Venus Angelic – Age, Wiki, Biography, Trivia, and Photos

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In the videos that she uploads to YouTube, content creator Venus Isabelle Palermo goes by the name Venus Angelic. In Brugg, Switzerland, on the 8th of February in 1997, she was born to parents who were Swiss. In later years, she took a flight to London, England, before settling down in Japan for good.

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Venus Angelic is famously known for having features that are reminiscent of a doll. Due to the fact that she appeared to be a doll, people began to refer to her as a “living doll” after the success of her instructional video on YouTube titled “How to look like a doll.” The video became extremely popular in March of 2012.

The career of Venus Angelic

After a year, Venus Angelic released a cover version of the pre-release song “I Love It” by Icona Pop, which peaked at number #71 on the United Kingdom Singles Chart. Her cover was inspired by the fact that her YouTube tutorial had gone viral.

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Venus Angelic on Instagram: “It's still kinda windy in Tokyo. So yeah. How do you like my hair? Styled by the weather fairy hers… | Beauty, Hair styles, Beauty guru

Venus Angelic Journey as a Youtuber

Her video, titled “How to Look like a Doll,” which she uploaded to YouTube and became incredibly popular for, has more than 16 million views as of this writing.

Her channel on YouTube featured the typical vlogger content, and ultimately, the majority of her videos were devoted to providing advice on beauty and makeup, with a particular emphasis on how to achieve a doll-like appearance.

Over the course of several years, Venus Angelic’s YouTube channel content centered on enhancing her appearance to make her appear more like a porcelain doll. Eventually, this aesthetic became the basis of her entire brand.

Her mother provided financial assistance and managed the content on Venus Angelic’s YouTube account. Her mother also frequently accompanied Venus Angelic to various media appearances, such as interviews and photo shoots.

Personal Life of Venus Angelic 

At one point, Venus Angelic’s Mother’s control over her daughter’s YouTube channel appeared to be unhealthy control over the content that was posted on the channel by her daughter. Due to the public nature of the conflict between mother and daughter, Venus Angelic’s fans have been calling her mother out. Palermo was forced to move out of her mother’s home as a result of the rift in her relationship with her mother.

Venus Angelic underwent Weight Loss Surgery.

Throughout the course of her life, Venus Angelic’s love of and fascination with doll-like appearances developed into a very serious interest for her. At just eight and a half stone, Venus Angelic, who considered herself to be obese and therefore required weight loss surgery, had a terrifying brush with death after the procedure.

Venus Palermo, who was raised in London but now resides in Japan, claims to have communicated with more than fifty doctors located all over the world, but she was only able to find one who was willing to perform the surgery for her. Venus Palermo was born in London but now resides in Japan. London is where Venus Palermo spent her childhood.

The YouTube sensation and ‘living doll’ better known by her channel name of ‘Venus Angelic’ made the trip to South Korea so that she could have the dramatic procedure, which included sewing shut a part of her stomach to make it more petite and liquidating 120cm of her intestines. Her intestines were liquidated so that she could have a smaller stomach. Venus Angelic is a more well-known name than her channel name, which is simply titled “Venus Angelic.”

She claims that initially, the surgery went well and that she was able to keep her weight stable at 8 stone and 4 pounds throughout the recovery process. She also claims that she was able to exercise regularly after the surgery.

She hid the fact that she had surgery in order to give the appearance that she was ‘naturally skinny,’ which was her goal in doing so. On the other hand, she fell ill about a year after the operation, and she was unable to take in any food or water after that point.

She was required to be admitted to a hospital because her weight dropped to just over six stone as a result of the fact that she was constantly throwing up. The medical professionals fear for her life and are forced to feed her through a drip because they do not want to risk losing her.

It was discovered that the stitches had become undone, which meant that food was entering the portion of her stomach that had been closed off prior to the surgery. As a direct consequence of this, she needed emergency surgery to have her stomach fixed.

Venus, who is 21 years old, said that it was devastating when the doctor came into her room and said that they would need to perform surgery. “we would need to perform surgery,” the doctor said.

Despite having a slim build, Venus has always had issues with how she sees her body, even from a young age. She has admitted that her self-perception is that she is sick and obese.

Because Venus wanted people to believe that she was simply ‘naturally skinny,’ she hid the fact that she had undergone weight loss surgery for nearly two years. She did this in order to keep up appearances.

She didn’t tell anyone, not even her boyfriend, about the surgery until she felt compelled to explain the cause of her illness, and even then, she didn’t tell him. Even at that point, she did not disclose to him that she was going to have surgery.

She is now sharing her experience in the hopes that it will be of use to other young women who are going through something comparable to what she has been through.

