Sarie Kessler Net Worth $25 million- Wiki, Age, Husband, Ethnicity, Height

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ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Full NameSarie Kessler
Date of Birth22 June, 1957
FatherHerb Kessler
MotherVerna Kessler
ChildrenMargot Robbie

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Sarie Kessler Net Worth

Sarie works in the medical field as a physiotherapist. She is a woman that puts in a lot of effort and is brave when it comes to her personal life. It is believed that she has a Net Worth of two million dollars in United States Dollars.

On the other hand, her daughter possesses a net worth of 25 million dollars in the United States.

Sarie Kessler changed into born on June 22, 1957, in Canberra, Australia. She is famous for being a mother. She rose to notoriety because the mom of Academy Award-nominated Australian actress Margot Robbie. Herb Kessler and Verna Kessler, Kessler’s father and mother, gave beginning to her. She is a physiotherapist with Scottish ancestry. Her daughter sold her belongings on Australia’s Gold Coast, in which she now is living.

The wonderful personality that Sarie Kessler exudes is widely known and admired. The fact that she is Margot Robbie’s mother has brought her a great deal of notoriety.

Sarie Kessler Photostream | Sarie kessler, Margot robbie, Margot robbie photos

Margot Robbie, Kessler’s ambitious daughter, has amassed an incredible amount of support and reputation in the United States, which is the primary reason why Kessler is the subject of so much research and is so well-known.

How did Sarie Kessler endure her childhood? How did she handle the difficulties that arose in her marriage, and how did she bring up her children? You must have heard of Margot Robbie; however, may I ask who she is? Why does Sarie Kessler claim ownership over her?

Early Life

Saire Kessler was born in the Australian capital of Canberra on June 22nd, 1957. Sarie was raised in a setting that was quite safe and open to new experiences despite being in her native country Australia.

On none of the websites, in contrast, can you find any information on her academic background or educational background? Nobody knows anything about her childhood, including how she spent her early years, the challenges she faced, or the significant events that occurred in her life.

On the other hand, she is the mother of the well-known actress Margot Robbie, whose exceptional work and career have brought her a great deal of notoriety.

It is mentioned in a few of the accounts that she had the intention of working in the medical sector. Even though she was in medical school, she never stopped being a kid.

There is no information available regarding when or where Sarie Kessler received her further education, nor is there any information about when she obtained it.

She has now not disclosed any data approximately her academic background. Margot, however, has finished her high college schooling at Somerset College.

Personal Life 

It is said that Sarie had feelings for a man whose name was Doug Robbie. They started dating while they were young, although it is not specified what age they were when they first became romantically involved with each other. 

According to the information that is presented on Wikipedia, her husband Doug Robbie was a previous farm owner and a sugarcane tycoon in his day.

He was a well-known former proprietor who was knowledgeable about many agricultural practices and methods that led to increased yields.

After making sure they were good matches, the couple was married. Following the two of them getting married, they were given the gift of three wonderful children: Anya Lachlan, Cameron, and Margot Robbie.

Sarie, on the other hand, had to be the one to put up with the majority of her husband’s impolite behavior. He was a man who was violent and abusive to others.

It is said that Doug Robbie abandoned the family when Margot Robbie, their youngest child, was just 10 years old.

Doug Kessler filed for divorce from Sarie Kessler, leaving the family and children in a difficult financial position at the time.

According to the interviews that she conducted, the two of them eventually drifted apart due to their divergent mentalities and incompatibilities.

Body Measurements

speaking approximately her bodily capabilities, Sarie has a peak of 5 ft 7 inches and a weight of 57kg. Likewise, she has attractive pair of blue eyes with blonde colored hair.

In the midst of a financial crisis, how did Sarie Kessler raise her children?

After her marriage ended, Sarie became a single mother and brought up her four children by herself. After that, Sarie moved back in with her parents and stayed on the farm with them. Her family owned a farmhouse in the Gold Coast hinterland when she was growing up. The family used to make their home at the old farmhouse.

She labored assiduously day after day in order to provide a pleasant atmosphere for the upbringing of her children. She worked hard to establish her own financial stability so that she could provide for her children’s basic needs.

Sarie’s fondness for their children and the difficulties she has had raising them has brought her into an unusually intimate relationship with them.

On the other hand, it is said that Kessler got herself into debt so that she could provide financially for her children.

