Who Is David Portnoy Girlfriend, Silvana Mojica?

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David Portnoy Lady Friend remained a thriller for a while, as is now anticipated of the American celebrity and founder of the sports weblog, Barstool Sports.

Whether it was because of privacy concerns and spending some time by myself from the paparazzi, or clearly due to the fact they didn’t want attention because of the recently drawn sensual misconduct allegations in opposition to the blogger stays to be visible.

Silvina Mojica, Dave Portnoy’s marketing assistant girlfriend, is 26 years old and a widely known social media influencer. study extra regarding the couple’s relationship history beyond and mutual bond.

Dave Portnoy is efficaciously regularly referred to as the writer of the Barstool weblog. The forty-five-year-old sports activities sports blogger was born in Swampscott, Massachusetts, on March 22, 1977, and has been thriving in his popular culture and sports career graduating from the College of Michigan with a BS diploma.

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Renee Portnoy, a well-known social media man or woman, became Dave Portnoy’s first spouse. After courting for a few years, the couple married in 2009. After an eight-year marriage, she eventually agreed to an amicable divorce in 2017.

Dave Portnoy has been devouring his new lover Silvana Mojica, a marketing assistant, and social media influencer, for the cause that finishing his first dating. They’ve been dating for years and had been photographed at many prestigious events and venues.

What Is Dave Portnoy's Girlfriend Silvana Mojica's Real Age? They Can Be Seen At Multiple NBA Events

Silvana Mojica – The latest female friend

The stunning beauty sensation Silvana Mojica is reportedly the newest lady friend of the current news net megastar David Portnoy. Her extreme and unique style of fashion has garnered her repute and her beauty has landed her an awful lot of insurance.

Silvana has been quite energetic and has been featured on many magazine front pages and covers in the course of the USA. 

aside from being a beautiful younger girl, she is also a graduate and has studied marketing and is also currently hired under its umbrella. other than her paintings, she also models online and has garnered a lot of reputation and spotlight through her stunning appearance and figure. 

She has a big variety of portfolios underneath her belt and has modeled for and marketed for various brands, as protected underneath within the article. apart from this, she is now seen to be with David Portnoy, who himself is attracting a lot of buzz in recent times, as additionally suggested below. 

David Portnoy’s female friend’s career

As may be seen online and is evident, Silvana is a lovely and proficient female. She commenced running an uncommon style organization very early in her profession, wherein she become a Junior Account supervisor after her graduation. This tenure lasted for around five months, and shortly after, in November 2018, she joined another organization referred to as Scream as an account executive. 

This Orlando-based govt function lasted for around a yr, and she or he has shifted yet again to Giti Incorporation in Miami, Florida as a social media marketing assistant. 

aside from this, Silvana is a very gifted model with excellent seems. As she graduated, she additionally determined to sign up for Strike mag, in which she labored for the stated mag and determined to end up its logo ambassador. 

This landed her an opportunity to sign with an American-based modeling organization, which kick-started her modeling career. 

within the 12 months of 2021, she has labored on many projects, such as Kasa Karly, the famous rings logo for which she marketed. She has additionally modeled for other brands properly inclusive of I am Gia, Barstool Sports, and Giti online. 

Early life and Biography

known as Silvana but having Silvana Mojica as her complete actual call, she has been very reserved and personal concerning her private lifestyle, and because of that, her non-public statistics have been unknown. She is currently primarily based in Miami.

Silvana Mojica is of combined ethnicity and has subsided from revealing a lot of records concerning her own family. best her sister’s call is understood, that is Valeria Mojica. 

She become born on 08th April 1995 in Colombia, South the united states. She went to West Orange high school and later went directly to Valencia university for her high faculty in the yr 2014.

She has also acquired a Bachelor’s diploma from Florida kingdom college in advertising and marketing in the 12 months of 2016. 

other than being a version, she is also known as an influencer, accountant, net personality, advertising assistant, and social media celebrity. 

elderly 26, she commenced modeling in her early teen years, which got her interest and featured in diverse magazines. Her top is five feet 6 inches, and she weighs 56kg.

With brown eyes and hair colour, she has 36-26-36 inches’ measurements which makes her parent lovely to have a look at.


Silvana Mojica’s net worth

She is swamped on her Instagram channel, wherein her activities go through by the username @silvanamojica. The account also showcases her beautiful modeling work, with lovely and excellent pics of herself.

Her source of earnings may additionally range, inclusive of social media and modeling work, which has landed her a net well worth of $2-3 million USD, approx. 

Her relationships

Connor McKenzie

She turned into formerly a dating Connor McKenzie. This part of her life was public, in which Silvana used to share many pics with her boyfriend on her social media account. 

David Portnoy

Being David Portnoy’s female friend can in reality get some highlight inside the media and paparazzi, and such became the case while Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy were visible partying collectively in a nightclub.

The affair quickly went viral, in line with page Six, as David Portnoy and Silvana have been caught on camera in Magic city’s Brickell community. 

David Portnoy is the founding father of Barstool sports – the pop and sports lifestyle blog and also co-hosts his podcast. He become lately again seen in the limelight via a news file from Insider concerning aggressive and violent sexual misconduct.

He has denied both claims in numerous online films posted on his social media account.  

