Roy Halston Net Worth: How Rich was the Fashion Designer Actually?

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Roy Halston Net Worth: Roy Halston was an influential American fashion designer who was born in the United States. In the 1970s, he rose to international renown thanks to the famous design he had created.

The first designer to license himself as a brand and then take his creations to worldwide markets was Halston. He was also the first designer to license his own name. Before his passing on March 26, 1990, it was predicted that Roy Halston Net Worth was somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million in the year 2022.

The biopic of Halston is currently being shown on Netflix in the form of a television miniseries. On May 14, 2021, the streaming miniseries made its debut for the first time.

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Roy Halston Net Worth: How Rich was the Fashion Designer Actually?

Full NameRoy Halston Frowick
Birth DateApril 23, 1932,
Birth PlaceDes Moines, Iowa, United States
DiedMarch 26, 1990
ProfessionFashion Designer
BoyfriendVictor Hugo
Net Worth$100 million

Early life

Roy Halston was born on April 23, 1932, in the city of Des Moines, which is located in the state of Iowa, in the United States. James Edward Frowick and Hallie Mae were his parents at the time of his birth. His Norwegian-American accountant father, James Edward, and his Norwegian-American housewife mother, Hallie, were his parents.

After watching his grandmother make garments for the family, Halston developed an interest in learning how to sew.

In the past, he has crafted numerous headgear and even sewed some clothing for his mother and sister. In 1950, Roy received his graduate degree from Benjamin Bosse High School, which he had attended during his high school years.

After that, he decided to enroll at Indiana University and spend some time there studying. Because of his passion for art, he decided to enroll at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Roy Halston Net Worth & Career

In 1957, Halston opened a store on North Michigan Avenue that he called the Boulevard Salon. The store was located there. In the latter half of 1957, he made the move to New York City and began working for a milliner by the name of Lilly Dache.

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After only one year on the job at Dache, he was elevated to the position of co-designer. Nonetheless, after a while, he parted ways with Dache’s workshop and began working as a head milliner for the department store Bergdorf Goodman.

In 1961, Roy designed a pillbox hat, which catapulted him to the forefront of the fashion world. At the presidential inauguration of her husband, John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy wore the hat. Jacqueline Kennedy was married to John F. Kennedy.

After the practice of wearing hats became less popular, Halston changed his design focus to that of clothing. 1968 was the year that he opened the doors to his first store, which was located on Madison Avenue.

In 1969, not long after a year had passed, he devised his first ready-to-wear fashion brand, which was called Halston Limited. His design, which was understated yet seductive, rose to prominence in a relatively short period of time.

In the majority of his designs, he employed the use of supple and opulent cloth. It was possible for Halston to attract the interest of famous artists such as Babe Paley, Greta Garbo, Gene Tierney, Elizabeth Taylor, Ant Anstead, Margaux Hemingway, and Blanca Jagger. Halston was successful in doing so. Between the years 1968 and 1973, he was successful in amassing a staggering thirty million dollars in earnings.

During the 1970s, Halston broadened the scope of his firm to include menswear as well as purses, luggage, beds, and lingerie. Andre Leon Talley gave the models Pat Cleveland, Anjelica Huston, Elsa Peretti, Alva Chinn, Beverly Johnson, and Karen Bjornson the moniker “The Halstonettes.” He had a few models that he particularly admired, such as these women.

In 1977, Braniff International Airways awarded the contract to have Halston create a new uniform for the flight attendants of the airline. He provided a one-of-a-kind design for them, giving them muted brown uniforms with distinctive H insignia on them.

Later on, in 1983, the retail giant J.C. Penny inked a license contract with Roy that lasted for a period of six years. It was reported that the transaction will be worth one billion dollars. As a result, he introduced a new collection, which includes perfumes, accessories, cosmetics, and clothing that are all within reasonable price ranges.

He endeavored to sell his apparel at competitive prices, which ranged anywhere from $24 to $200 for each item. However, the reverse effect was produced on his image among high-end fashion merchants as a result of this.

Because of the negative reception it received, the line Halston III proved to be extremely detrimental to his career. Even after that, the brand was discontinued, and years later, his firm, Halston Limited, was bought out by Esmark Inc. In 1983. The Halston brand began to experience a loss of control over the corporation. By the time 1984 rolled around, he was absolutely prohibited from designing one-of-a-kind products for Halston Enterprises.

After some time, in 1986, Revlon purchased the business, but he continued to work for the same company after the acquisition. On the other hand, he was prevented from continuing his career designing garments for the company.

Roy Halston Personal Life

Victor Hugo, an artist who was born in Venezuela, and Roy Halston were romantically involved on and off during their relationship. When they initially met, they were both employed in the beauty industry as makeup artists.

Roy Halston Net Worth: How Rich was the Fashion Designer Actually?

Hugo was even employed by Halston as a window dresser, and the two of them continued to reside in the same home. They had been together for more than ten years at that point in time. After that, there were rumors that he was romantically involved with the fashion designer Luis Estevez.

Halston passed away on March 26, 1990, from an illness that was later determined to be AIDS. Before he passed away in 1988, he had a positive HIV test, and he was a patient at Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center when he took his final breath.

Roy Halston Net Worth

Before his passing, Roy Halston amassed a net worth that was estimated to be worth one hundred million dollars. Through the sale of his one-of-a-kind and enduringly popular clothing lines, he amassed a vast fortune.


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