At this time in her life, she is leading a pretty tranquil existence. She states in an interview that she is proud of her children and goes on to claim that my youngest daughter Margot has a sense of being abused because her father was absent from the family image when she was little.


A mother who is skilled and enthusiastic typically possesses a wonderful attitude and character. She exerted a great deal of effort into the rearing of her children. Throughout her time as a mother, she always made it a priority to meet her children’s requirements.

In addition to that, she is a stunningly beautiful and attractive lady. Sarie has a height of 5.7 feet and weighs 76 kilograms, which puts her in the middle of the pack for both of these measurements. A wonderful lady has reached the age of 67.


Sarie Kessler decided to become a physiotherapist and pursue a profession in the field. Since she was a young girl, she had the ambition to one day become a doctor. Her physiotherapy profession was conducted in the country of Australia.

On the other hand, her youngest daughter Margot Robbie is a well-known actress and TV personality. She began her career when she was quite young. Her legion of devoted followers has helped her build a strong following and a solid reputation. Margot kicked off her career in television with roles in Neighbours and Pan Am.

In addition, she became well-known for her performances in the films The Wolf of Wall Street and Tonya vs all.

She also made several appearances on network Ten promotional suggests consisting of speakme about your technology

Margot was nominated for an Australian Logie Award for maximum popular new female skills in 2009, and he or she later has become a countrywide youngsters Week teens ambassador.

She was also the eighth maximum-paid actress inside the international in 2019 with a every year salary of $23.5 million. For her career, 2019 was even extra good sized and fruitful.

Social Media

Transferring to her social media presence, she isn’t active on any social media sites like FB, Instagram, and Twitter. Nonetheless, her daughter, Margot has greater than 1 million followers on her Instagram handles underneath the username @margotrobbieofficial.

Relationship between Margot Robbie and Her Mother Sarie

Sarie has a small daughter named Margot, who is a kind and caring person.

It is said that as a present for her mother’s sixty-fifth birthday in 2014, Margot surprised her by paying off all of her mother’s mortgages.

Margot went out of her way to make her mother’s birthday special. On the day of her birthday, Sarie felt a mixture of pride and disappointment in her accomplishments.

Sarie was homesick for her husband, and her children made it clear that they were the ones who relied on him the most.

It has been said in some accounts that Margot and her siblings have a negative opinion of their father and do not wish to have any contact with him.

They believe that there is no doubt that “our father supported us to pay for our education in private schools; but, due to his absence throughout much of their life, the reason for their weak relationship has become strained.”

On the other side, Lachen and his father share a strong relationship with one another. In 2015, he shared a photo on social media featuring the two of them together.

On the occasion of father’s day, he was shown in a picture thanking his father for giving him and his siblings the opportunity to receive an education.

Sarie Kessler Children

As was just indicated, Sarie is a mother of four children. She was the sole caregiver for her children.

She did a wonderful job of parenting and turned her kids into successful adults by setting a good example for them.

At the moment, every one of her children is doing exceptionally well and has found a place for themselves in their chosen fields of work. They are enjoying every moment of their life together, and Sarie’s youngest daughter Sarie is a successful actress in the United States.

A stunt performer by the name of Lachlan is the mother’s son. As a stunt performer, he has additionally contributed to the films Aquaman and Birds of Prey.

In addition to this, Cameron, the second of the woman’s children, replicated her older sister’s achievements. Cameron is a well-known actor in the United States. As a result of his exceptional work, he has amassed an enormous reputation as well as considerable fortune.


  • Sarie Kessler became born in Canberra, Australia.
  • Sarie Kessler’s delivery signal is most cancers.
  • She is an actress, satisfactory recognised for her portrayal as Highrise Mum on ‘I.C.U.’.
  • Sarie is the ex-spouse of Doug Robbie.
    She has 4 kids named Lachlan, Anya, Cameron, and Margot Robbie.


Margot Robbie is she wealthy?

Australian actress Margot Robbie has a $26 million net worth. Since breaking into the industry, Margot Robbie has established quite a reputation and is now regarded as one of the most significant figures in Hollywood. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world as of 2019.

What accent does Margot Robbie really have?

Since Robbie was born and raised in Queensland, Australia, her natural accent is Australian.

Is Margot Robbie a blonde by birth?

What precisely is bronde hair then? In a nutshell, it combines blonde and brunette tones. Robbie has had her likely natural brunette root blended into the grown-out blonde in order to keep the new look as subtle as possible.


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