any size, design, and finish. Unlike gold that looks the most attractive when polished, silver jewelry is outstanding even in matt or satin finish. Even more, thanks to its interaction with sulfur-contained chemicals, jewelers got to obtain so-called blackened silver. This technique lets even the most subtle design elements stand out.

Finally, silver is very easy to maintain. It is strong enough to be flaunted every day without visible signs of wearing. Scratches might appear over time, but they only add more appeal to biker jewelry. Silver is prone to tarnishing, though, and it is its only drawback. However, you can easily remove it at home with warm water and detergent or a special cleaning cloth.

Why Biker Jewelry?

First of all, it looks cool. Biker jewelry adds a touch of masculinity to every appearance in no time. You don’t have to rock a leather biker jacket with stout boots to radiate machismo. Biker accessories will do it for you. A single burly skull ring on your finger suffices to draw looks like a magnet and turn you into an appealing individual.

Speaking of skulls, do you know how many meanings this seemingly intimidating symbol has? Actually, nobody knows, but we’ll try to count the meanings we know: death and danger, eternal life and resurrection, equality, bravery and honor, mischief, and dissimilarity to anyone else. A biker subculture is relatively young, that’s why it borrowed symbols and their meanings from everyone, from ancient tribes to military units. Therefore, the same symbol can represent so many things, and this is cool.

As we have already pointed out, you don’t have to put on a leather jacket and get into a motorcycle saddle to have an occasion to wear biker jewelry. You can combine it with absolutely any style. You need to be very careful with such accessories if you tend to wear elegant two- or three-piece suits. However, if you pick a discreet item, such as a small chain bracelet that matches your watch in the finish, biker accessories won’t collide with classy apparel. All in all, daring accessories in a biker style look best with casual outfits.

Biker jewelry is massive necklaces, audacious earrings, daring rings, bold bracelets, and eye-catching pendants. They may feature unique biker symbolism or showcase versatile geometric shapes. They may show off precious stones or be pretty simplistic. One thing is for sure, biker items can liven up your image and enrich it with an interesting flair.


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