Mary Padian Net Worth $600 thousand, Age, Biography, Boyfriend, Wiki& More

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Mary Padian Net Worth

Every sale that Mary Padian makes and every episode that she produces contributes to the growth of her net worth, both as a business owner and as a reality TV star. It is estimated by a few of the sources that Mary Padian has a net worth of approximately $600,000 at present. As a result of her participation in the first season of “Storage Wars,” she now earns $450,000 every season. 

All about Mary Padian

Mary Padian is an American business woman and reality TV star, although she is best known for being the proprietor of the online store known as ‘Mary’s Finds.’ She is known by many as the “Junkyard Queen

Mary is well-known for her extensive collections of antiques, which she acquires from a variety of sources including auctions, estate sales, and storage facilities. After completing her education in photojournalism, she began her professional life working for the renowned Architectural Digest magazine under the direction of the publication’s creator, Paige Rense.

Eventually, she established her own column in the magazine called “Mary Finds.” This section had films on home refurbishing and décor; she eventually went to Texas to launch her firm under the same name and focus on furniture, antiques, and restoration. This section included movies on home refurbishing and decoration.

She was discovered by a producer from A&E Television when she was operating her antique business, and he offered her the opportunity to participate in the Texas episode of Storage Wars. The show was on the air for a total of three seasons. Because of how well-known she was, the producers of the original Storage Wars decided to include her in the fifth season of the show. She has participated in succeeding seasons of Storage Wars and has made sporadic appearances on the reality show, which is currently in its 12th season as of this writing.

Mary Padian Belongs to a Business Family

In Dallas, Texas, on the 24th of August in 1980, Mary Padian was born to her parents, John Gerard Padian and Teresa Ann Padian. Her father was a successful entrepreneur who owned and operated a recycling plant for scrap metal. In 2009, her parents finalized their divorce. Her uncle Bady Sassin is a well-known attorney in the state of Texas. In addition, she has a younger brother whose name is Luke Padian.

Mary Padian Wiki, Age, Biography, Boyfriend, Net Worth & More

Her mother is of Lebanese heritage, while her father is Irish. This gives her a biracial background. In addition, she is one of 42 cousins in her big extended family. She maintains a very strong relationship with them and makes sure there is enough time for the entire family to spend together.

Mary Padian Wiki (Storage Wars) Age, Husband & Biography

Mary Padian began working at D Magazine as an intern during the year that she was a senior in high school. She attended the University of Texas at Austin after completing her high school education and eventually earned a degree in photojournalism there in the year 2003. After she received her diploma, she uprooted her life and relocated to New York City.

Getting Started in Her Career

Mary Padian wandered across New York City during her first year there, looking for work at a variety of locations. She was ultimately successful in securing a position at Architectural Digest, which is a prestigious worldwide design journal. She was guided in her career by Paige Rense, who not only started the magazine but also served as its editor-in-chief.

Mary Padian worked her way up through the ranks at Architectural Digest to become an assistant editor there. She developed a part of her own on the website that she called “Mary Finds,” and it had videos that instructed the audience on how to locate, alter, and make furniture that had amazing designs and was within their price range.

After her mentor, Paige Rense announced her retirement in 2010, she made the decision to relocate back to Texas. She made the decision to launch her own boutique that would sell vintage and repurposed pieces of furniture in addition to other trinkets and other small treasures. Mary Finds is the name she chose for her boutique.

Her store is well-known for carrying an unusual assortment of newly made and repurposed home furnishings and decorative items for the home. She gathered these items by making many trips to thrift stores, going to estate sales, and searching through a number of storage units.

Although it had a lot of potentials, Mary’s store was not financially feasible. It was her decision to close the shop permanently. On the other hand, a producer from A&E Television happened to wander into the store and found the ambiance to be charming. In the end, she asked Mary to collaborate with her on a whole new endeavor.

Mary Padian Storage Wars

During the sixth season of Storage Wars, Padian was promoted to a regular cast member and given more screen time.

Storage Wars: Texas is a reality television show that follows the lives of professional purchasers who search for treasures in storage lockers that have been abandoned by their owners. Mary Padian became involved in the show. From 2011 through 2014, this show aired for a total of three seasons.

During the course of Storage Wars, she teamed up with Moe Prigoff, a seasoned buyer, who served as her mentor and instructed her on the ins and outs of the industry. In due time, the two of them would begin going to auctions together in search of more unique artifacts.

On the show, Mary was known for her upbeat and feisty demeanor, which helped her get furniture by bidding on storage spaces. In real life, she had a similar disposition. Her ability to make bids on storage lockers based on her hunches and her inventiveness in finding ways to use them won her a lot of fans.

She felt like she was in some kind of dreamlike state the entire time she was on the show because everything seemed to be a mystery. During the time that she was participating in the show, she kept her business going in Texas.

After that, she became a star in the original edition of the show Storage Wars, which at the time was in its sixth season. The majority of the episode and its conclusions were filmed in the state of California. In the sixth season, she was promoted to a full-time member of the cast.

