Meet Jason Harvey, Designer Son of Steve Harvey and His Lifestyle


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Steve Harvey, a well-known figure in the world of television, has a son named Meet Jason Harvey. He was adopted by Steve Harvey, and his real mother is Steve Harvey’s third wife, Marjorie Bridges. Steve Harvey is his adoptive father. When his mother married Steve Harvey, he was already joined in the family by his mother and two other siblings.

Since that time, Meet Jason Harvey has led a happy and fulfilled life. He wed the girl he had a crush on when they were kids, and they’ve been a happy, healthy family ever since. Additionally, he is an active participant in the women’s footwear brand Yevrah, which he founded. Additionally, he was seen advertising his show on the program that his father hosted.

Early Family Life

Marjorie Bridges and Steve Harvey tied the knot in the month of June in the year 2007. At the time of their wedding, Morgan, Jason, and Lori were already a part of the Harvey family, and Marjorie was already a mother. At the time of his marriage, Steve Harvey became a father to all three of his wife’s children by adopting them.

Steve Harvey has singled out Marjorie as the person who is exclusively responsible for making him a better person and improving his life. Marjorie has been recognized for this. In an interview, Marjorie Harvey expressed her thoughts on their family and the state of their home as follows:

Everyone is coming from a place of brokenness when you’re dealing with a mixed family, so be prepared for that. We had no doubt that this was the case. On the other hand, I’ve simply informed them that “everyone is included.” Everyone is able to communicate with their parents.

She married Jason Harvey, her childhood sweetheart.

On August 26, 2013, Meet Jason Harvey tied the knot with Amanda Harvey, a stunning model who was twenty-eight years old at the time. According to reports, the couple is doing extremely well for themselves and having the time of their lives together despite the fact that the specifics of their wedding are still unknown.

On the occasion of the couple’s first wedding anniversary, Jason was included in a picture that his wife Amanda posted to social media on August 26, 2014. The caption of the photo was a touching message to her husband, which said, “A year ago today I ran off and married my best friend.” She followed her message by saying that she had “run off and married my closest friend.”

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“On the occasion of his birthday, while riding in a hot air balloon. On that day, I made the most important choice of my entire life. It makes my heart happy to think that the rest of my life will be spent with you. Cheers to us both, and best wishes on your special day! I adore you, baby.”

A Happy and Successful Marriage

To this day, Jason and Amanda continue to enjoy a contented life together. They recently celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary and are going strong while having the time of their lives together. There is not the slightest indication that they are planning to end their marriage or that they are experiencing any significant difficulties in their relationship.

They are almost always seen together in public places. Even during the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017 Show, the two of them walked the runway together.

These adorable children belong to Jason.

The four stunning and lovable children that Jason and Amanda have are living proof of the strength of their relationship. On June 19, 2014, they welcomed into the world their very first child, a daughter. Rose Alora Harvey was chosen to be their daughter’s name.

In a short amount of time after that, they welcomed their second son, Noah Ellington Harvey, into the world. His birthday is on August 21st, 2015 and the year is 2015. A few years later, they welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world: a son who they called Ezra Nehemiah Harvey.

The 5th of September 2018 saw his arrival into the world. In July of the pandemic year 2020, they became parents to another little girl, and they called her Joey Iris Harvey. They had no plans to stop having children any time soon.

A Happy Family

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To this day, and at the time that this article is being written, the family of six is living a life that is not only pleasant and luxurious but also full of ecstasy and joy. The children are gaining attention from the media and are quickly becoming celebrities in their own right.

Both Jason and Amanda are very active on their own social media platforms, where they frequently post photos of their family, including their children and themselves. They continue to post, and they are always happy to offer details about their family life, but their followers want even more information.

Meet Jason Harvey’s Wife Amanda

Amanda Harvey is an American fashion and lifestyle model. She is married to comedian and actor Jason Steve Harvey. She has walked the runway and taken part in a great number of high-profile fashion shows. In addition, she has collaborated with a great number of commercial fashion and modeling agencies.

She is now represented by Wilhelmina Models, one of the most renowned modeling agencies in the world.

Personal Life

The childhood of the model who has been praised for her stunning good looks and lovely good looks has been described as fantastic. She was born in the country that is now known as the United States of America. Cancer is her astrological sign because she was born on July 20th, 1993, to parents Nancy Hill and Fred Hill.

In addition to herself, Amanda is joined by her three siblings: one sister and two brothers. Natasha Hill Matthews is the name of her sister, while John Hill and Jacob Hill are the names of her brothers. Because her sister Natasha Hill is now Mrs. Marcus Matthews, the family name has been changed to Matthews. This is because of their marriage.

Kayden and Kylo Matthews are the names of the children that her sister has had with her partner. In addition to being Lina Hill’s husband, her brother, John Hill, is a renowned portrait painter. Lina Hill is also her sister-in-law. There were rumors going around that they were about to have their first child together.

What is Amanda Jason Harvey’s Net Worth?

Amanda Harvey, who is married to Meet Jason Harvey, is a prominent model and runway performer, which is her principal source of income for her and contributes significantly to her estimated net worth of approximately one million dollars. Amanda has been a model for a number of well-known shows, including those held at Paris Fashion Week Womenswear for Fall/Winter 2017 and 2018, Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter for 2017 and 2018, and a great number of additional shows.

It is projected that her annual income is above the median threshold of approximately $62,000.

Amanda Harvey’s Career And Features

In addition, Amanda Harvey has been featured on the cover of a number of different periodicals. She has appeared on the cover of a number of magazines, including ELLE Magazine, Factice Magazin, Ellements Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn, and a number of other publications.

Her modeling work has been seen in such publications as Bare Necessities, Project Social T, and Chanel, amongst others.

Additionally, she was selected as the victor of the model search held by BCBGMAXAZRIA in the year 2012.

Innumerable tributes to his mother and wife.

As a way to commemorate his mother and his wife on Mother’s Day of the previous year, Meet Jason Harvey paid tribute to Marjorie, who was also his wife. Instagram is a social networking platform for sharing photos, and he did so by posting images there with captions that contained sincere comments.

The photograph of Marjorie had her wearing a burgundy outfit and a parasol that matched, and she was shown sitting cross-legged with a multicolored scarf. Jason Harvey looked really dapper in his dark blue hat, which he paired with a stylish shirt and pants. The description he provided for the picture said, “I flipped my last minute in my mother’s womb. The physician advised her that she must have a cesarean section… Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day, Momma!”

The candid shot of his wife and children looking like they’re having a good time appears nostalgic to him. In one photograph, Amanda and the children can be seen beaming as they descend a slide together. This photograph was accompanied by the description “While Brandi is a fitness coach and an entrepreneur, her twin sister is a fashion aficionado.” 

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