Vanessa Villanueva Untold Truth Behind How She Met Chris Perez (Latest)

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 Vanessa Villanueva Net Worth

Venessa Villanueva has an envisioned net worth of more than $100,000. She is believed to have obtained all of Chris Pérez’s property as a spousal provision following the divorce.  She has become a famous determine and phenomenon all at once for the reason that she become Chris Perez’s ex-wife. Like Suzzanne Douglas She also made a dwell as an actress and appeared in noteworthy movies.

Who’s Venessa Villanueva?

Born in the USA of America, Venessa Villanueva is the best actress who is normally recognized for being the former wife of musician Chris Perez. She’s also made a career as an actor and performer. Vanessa Villanueva is regarded in the 2011 film “Memphis growing: Elvis Returns” as a team member and an electrician. She additionally performed a function in the 2015 film “Forgotten memories” as Gabi Valdez.

Meet Chris Pérez's Ex-Wife Vanessa Villanueva — Her Age, Personal Life, and Instagram

Her ex-husband Chris Perez rose to prominence as a member of the band Selena y Los Dinos. He strongly backed Selena Quintanilla, the band’s famous person, and has become her boyfriend, however, their relationship was cut brief when her former supervisor killed her.

 Personal lifestyles

Earlier than Villanueva met Perez, he changed into married to singer Selena and the two commenced a dating a yr after his advent into the band. He grew near her family, despite Selena’s father first of all disapproving of their courting. They eloped and married earlier than he was accepted into the circle of relatives. Following Selena’s demise, he felt guilt, believing that it was his obligation to protect her. He couldn’t consume a lot, and this spiraled into a dependency on alcohol as well as tablets. Villanueva became the light for him, as they began dating in 1998, marrying 3 years later.

They had two youngsters during their marriage, but things sooner or later fell aside inside the mid-2000s. Their relationship is strained because Perez now not spending sufficient time together with his circle of relatives, and nonetheless showing signs of alcohol abuse. She wanted to repair the connection, however, then decided that matters have been irreconcilable. They divorced in 2008, and on the grounds that then Perez has dedicated himself to his past love, Selena, and has remained close with Selena’s own family.

 Lifestyles and career

Venessa is of Mexican descent; her mother and father however moved to the usa looking for greener pastures. while her actual place of birth is unknown, she grew up in Texas. She lived broadly speaking out of the spotlight, meeting Chris Perez way to a mutual pal named John Garza. during that point, Chris became tormented by melancholy and different personal problems, and she supported him and helped him upward push above his problems, leading the two to start a romance.

The 2 were collectively for eight years before marrying in 2006, however, the strain of their dating eventually proved too much, and they divorced in 2008. Vanessa ultimately pursued a profession in appearing and performing in some movies. Her first venture become entitled “Memphis rising: Elvis Returns”, released in 2011, and told the story of Elvis coming back from any other galaxy and wanting to stay an ordinary existence. one of all her ultimate projects was entitled “Forgotten recollections”, launched in 2015.

 Ex-Husband Chris Perez

Chris Perez is also of Mexican ancestry – his father labored as a computer programmer, but his mother and father divorced whilst he was 5 years antique.

He started out studying songs in school, and his first device was the French horn. no matter a loss of help from his mom, he next discovered a way to play the electrical guitar, inspired by using acts such as Iron Maiden, Kiss, Van Halen, and Def Leppard. At the age of 17, he wanted to start a tune career, and his first band become with Shelly Lares in 1986, with the band focusing on Tejano music. He helped the band transition far away from Tejano’s song, which caused a lot of extra-fine reception.

In 1989, he turned into invited by the band Selena y Los Dinos for a practice session and changed into at once asked to enroll in the band. He loved the track and paintings of the band, leading him to depart his first organization. He became near buddies with the band’s bassist, who endorsed him to test with their music, and within a yr, the band started out to advantage quite a few interests, particularly way to the ability of their frontwoman Selena.

 Life before repute

Despite being Mexican with the aid of birth, she spent most of her younger age inside the USA. this is due to her discern’s the decision to relocate from Mexico to the united states. However, Venessa’s early

Lifestyles, schooling, and upbringing were all stored out of the spotlight before she became renowned. Vanessa turned into residing her normal life till she met Chris Perez in the united states.

 Selena y Los Dino’s short success and existence After

Selena started out to benefit attention on her own, leading her to undertake solo initiatives far away from the organization, however earlier than she left, the band had begun gaining popularity in Texas, selling eighty,000 copies in their track. After Selena’s loss of life and his long healing from grieving, Chris began writing songs once more with John Garza and created The Chris Perez Band. They signed with Hollywood statistics earlier than going to A&M Studios and releasing their debut album and several songs devoted to the overdue Selena.

The album “Resurrection” won a Grammy Award in 2000 and observed plenty of traction with critics and listeners.

