Nile Niami Net worth $50 million, and how rich is he?

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Nile Niami Net worth

Full NameNile Niami
Birth Date1968
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States
ProfessionMovie producer, Real Estate Developer
Ex-WifeYvonne Niami
Net Worth$50 million

As of 2024, Nile Niami’s wealth is $50 million. He has gathered a massive amount as a real property developer. The Nile remains working on his upcoming real estate projects, as a way to add a large quantity to his modern net worth.

He is a famous American movie manufacturer, real estate agent, and developer. He is high-quality and recognized for developing huge lavish mansions in Los Angeles, which are worth $100 million and above. Nile is likewise identified for growing the most high-priced non-public house in the U.S., named ‘the only”.

Nile Niami

Early Life

Nile Niami was born in 1968 in la, California, u.s. He was born into a bad circle of relatives. His mom used to work as a special education teacher, who was killed by a domestic intruder in 2001.

As he grew older, he started out working as a movie manufacturer. First of all, he tried his good fortune by producing 15 movies. The maximum of them has been B-grade films. His first film, as a manufacturer was Galaxis, which launched in 1995. Likewise, his remaining produced films changed into Tart, which was released in 2001.

Personal Life

Nile Niami is currently dwelling on an unmarried existence. He changed into a previously married Yvonne Niami. With ex-spouse Yvonne, he has two sons named Bryce and Brent.


The Nile additionally had a specific plan, besides generating movies. He soon started running on his other business plan by constructing small condominiums. He also renovated the houses and sells them for profit. After a while, he began operating as an actual property developer, building massive mansions in la.

Miami commenced his undertaking as a Real Estate developer by constructing a mansion in Holmby Hills. He made a large make most from selling the mansion to Saudi buyers for $f44 million.

Nile Niami turned into getting a large achievement and huge make the most of building and selling buildings within the real property marketplace. Nile Niami had additionally sold a mansion to a famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather in 2017 for $26 million.

In 2017, he finished a brand new residence named “Opus” which stood at 20,500 square feet. He indexed the residence for $100 million. After some time, a Chinese billionaire named William Ding turned into inclined to pay $50 million for a residence. But, he rejected the provide. In 2020, he turned into forced to show over possession of the house after his lender filed a default note on the belongings.

The Nile has built another massive mansion named “the only” in Bel Air. The house changed listed for $500 million, making it one of the maximum luxurious non-public houses in the international.

Alas, Nile couldn’t entire production of “the one” even after borrowing a reported $165 million from numerous creditors, significantly automobile finance billionaire Don Hankey who chipped in at least $106 million over several financing rounds. In past due 2021 “the only” turned the area into receivership which allowed an independently-appointed outside developer to be available and spend the anticipated $five million that becomes nonetheless had to make the home live-in a position.

Technically to acquire it is certificates of occupancy. Hankey purposely opted to not area the house into foreclosures because it might have placed him on the hook for keeping the assets and overlaying all liabilities until a customer was found. Round this time the home’s asking price has been reduced to $225 million.


Nile Niami started making movies and running as a film producer as he grew old. Additionally, there are about 15 movies produced.

However, they have been by and large B-grade movies. To start with, Nile Niami’s first movie became released in 1995, titled Galaxis. Meanwhile, the remaining movie produced by way of Nile Niami is known as “Tart” which turned into launched in 2001.  As a producer, his movies did now not give a lot to the Nile Niami internet worth.

Career as a Real estate Developer

After his movie-producing career was over, Nile Niami commenced constructing condominiums and renovating houses to sell. Hence, in la, he became a well-known actual property agent. Additionally, he made thousands and thousands of greenbacks by selling a mansion and a costly house.

Besides, to broaden Nile Niami’s net worth, he hired an architect named Paul McClean to lay out a house on bird Streets of Sunset Boulevard. Moreover, Nile constructed a house and sold it to very rich buyers. On the other hand, a number of them are famous humans.

Nile Niami

Moreover, let us talk approximately” the one”. This is the maximum talked-about factor about Nile Niami’s net worth. Properly, the only is a mega-mansion in Bel-Air which becomes built by way of Nile Niami.

As aforementioned, this mansion becomes a viral sensation because it turned into billed because the priciest personal house in the USA. Additionally, it will become the biggest in the world, one hundred and 5,000 rectangular feet. This mega-mansion is worth $500 million.

However, it’s so tough to promote. Except, there are several issues regarding preservation. In the end, the fee got decreased and it’s far listed for $295 million in 2022.


  • Higher & better Productions: Nile Niami is launching a fact television  network enterprise cord
  • Nile Niami schedules tour in ultimate-ditch try and shop the only the real Deal
  • Richard Saghian sold the only. But the story’s now not over but la times


How did Nile Niami fare?

After the bankruptcy sale, The One gives rise to a new lawsuit. It recently launched a lawsuit for promissory fraud and contract breach against Nile Niami, the developer of The One.

Who owns the $500,000,000 residence in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles house known as “The One” has been won by Richard Saghian, owner of the fast-fashion company Fashion Nova.

Is the Nile a wise investment?

According to Wall Street analysts, is Bitnile Holdings Stock a wise investment in 2022? Strong Buy is the consensus recommendation among the 1 Wall Street analyst who cover (NYSEMKT: NILE) shares.

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