Christina Aguilera, Jordan Bratman Finalize Their Divorce

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How Jordan Bratman & Christina Aguilera Make Things Work Post Divorce? Not all of Hollywood’s top celebrities‘ marriages end happily ever after. There are a lot of Hollywood marriages that don’t last because of the continual media attention and the issues that even regular couples experience. Some celebs entered the fray much too quickly.

Christina Mara Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality who changed into born on December 18, 1980. She has been dubbed the “Voice of a technology” due to her 4-octave vocal variety and capability for excessive notes. With the discharge of her self-titled first album, Aguilera garnered attention and is recognized for having prompted the resurgence of adolescent track within the past due 1990s and early 2000s.


Christina Aguilera Files for Divorce from Jordan Bratman - CBS News

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Net worth$15 million
Date of Birth:1977 June 4
First NameJordan
Last NameBratman

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Others’ marriages were ruined by cheating. A celebrity marriage can come to an end for a variety of reasons. When it comes to Christina Aguilera’s past relationships, she’s learned from them and used what she’s learned to her future relationships.

She got married at a young age, and it’s no secret. Jordan Bratman, her ex-husband, supplied her with a sense of security and comfort at the time. When they first met, she was only 21, and they married in 2005 at the age of 24.

Because of her songs about her troubled family past, Bratman was the perfect confidant for her. Friendship blossomed into love, and they tied the knot for $2 million in California’s Napa Valley. Aguilera allegedly wore a $80,000 gown at the wedding, which had 150 people in attendance.

Sadly, the joy did not continue for a significant amount of time, and in 2010, the couple divorced. She wouldn’t shy away from talking up about it, which undoubtedly helped her recover. Whether it was pressure from her job — she was one of the youngest Grammy winners ever – or something else, she wouldn’t shy away from opening up about it.


Who Is Jordan Bratman?

Aside from being known as Christina Aguilera’s ex-husband, Bratman has built an impressive career in his own right.

He is a well-known music producer and executive that has introduced many world-famous artists to his own record label.

Having been in the industry since the 1990s – in part, thanks to his father, producer Jack Bratman – he has worked with artists like Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, TLC, PInk, and Madonna.


Income source of Jordan Bratman

Jordan Bratman often earns his cash with his ventures into numerous industries. Bratman has held many influential government ranks in top corporations and has ventured into many entrepreneurial investments. Jordan Bratman has additionally worked with a number of the maximum influential and a hit musical acts of the sector as an A&R govta few reviews declare that Bratman was the highest paid manufacturer within the world in 2014.


Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is a big star, so her life is often talked about online. Whether it’s her music career or her troubled marriage to Jordan Bratman, Aguilera is always ready to help other artists who are having trouble in the industry.

Following the lifting of Britney Spears’ 13-year conservatorship, singer Christina Aguilera has spoken out in support of the former child star’s freedom.

Wanting Britney to know she has her complete support, the ‘Genie in a Bottle singer promised she would always be there for her fellow pop diva, adding:

That kind of connection with other women is one of my favourite things about being a woman. When we have the capacity to connect, it’s more vital than ever that we do so and that we constantly feel together.”

Fans of both artists are likely aware of the current pop battle that is taking place between the two, who just so happened to be going through their respective careers at the same moment.

Even though Aguilera is no stranger to scandals and controversies, she may not have been controlled as much as Britney was. Fans of Christina Aguilera found her marriage to producer Jordan Bratman to be one of the most interesting parts of her personal life, and the fact that they are still friend’s shows that a breakup doesn’t have to be bad.


Body Measurment of Bratman

Christina Aguilera is a lovely and iconic singer, songwriter, and artist. She stands 5 toes 1½ in (156 cm) tall. She continues herself in a wholesome workout and a wholesome healthy diet weight-reduction plan. She weighs around 50 kg (one hundred ten lbs). She has a slim and athletic construct with a raunchy body. She has stunning Platinum blonde hair.

Her eyes are piercing blue in coloration (contact lens) and additionally have certainly brown eyes. Christina’s body measurements are breast size of 38 inches, a waist size of 23 inches and hips are of 33 inches. She is a heterosexual (instantlylady.

Bratman has built a successful career on his own, even though he is best known as Christina Aguilera’s ex-husband. He is a well-known music producer and executive who have brought many famous artists to his own record label. Since the 1990s, when his father, producer Jack Bratman, got him started in the business, he has worked with artists like Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, TLC, P!nk, and Madonna.

When Bartman was 21, she met the up-and-coming pop star for the first time. Their relationship moved quickly, and they got married three years later.

At the beginning of her career, Aguilera spent a lot of time writing personal songs. In these songs, she often talked about her family and the abusive home she grew up in. Since this wasn’t really pop music, she often talked about how her relationship with Bartman helped her feel less lost.

Their wedding was really an event that fans had been waiting for, as the pair spent a stunning $2 million on the ceremony, which took place in Napa Valley and accommodated about 150 people. Fans had been waiting for this event for quite some time. It was said that Aguilera donned a wedding dress that cost $80,000, a price that appeared excessive for an item that was worn for just a few hours.

Aguilera discussed the beginning of her relationship with Bratman in an interview she did after the breakup with People Magazine. The conversation took place after the divorce was finalized.

She said, “At the moment, it seemed perfectly appropriate. Jordan and I were best friends first, and then it developed to be more.” Throughout my childhood, I never felt secure, loved, or protected by a masculine figure like I did with him. He embodied all of those things for me. I had the impression that the two of us could spend the rest of our lives together. I was looking for a partner in marriage who would make a wonderful parent. And indeed, he is.”

In January of 2008, Aguilera became a mother to the couple’s baby, Max Liron Bratman.