One of all his present-day initiatives is the ebook known as “To Selena, With Love”, which describes their relationships and struggles; he became also frequent by using Selena’s father. The book become therapeutic for him, assisting him in the flow ahead, and he received a reward for his paintings. aside from the Chris Perez Band, he additionally has another band called The Chris Perez project.

 Who’s Chris Perez?

Gilbert Pérez and Carmen Medina gave a start to Christopher Pérez on August 14, 1969, in San Antonio, Texas. His ancestors are Mexican individuals. Chris’ father became a pc programmer. In 1974, his dad and mom were given separated whilst he was most effective five years old, although his mother got remarried in 1978.

Chris Perez, the principal guitarist and composer for the band Selena y Los Dinos, turned into gaining recognition around this period. He become a famous musician because of his capabilities, which induced him to join Selena Quintanilla’s band.

After years of sticking collectively with Selena and the band, Chris started out dating Selena and they each fell in love deeply. Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, changed into first of all opposed to the connection. Their dating turned fraught with problems at the start. But after his father saw their bonding and her daughter’s happiness with Chris, he finally approved of their romance, after which the couple determined to get married in 1992.

 Selena Quintanilla was murdered at the age of 23

Yolanda Saldivar, the president of a Selena fan group, murdered her on 31st March 1995 at the age of 23 simply as Selena Quintanilla was approximately to achieve big global repute. Thousands of human beings have been devastated by means of her demise, even though none extra than Chris Pérez, her husband the fact that 1992.

Selena’s surprising loss of life had a profound impact on Chris Perez. Chris felt responsible and he was given extraordinarily depressed that he couldn’t eat a great deal and developed an alcohol and drug dependency, therefore. Later, he confessed that he had by no means recovered from his overdue spouse’s death and bandmates.

Given that then, the Grammy-triumphing Pérez has remained in the limelight, both in his efforts to recall his past due spouse. His ebook “To Selena, With Love,” which explores their love and tribulations, is one of his accomplishments. He observed the e-book therapeutic, and it helped him go on, and he earned acclaim for it. Selena and Pérez are again lower back inside the limelight because of a Netflix display Selena: The series.

 Pérez poured his heart out in an interview

Chris Perez has spoken about the outpouring of love and aid from fanatics following Selena’s demise in an interview with CNN.

“While she passed away, the outpouring of love and help that we got from the lovers taken aback us. We weren’t organized for that,” he said. “So I thought I knew about it, but then whilst this book got here out, the response that we’ve gotten from that, I’m genuinely shocked once more. I didn’t understand that I was placing something available that every one of those lovers was anticipating. The reaction has been loopy.”

 How did Vanessa Villanueva meet Chris Perez?

Venessa and Chris met through a mutual friend, John Garza, around 1996-1997. Chris changed into suffering from melancholy and had different personal demanding situations at the time, and she or he encouraged him and aided him to overcome his struggles, allowing the two to begin dating. They endured seeing every different greater regularly after their first come across and fell in love after that.

When Vanessa entered his existence, he become capable to tug himself out of his bleak scenario. They dated for numerous years till got married in 2001. Chris used to get depressed over everything, and the strain of their dating became an excessive amount for them, and the couple was given separated in 2008. Because he didn’t confront the source of his grief over Selena’s death, the second marriage changed into doomed to fail.


Chris and Vanessa have two kids. in spite of the reality that both are divorced, they nevertheless spend time with their children. Cassie Gabrielle Perez, a medical aesthetician, and Noah Perez are children of them.

Noah changed into being born with Down syndrome. in the course of her being pregnant, Villanueva become aware of Noah’s circumstance and docs had even advised her to go through a past due to abortion. But she became down the offer and gave delivery to her son. She acknowledges and always embraces facts. Venessa genuinely cares approximately both of her kids and nourishes motherhood wonderfully.

 How did Venessa Villanueva come Into The spotlight?

The connection between Chris and Vanessa turned compelling and genuinely full of affection, but it did not bear all the time because of sure motives. Venessa Villanueva drew a lot of media interest once they introduced their marriage on October 20, 2001.

Later, Vanessa went directly to pursue an acting profession, starring in some movies. Chris and Venessa’s divorce after seven years of marriage sparked greater controversy, which led her to grow to be popular. Chris’ alcoholism and substance dependency had been the motives for the divorce. The cut-up-up became heavily publicized. Vanessa is retaining her existence, particularly lowkey due to the fact of her divorce from her ex-husband Chris Perez.

Wherein Is Vanessa Villanueva Now?

V’s Day Spa, a nail store with a non-public spa, is now her very own company. Venessa met Henry Soliz in the 2010s and started dating him in 2012. Henry Soliz, her long-time lover, become married to her in February of 2018.

Venessa’s surname has become Soliz as nicely. In Portland, Texas, they’re each content material with their lives.

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