Her most extraordinary and priceless discoveries include a porcelain grenade that belonged to the Byzantine Empire, a pair of camel saddles from Asia that date to the 18th century, and an ancient trunk that was stuffed with mementos from World War II.

In 2017, she was a guest on the podcast titled “Fridays with Flea Style,” where she discussed her profession and offered guidance to listeners who were interested in pursuing creative careers. She went on to discuss how she got her start in the world of vintage furnishings and oddities.

Mary made the decision to expand her firm into the worldwide market while she was still actively competing in Storage Wars. In order to make a profit off of the unusual artifacts that were left over from the display, she stores them in her shop. “Mary Finds” is currently a store that sells goods that have been scavenged from estate sales and flea markets.

Mary Padian has made a name for herself in the design world thanks to her unusual methods and her unwavering faith that good design can be achieved on any budget. Her reputation for being modest and diligent has helped her garner a growing number of followers over the years.

Mary made the decision to go to Los Angeles in order to concentrate on her career as the attention she received from Storage Wars continued to grow season after season. There have been a total of 12 seasons of the show to this point, and Mary Padian has been a cast member throughout all of them, including the most recent one.

In addition to her role as a contestant on Storage Wars, she currently owns and operates an internet store known as Mary Finds. In addition to that, you can frequently see her at auctions, where she tries to unload the goods that she has amassed over the years.

Both the success of her store and her continued participation in Storage Wars is important to her, and she is confident that she possesses the imagination and drive necessary to achieve both of these goals.

Physical Appearance

Mary is a stunning and alluring woman who favors the “no make-up, girl-next-door” look, and a laid-back, casual aesthetic most of the time. She has honey-brown hair that is long and wavy and eyes that are a shade of blue-green. In spite of the fact that she likes to go au nature, she occasionally shares on social media images of herself with make-up that has been expertly applied, which provides an interesting new angle on how she appears.


  • in Feet-Inches – 5’ 1.”
  •  in meters – 1.55 m
  •  in centimeters – 155 cm

Weight (approx.):

  •  in Kilograms – 50 kg
  • in Pounds – 110 lbs

Mary Padian Doesn’t Want Her Love Life to be in a Spotlight

Mary Padian is uncomfortable discussing her personal life with the media, particularly her romantic relationships. On the other hand, she appeared in an episode of Storage Wars alongside a dashing man and mentioned that he was the man she was dating at the time. There is currently no additional information accessible despite the fact that she disclosed that his name is Dylan and that they met in Texas.

The actor from “Wars of Storage” spoke about her joy and laughed out loud while expressing her feelings.

Since I relocated to California, I have been on the lookout for romantic fulfillment. Who would have guessed that I would have to go all the way back to Texas before I could meet the one? This is Dylan, doesn’t he look like a dream?


She is of Irish and Lebanese descent. One of the many interesting and almost peculiar facts about Mary Padian is that: She is of Irish and Lebanese descent.

She comes from a huge family that includes more than 40 first cousins.

During her time at Architectural Digest, she worked her way up to the position of Assistant Editor.

Her shop was a traditional brick-and-mortar location in Dallas until she made the decision to expand it into an online business.

Whenever she goes shopping for new merchandise for her internet store, she invariably comes across a number of fascinating and one-of-a-kind goods.

Her nieces’ names are Lilly and Sophie. She has two of them.

Razzle Dazzle is Mary Padian’s favorite expression, which she uses to describe anything that she has taken the time to restore and make more aesthetically beautiful than it was in its previous state.

The cut-style pictures and animations created by Abigail Reynolds and Katy Beveridge have always had a prominent position at the top of her list of artists whom she considers inspirational.

Final Words

Mary Padian has a reputation for being an eccentric and very free-spirited individual. She is willing to search through trash or go through storage units that have unclaimed stuff in them in the hopes of finding something original enough to sell in her shop. She is also eager to do anything else that could be necessary. She can take things that other people believe to be rubbish and make them into something that everyone wants. When she comes across an item, even something that the vast majority of people would dispose of, she sees promise in it.

Padian’s initial plan was to sell her repurposed discoveries to interior decorators; however, after she saw the possibilities for making money through an internet store, she changed her mind. Even in the present day, she continues to unearth artifacts and transform them into something quite extraordinary, much to the delight of the many people who follow her on the internet.

Padian always had the ability, even when she was a child, to take garbage and transform it into something of value. As an adult, she has taken advantage of this ability and developed it into a significant source of income for herself. There is no question that she will rise to the top of her field and become a well-known figure due to the fact that she is so competent and prolific.


Mary’s pay on Storage Wars is how much?

Mary’s pay on Storage Wars is how much? Fans frequently Google “how much does Mary Padian make per episode” to find out more information. She receives $15,000 per episode of Storage Wars.

What action takes Mary Padian now?

In her spare time, Mary promotes the philanthropic organization Ubuntu Life, which uses local crafts manufactured by Kenyan women to collect money to run a clinic for kids with neurological conditions in that country.

Is Mary Padian wealthy?

Mary Padian’s wealth Mary Padian, a reality television personality and storage hunter from the United States, is worth $600,000. Mary Padian, who is from Texas, developed a passion for found objects.

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