Paris Hilton unexpectedly revealed her pregnancy during the 2007 Video Music Awards, even though she and her husband hadn’t intended to have a family. When questioned why she and Bratman chose to keep the pregnancy news from the public, Aguilera said that she didn’t want anybody else to worry about the baby while she was on her Back to Basics tour.

According to her, “there are so many things that may go wrong – anybody can slip and fall, I can fall.” My baby’s safety was more important to me than my show, and I was not willing to risk it for anything.”

The singer also admitted to using a covert heart monitor on stage, explaining, “[I took measures, but] I didn’t want to make the audience uncomfortable, like, ‘Pregnant girl onstage!’” ‘Will she be okay?’”

Because of the trauma she had had in her youth, it seemed that Aguilera was hesitant to think that her marriage to Bratman would survive forever. Aguilera finally realized what it means to be independent while filming her musical drama film, Burlesque, in 2009. Taking Max with her, the singer-turned-actress separated herself from Bratman and discovered more about herself than she had ever known, saying:

“I had never felt such freedom.” Every day, I grew by leaps and bounds. I transitioned from a girl to a woman.”

Aguilera says that it was hard to get used to her marriage with Bratman again because she felt like they had kept a lot from each other. Even though she and Bratman tried to make things work, they decided it would be best for their son if they went their separate ways.

Christina Aguilera Relationship History: Jordan Bratman | A Look Back at the Men in Christina Aguilera's Life | POPSUGAR Latina Photo 6

Aguilera saw her mother stay in a bad marriage, so she knew that her respect for Bratman wasn’t a good enough reason to stay unhappy for the rest of her married life.

Aguilera said in her People interview that she was having difficulty adjusting to life without Bratman, a breakup that is still fresh in her mind. On the subject of communication with her ex-husband, Aguilera said:

“We maintain in touch and try to be as courteous as possible for Max’s sake, but there is some suffering.” When we’re together, it’s uncomfortable. But I believe in my heart that we’ll find a happy medium where we can laugh together again and be okay for Max.”

In the years afterward, it seems that the singer and her ex-husband have reconciled. On her 40th birthday in January 2020, Aguilera shared a picture of herself, Bratman, and their kid, with the remark “we make mixed families work.” It’s a lovely thing.”

Summer, the pop icon’s daughter with her fiancé, Matthew Rutler, is her second kid. Bratman and Aguilera, on the other hand, are superb examples of coparenting, demonstrating that a high-profile divorce has not prohibited them from enjoying life as a family. The most essential thing for Aguilera is to be a hands-on mother for her children, as she notes:

“I decided a long time ago not to tour for a while because I thought it would be best for my kids to have a more stable, predictable life. Even when I joined “The Voice,” it wasn’t something I really wanted to do. I just decided, “It keeps me in Los Angeles and in a place where I can focus on my kids.”

After she filed for divorce in October 2010, Aguilera would often talk about how she knew the end was near. She told People Magazine, “It got to the point where our home life reminded me of my own.” I won’t let my son grow up in a home full of stress.”

Anxiety and public drinking were other issues she had to cope with. She didn’t want to injure Bratman, her kid, Max, or herself since she didn’t want it to be public.

She confesses she played a role in the separation, implying adultery when she told W Magazine, “At one point or another, we were both not angels.” But, for the sake of her kid, the two manage to keep things cordial. There was some suffering initially, but she knew there would come a day when they’d “laugh together again and be okay for Max.”

Aguilera has expressed gratitude for her support system, revealing that she grieved and lamented, saying, “I don’t think I’d be human if I didn’t have moments of grief over how things ended out.” But I can strive to cherish those memories while still creating new memories and goals for myself.”

And she hid her emotions from her son Max, who was two at the time of their divorce. She was eventually able to normalize things for him, and the two now co-parent nicely. She knows Bratman is a wonderful parent, which is one of the reasons she was drawn to him in the first place because she “never had it from a male figure growing up.”


Matt Rutler brings happiness

However, Aguilera quickly found love when she began dating Matt Rutler, whom she met on the set of Burlesque. They began dating in 2010 and became engaged in 2014. She wasn’t ready to plunge into anything at first because she had recently filed for divorce. Her long-term objective was to be happy, and she appears to be. Summer is their daughter, and Aguilera regards him as a unique person.

Since the beginning of their relationship, tabloid allegations have swirled around Aguilera and Rutler. They’ve maintained their denial of rumors. She seemed to want this marriage to work out, leading to a happily ever after, based on the lessons she learned from her previous marriage.


Aguilera Net Worth

The estimated internet worth of Christina Aguilera is $160 million. Along side her career in pop music, she has additionally dabbled in appearing and tvmaximum notably as a judge on the making a song competition display, “The Voice.” Aguilera obtained an annual pay of $15 million for her function as a judge at the NBC tune competition “The Voice.” From seasons 1 to 358, and 10, she regarded on the display.

On her achievements as a singer and sales from different endeavors, Christina Aguilera’s internet really worth is estimated at $180 million.


Facts about Jordan Bratman

Jordan turned into named one of the global’s highest-paid manufacturers in 2014.
We haven’t been able to locate his account on any social media platform, which includes Instagram, fb, and Twitter.
In line with his IMDB profile, he worked on Christina Aguilera’s ‘again to basics album in 2008.



Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera still have a marriage?

When the musical drama debuted, Aguilera and her ex-husband Jordan Bratman, with whom she had a son named Max who is now 14 years old, were going through a divorce.

Are Matthew Rutler and Christina Aguilera still a couple?

She was like a bottle genie. What follows is history. Since then, Christina and Matthew have been seriously dating, and their chemistry has remained endearing.

What happened to the marriage of Christina Aguilera?

On April 15, 2011, Aguilera and Jordan Bratman, from whom she had been estranged since September 2010, consummated their divorce.



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