Venus has shared her wish that others will take the lessons she has learned from her own experience to heart and realize that they do not need to go to such extremes in order to achieve the body image they desire.

Love Life of Venus Angelic

Venus Angelic started a romantic relationship with the Japanese gentleman Manaki Okada in 2014, when she traveled to Japan for the first time. They had been seeing each other for a number of months prior to their wedding the following year, which took place in a quiet ceremony.

It is common knowledge that Venus Angelic’s romantic relationship with her boyfriend resulted in a rift in her relationship with her mother, who had previously been in charge of organizing all of Venus Angelic’s official meetings and contents. Unfortunately, they were unable to keep their marriage together for a sufficient amount of time, and they eventually divorced one another.

Interesting Facts about Venus Angelic

  • Venus Angelic got her start in the entertainment industry on YouTube.
  • Makeup tutorials and other beauty advice designed to impart a more doll-like appearance were the primary topics of her videos.
  • She is 25 years old but has the features of a child or a doll, despite being an adult.
  • Her mother was in charge of managing Venus Angelic’s channel and account on YouTube.
  • She was an extra in the film Ready, Steady, Charlie!, which was shot in Switzerland when she was six years old before she became famous as a YouTuber.

Sudden Shift in Venus Angelic’s Channel’s Content

It is believed that Venus Angelic immediately changed the content of her channel after getting a divorce from her husband, Manaki. After some time, the regular beauty vlogger Venus Angelic started gearing her content more toward an older demographic, specifically adults.

The sudden shift in her content started a rumor among her followers that the girls whose content used to be primarily focused on makeup and beauty tips have now changed the direction of her channel, which is now centered more on promoting her ‘OnlyFans’ and her other content that is not suitable for work or school. She began to open up about her past of being abused and even started drinking in front of her viewers on her YouTube channel.

What Happened to Venus Angelic? Why Did She Make an OnlyFans?

After some time had passed, she eventually declared publicly that she would be creating an account on OnlyFans. Although her channel, “OnlyFans,” operates in a manner that is comparable to that of Patreon and other adult subscription platforms, the fact that it has an age restriction has made it a well-known platform for influencers like Venus Angelic to post adult content and other material that is not suitable for all audiences.

As a result of this sudden shift in Venus’s content, many of her viewers became concerned about the YouTuber, and she received criticism for alienating her younger audience by posting material that was inappropriate for them to view.

What exactly took place with Venus, and why did she make the decision to switch brands?

Her Mother supposedly controlled Venus’ original content.

Venus is best known for her video that went viral in the past and was titled “How to Look Like a Doll.” As of right now, the video has more than 16 million views. Although Venus’ channel began as a space in which she posted specific vlogger content, such as showing what she ate in a day and some Japanese-inspired videos, over time, her content shifted to become more focused on makeup and beauty tips that can make you appear more doll-like.

This became her entire brand, and a significant portion of the content that she produced over the years centered on the goal of making herself appear more like a porcelain doll. She would even try to make her voice sound more childlike so that she could better emphasize the doll-like appearance that she was going for.

Her mother was very involved in the production of this content throughout the years that Venus was responsible for it. Not only did her mother manage and promote it, but she also frequently accompanied Venus to photoshoots and interviews.

Fans of Venus eventually began to notice that her mother appeared to have an unhealthy amount of control over the content that her daughter posted on social media, which resulted in the fans publicly calling out Venus’s mother. At some point in time, Venus gave the impression of escaping the home she shared with her mother in order to be with Manaki, her long-term companion and purported spouse.

Since that time, however, she has gotten a divorce from her husband, moved out on her own, and is now in a position where she has full control over the content that she publishes.

Many viewers believe that her transition to OnlyFans contributed to her newly found sense of freedom.

Her content started to take on a more mature tone after she had finalized her divorce from both her mother and her ex-husband. She started talking about her history of abuse on her YouTube channel, and she even started drinking in front of her viewers on the channel. Previously, she had focused solely on the doll-like aesthetic that she had spent so much time building up.

After that, Venus made the announcement that she would be creating an account on OnlyFans not too much longer after that. OnlyFans is a well-known outlet for influencers to post adult content and other material that is not safe for work (NSFW), despite the fact that its functionality is comparable to that of Patreon and other subscription platforms.

After that, a significant portion of her content centered on her OnlyFans, for which many of her followers voiced their disapproval. Many people were concerned about her because she had maintained an appearance consistent with that of a child for the majority of her career on the internet.

But despite the concerns that were expressed by her fans, it would appear that Venus is pleased with the content that she is producing. While it does contain the fan base she can cater to, some fans believe that she has used this as a way to control her content after having it supervised by her mother for a number of years.

She has managed to persuade her audience that she is content with what she is doing and that she is pleased with the content that she is producing.

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