What is Danny Duncan Net Worth & Earnings (As Of 2024) Revealed Here

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Danny Duncan is one of the well-known American YouTubers and internet personalities who owns a net worth of 7 million dollars as of 2021. Duncan is mostly famous for his witty and charismatic attitude. He firmly believes that YouTube is the most suitable platform to reveal talent.

Garry Winthrope, more professionally known as Danny Duncan, is an American YouTube personality, actor, comedian, and musician. Duncan started posting videos on his YouTube channel in 2014.

Danny’s YouTube channel has risen consistently over the years, racking up millions of followers and subscribers. The channel has more than 6.11 million subscribers.

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Many of Danny Duncan’s YouTube followers are drawn to his skateboarding and prank videos. The prank videos are primarily based on sarcasm.

Duncan’s most-watched videos on the channel include

  • Falling with 30,000 Pennies has 30 million views, uploaded four years ago,
  • Danny Duncan/Best of 2019, has 20 million views, uploaded one year ago
  • Danny Duncan/Best of 2018, has 14 million views, uploaded two years ago
  • Surprising My Sister with a New Car!, has 12 million views, uploaded three years ago
  • Grocery Shopping with Danny Duncan 4, has 10 million views, uploaded three years ago

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Danny Duncan - YouTube

Besides YouTube, Danny Duncan has all other major social networking platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

How Danny Duncan Has Spent His Early Life

Danny Duncan was born on July 27, 1992, in Englewood, Florida, United States. He is the son of Sue Duncan. When he was very young, his parents got separated.

Duncan has a sister and a half-brother whose name is Matthew. He completed his high school education at “Lemon Bay High School”.

Then he started to work for Walgreen. After a specific time, he left the job. Later he started training Jason Lee, who is an actor. That was a contractual job.

Jason Lee suggested he become an actor. However, he decided to show his talent on YouTube. Keep continuing to know more about his career.


Initially, Dаnnу Duncan ѕtаrtеd working at Wаlgrееnѕ just completing his high school education. But he didn’t fall in love with the job. That’s why he left the job. Later he trained an actor for a short time.

Then he joined YouTube on March 7, 2014. At the start, Dаnnу Duncan started working with Сhrіѕtорhеr Сhаn who is also a popular YouTuber. And earlier in his YouTube journey, he started making prank videos.

Within a couple of years, he gained immense popularity. “Danny Duncan | Best Of 2019″ is one of his most viewed videos. In fact, the video has more than 20 million views so far.

One of the fantastic things is that Dаnnу Duncan maintains a good relationship with hіѕ fаmіlу. And he even featured his family members in several videos on his YouTube channel. To be more specific, Duncan’s mother and sister have been featured on his channel.

Араrt frоm making vіdеоѕ as well as рrаnkѕ on YоuТubе, Danny Duncan started hіѕ оwn mеrсhаndіѕе in the year 2019. Alright, he is a die-heart traveler who has traveled to most of the famous cities of the United States.

Duncan heeded Jason’s advice and immediately teamed up with fellow vlogger Christopher Chan. He created tons of prank videos and posted them on his YouTube channel.

In 2016, Duncan posted his first viral video titled’ Falling with 30,000 Pennies.’ The video has since garnered over 30 million views and remains the most-watched video on the channel.

In addition to his successful vlogging career, Danny Duncan is also a musician and aspiring actor. He has since released a single music track and reportedly has a couple more on the way.

Danny Duncan’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Danny Duncan has an estimated net worth of $7 million. Duncan has earned a considerable portion of his wealth from his YouTube channel, including revenues from monetized videos and sponsored ads.

Besides YouTube, Danny Duncan also maintains a vibrant presence on other major social media platforms. Considering that he’s a big influencer, it’s safe to assume that he earns decent bucks from those websites.

How did Danny Duncan Earn His Net Worth?

Basically, Danny Duncan started his career as a simple employee. Since he began YouTubing, he became rich. He earns a lot of money every year.

In fact, his YouTube channel is growing substantially. So his earnings are also increasing equally. And he became rich as a popular YouTuber, actor, and online personality.

And like most internet celebrities, Danny Duncan’s income also comes from merchandise sales. In 2017, Duncan launched his merchandise under the brand name ‘Virginity Rocks.’ On July 13, 2018, about a year after launching his merchandise, Danny embarked on a nationwide tour to popularize the brand. The tour started in Los Angeles and culminated in Chicago on August 2, 2018. Danny’s merchandise is available either on his social media accounts or through his official website.

How much does Danny Duncan make per year?

He is used to producing funny videos. And he uploads the videos on his YоuТubе channel. The channel of Danny Duncan has around 5.5 million subscribers.

Well, he earns most of the money through YouTube ads. Besides that, he makes money through sponsored content. How much money Danny Duncan makes per year, month, week, and day.

  • Daily: $700
  • Weekly: $4900
  • Monthly: $19500
  • Yearly: $234,000


From perusing his videos, we do know that he gives a lot of his money away. In addition to buying his mother a new house and his sister and his manager new cars, he paid one man’s rent for a year. Upon learning that a 16-year-old he met at a skatepark had taken a job at a Jack-in-the-Box to help support his family when his father had to have surgery that would have him laid up for three months.

9 Danny Duncan ideas | duncan, youtubers, chad hurley

Danny paid for three months’ rent for the family and got the teenager started in his own business with the purchase of a Charros food truck. In December 2020, he partnered with the Charlotte County, Florida sheriff’s department and handed out $2,500 checks instead of tickets to the people they pulled over.

In that same video, he awarded a brand-new car to a down-on-her-luck grandmother. Also, in December 2020, he sponsored the Danny Duncan sweepstakes, with a new Tesla as the grand prize.

Battle of YouTuber vs. TikToker

One boxing match that’s probably all over your social media involving Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom. Well, Danny will be a part of that, but no one knows yet who he’ll be up against.

The fight is all about the battle of the social media influencers and ultimately seeing who’s the best out of the two categories. Other famous internet people scheduled to appear to include Tanner Fox, Nate Wyatt, Tayler Holder, Faze Jarvis, Deji, Vinnie Hacker, Michael Le, and DDG.

Danny is already putting up a fight before he hits the ring. He posted a picture of the poster advertisement for the war and captioned it, “F–k Tiktokers.”

This fight will not only give attention and clout to these creators, but for some, it will also provide them a hefty paycheck. Bryce has publicly talked about getting paid 5 million dollars to participate. And Bryce also mentioned in a recent episode of BFFS (Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy’s podcast) that Danny was guaranteed to make a million or more automatically, just for joining the fight.

There is no ambiguity that Danny Duncan is a well-known person. In fact, he is a famous YouTube personality, comedian, and online personality. However, his outstanding comedy and pranks videos are the main reason for Danny Duncan’s net worth rise, as well as his incredible popularity.

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