Her relationship

At the same time, Silvana Mojica’s and David Portnoy’s photographs went viral, the new model posted on her social media account the tale which blanketed the Barstool founder, David Portnoy. Later, Portnoy has additionally talked about Silvana in his podcast display named The Dave Portnoy display with Eddie and Co., in which he revealed he spends a lot of his time with Silvana. 

Silvana Mojica: David Portnoy Girlfriend Age and Bio - Star Bio

The clip of this display becomes additionally featured on her social media account through Instagram, wherein there are many pix of both of them together. in recent times, their lovers eagerly look ahead to any new records concerning them to take a position and gossip about. 


David Portnoy’s current sensual misconduct allegations

Currently, on commercial enterprise Insider, a journalist unearthed women who are accusing Dave Portnoy of sensual allegations, citing the enjoyment as violent, competitive, and humiliating.

Each of the ladies to guard their identity is featured within the report through pseudonyms and alleges in the record that their experiences took place interior Dave Portnoy’s domestic itself, in Nantucket, and the summertime of 2020. 

The blogger and internet big name has denied those allegations and has labeled the record as a “hit piece.” remaining week as of the date of this writing, he has uploaded movies to his Twitter account in which he has publicly denied sexual misconduct accusations and has, in turn, accused the hole of reporting such information.

Police announcement

Nantucket Police Spokesman Lt. Angus MacVicar later informed a news channel that they’d now not obtained any smartphone call and they also had not spoken to everybody in this regard, as blanketed inside the Insider article.

They similarly brought and reinstated that the department changed into now not investigating Portnoy, as no formal complaints were filed.

Dave Portnoy has denied being contacted through the police, additionally. This has made this case further difficult.

Police record – as received by using Insider

After the response from the Police to these sexual allegations, Insider delivered to light a police file with its incident number on Twitter.

Other than claiming that they have this type of report of their ownership, the report was also shared on social media by way of getting protected underneath the freedom of information Act.

Any other declare become used on this document unearthing a researcher having spoken with the applicable department whilst gaining knowledge of for the report. 

David Portnoy’s online video response

David Portnoy posted numerous motion pictures as responses to each ladies’ claims, acting towards portions of advice of his legal professionals, and stated that he turned into scared due to the fact the object is implying to the world to offer and substantiate extra memories thru the internet.

“Tell us bad stories approximately Dave Portnoy,” he has stated within the video. He fears several human beings hate him and that this will be utilized, and there are bound to be greater humans like each woman. 

“I guarantee this: they’ll never be capable of showing anything,” He further introduced, “nothing, because nothing’s ever happened.”

“To me, that’s quite black and white … it’s one of these strange places to be in as it’s a touchy issue and those allegations are awful,” Portnoy has claimed.

He concluded, “I’m scared now, woke cancel culture wants to cancel me.”

None of these allegations and reviews have worked on David Portnoy’s female friend, Silvana Mojica.

Fun facts concerning the young model

Silvana Mojica’s first Instagram post made its way to the virtual global on twenty fourth of November 2013.

Opposite her appearance, Silvana Mojica is an avid foodie and loves to travel and find out her favorite eating places to eat meals which she likes. aside from this, she has a horrific addiction to consuming alcohol at events and occasions, no matter the occasion. 

Silvana additionally loves to journey and loves stunning locations. She likes to try this with her pals, and the joys of discovery excite her. 

Silvana Mojica is likewise an animal lover and loves her facet of pets. She has followed an adorable canine as a puppy. The photos of the said puppy are shared on her social media account, in which the images entice many likes and feedback from buddies and family alike.

In this be aware, that she also likes to spectate horse races along with her contemporary boyfriend, David Portnoy. She has been seen attending numerous horse races with her associate and carefully enjoys doing so.

What’s the age of Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend, Silvana Mojica?

Silvana Mojica, Dave’s 26-year-antique female friend, is his current female friend. Silvana has reveled in as a model, social media influencer, health influencer, monetary assistant, and flexible accountant.

Dave Portnoy, the founder of the Barstool sports activities blog, is a famous sports activities and pop culture blogger. In 2020, Penn national Gaming received a 36 percent non the weblog for a dazzling $163 million, of which $28 million become inconvertible stock equity and the rest became direct coins.

Silvana Mojica become born on April eight, 1995, and reared together with her sister Valerie. In 2014, the web sensation graduated from Valencia university after attending West Orange high school. She studied at Florida kingdom university and graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

After graduating in 2017, she obtained a plethora of labor enjoy and internship chances with main brands, as well as serving because the Strike magazine brand ambassador. together with her recognized activity at Atlanta-primarily based on uncommon models, she gained critical advertising and monetary control know-how.


Timeline of Dave Portnoy’s relationship With Silvana Mojica Surfed

Fave Portnoy’s new love hobby Silvana Mojica’s courting allegations first surfaced online in September of 2021. The 2 were frequently seen collectively, and Dave also addressed some enormous troubles approximately Silvana’s identity with the aid of mentioning that he enjoyed spending time with her.

Dave hasn’t been married seeing that his January 2017 divorce from Renee Satterthwaite.

Silvana Mojica’s astronomical net worth Silvana Mojica has made quite a little money from her employment as a monetary analyst and her facet business with numerous manufacturers in 2022. As of 2022, Silvana has an estimated net worth of approximately $8 million.


Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica have a romantic court

Massive agencies have given her rewarding contract terms, and he or she has also labored as a brand ambassador for Strike mag. She has had a successful advertising profession, strong fashion influencing work, and has been associated with numerous fashion companies and industries.


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