IShowSpeed Net Worth $500,000: Height, Age, Bio, Career & Real Name

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Full NameDarren Watkins
Birth Date/AgeJanuary 2005/17 years old
Birth PlaceOhio, U.S.
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$500,000

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IShowSpeed Net Worth

IShowSpeed Net Worth is $500,000. He also said in a Q&A that, depending on how long he performs the broadcast, he can make anywhere from $75 to $200 every stream, which is an impressive amount of money considering how young he is.

But now that he has increased his membership count from half a million to one million in just one week, he will begin to see an exponential increase in his income.

Darren Watkins is a popular young YouTuber from the United States. His YouTube channel is called IShowSpeed, and it currently has more than 2.22 million subscribers.

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It is anticipated that IShowSpeed Net Worth of around $500,000 by the year 2022.

Early Life

The current academic year for Darren in high school is his sophomore year. Before he started his channel on YouTube, Darren was still under the impression that he had no business attending college. However, he did think about going to a vocational school or concentrating on athletics instead. But YouTube has completely reshaped his life, and he claims that he will continue to concentrate on this platform.

He believes that high school is depleting him and that if he could focus all of his attention on YouTube, he might make a lot more headway a lot more quickly. Because of this, he is even considering dropping out of high school the next year.


The idea to start a channel on YouTube came from Darren’s friend. The irony is that his friend gave up, while he has persisted through it all and made tremendous strides forward. It was initially the lockout that inspired him to begin posting videos on YouTube; he had nothing else to occupy his time. The 21st of April, 2020 was the date he created his debut video, and he hasn’t stopped making videos since then.

Prior to devoting the majority of his time and energy to YouTube, he worked at a position connected to a nursing home, where he was responsible for delivering food to residents of the facility. But since he started uploading new videos on a regular basis and saw the expansion of his channel, Darren has been completely committed to YouTube.

The fact that he was unique in the sense that he was one of the few people making high-quality streams about NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21 contributed to the rapid growth of his subscriber base across a variety of platforms in a relatively short period of time. This allowed him to amass a large number of followers in a relatively short period of time. Even more, advice was offered by Darren for new content makers, in which he emphasized the significance of being unique while also being aware of one’s own particular areas of expertise.

Height, Weight & Measurements

Darren Watkins, better known by his stage name IShowSpeed, has a height ranging from 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 11 inches, which is 172 cm to 180 cm, and he weighs approximately 65 kilograms, which is 143 pounds. At this time, we do not have access to his vital statistics. In a similar manner, both his hair and eyes are a dark shade of black.

Personal Life

As is the case with most adolescents, he has struggled to get his family to comprehend the significance of what he is accomplishing and the contributions he is making. When he told his mother that he had reached 100,000 followers on YouTube, his mother’s reaction was unremarkable, which infuriated him. He felt that she should have been more excited for him.

and it currently has more than 2.22 million subscribers.

He recently uploaded a video in which he discussed the fact that his fiancée had cheated on him, an event that left him in complete and utter grief; he was even seen crying in the video. This was especially due to the fact that he admired this Ohio native girl and was rooting for her success in whatever she attempted.


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