Diane Alexander: Height, Family, Husband, Career and Net Worth

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Diane Alexander was an iconic and forward-thinking figure in the world of American dance as well as the fashion industry. Because she was formerly married to Lionel Richie, she has a significant public profile.

Being born on the 16th of June in 1976, she is currently 55 years old. She was born under the sign of Gemini and has put in a lot of effort throughout her career, appearing in films like “Forget Paris” and “Lake Girls.”

After marrying Lionel, a famous American singer and pop musician, Alexander has become the subject of extensive research and is a well-known figure.

She comes from a family that is very well established and has a high education level. She is a mother to two children, a daughter named Sofia Brockman and a son named Miles Brockman. Both are actively pursuing careers in the fashion industry, with the former as models and the latter as designers. Both Sofia and Miles are 23 years old, but Miles is three years older than Sofia.

Diane Alexander’s birthday is June 16th, and she was born in Los Angeles in 1967. Reportedly, Richie began a relationship with Alexander while he was still married to Brenda Harvey, which resulted in some significant drama when Brenda Harvey caught them in the act of having an affair. As a direct consequence of the incident, Richie’s first wife was taken into custody and charged with assault in addition to a whole host of other offenses, such as resisting arrest, trespassing, vandalism, and disturbing the peace.

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The divorce between Richie and Harvey was finalized in 1993, and he wed Diane Alexander the following year in 1995. They have two children together, a son named Miles Brockman Richie and a daughter named Sofia Richie.

After getting into a fight with several airport security personnel at Heathrow Airport in 2019, Miles, who is now 26 years old, made his own headlines when he was taken into custody by the police there. In reference to his famous family, Miles, a professional model, and actor, has been quoted as saying, “I’d like to not be viewed as a celebrity person or something.” I don’t want to be known simply as the son of or the brother of, but rather as a model or an actor in my own right. In those kinds of situations, I’d like to forge my own unique identity.

In addition to being a singer, 22-year-old Sofia Richie has also worked as a model. She has strutted down the runway for a number of renowned fashion designers, such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Jeremy Scott, and Philipp Plein. She currently has more than 6.5 million followers on Instagram, and in 2017, she began dating reality star Scott Disick, who is formerly known as Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend. Both of these facts brought her a great deal of media attention.

The creative side of Sofia was, according to her account, encouraged and developed by her famous father. In 2017, she stated, “My dad, he is so unconventional in his thinking.” “He is so strange, and he is able to take my mind to places that I probably wouldn’t go, and he opens me up to so many different ways of thinking. He is the person I turn to when I need some inspiration.”

Why is Diane Alexander Famous?

Diane Alexander, who is known for her stunning appearance and endearing personality, is renowned for her beautiful features. She is the ideal height, and her viewers and fans are drawn to her due to her slim body and perfect height. She is a well-known celebrity who puts in a lot of effort to advance her career throughout her life.

Who is Lionel Richie?

Lionel Richie is a well-known American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and composer. He was born and raised in the United States. In the 1970s, the first established himself as a successful songwriter.

Lionel Richie, his self-titled debut album, was released in 1982, marking the beginning of his solo career. The album was an instant success, selling 24 million copies worldwide.

In 1995, he wed Diane Alexander, and the couple remained together as husband and wife for a total of seven years. Although he is not married at the moment, there has been some controversy surrounding the fact that he has dated other models or actresses.


Before she got married, she worked in the fashion industry as a designer, a model, and an actor. She began her career by working in the service industry, specifically as a waitress. She collaborated with Richie on a number of his music videos after the two of them got married.

In addition, she has acted in a number of films produced in the United States, including Dancing on the Ceiling in the role of a dancer in the year 1990, Lake Girls in the role of the choreographer in the year 1995, Forget Paris in the role of a dancer in the year 2018, and Dead of Winter in the role of Maddy Read.

Aside from this, she is an actress who has won awards for her bravery and her work. She was one of six dancers who performed on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous World Tour in 1992, which is when she won the award, which led to her becoming famous. She won the award in 1992.

How Diane Alexander met Lionel Richie

At one of Lionel Richi’s concerts in 1984, Diane Alexander first met Lionel Richi, and the following year, the two began dating. There was already a marriage between Lionel Richie and Brenda Harvey.

They had known each other since they were students in college and had married in 1975. Nichols was an adopted child who was raised by Lionel and Brenda as their own. She is a well-known musician in addition to being a television personality in the United States.

When Diane and Lionel were discovered together in Diane’s apartment, their relationship quickly became the subject of controversy in the media. After seeing the situation for herself for the first time, Brenda Harvey yelled at Lionel and responded in an inappropriate manner.

Following the events of this scenario, this controversy quickly became widespread in the media and captured the attention of the viewers. After separating from Brenda in 1993 and waiting until 1995 to get married, they finally tied the knot.

They were together for a total of seven years, but in 2003 they decided to end their relationship because they couldn’t get past the differences that existed between them. After their divorce, Lionel had to take the financial hit of twenty million dollars because he had given money to Diane Alexander.

According to the claims made in a few of the articles, the couple’s decision to end their marriage was precipitated by Diane Alexander’s excessive demand that Lionel Richie provides her with a monthly allowance of $300,000 USD. Lionel Richie was unable to satisfy this demand, which led to the breakdown of their marriage.

In addition, some of the sources state that the natural differences between them and their unmet mentality prevented them from being able to maintain a keen and strong relationship with one another.

Diane Alexander Being Richie’s Wife

Brenda Harvey-Richie was Lionel Richie’s first wife. The couple was married for a total of 13 years before breaking up after Lionel Richie’s affair with Diane Alexander became public.

He married Diane Alexander for the second time, and the two of them were married for a total of seven years. During the course of this time period, they struggled with a number of disagreements, which ultimately led to the end of this relationship in the year 2003.

His third marriage, which was the longest one, lasted for 18 years. Because he is at risk of contracting pandemic COVID-19 SOPs, he is currently being quarantined. Even though he has not tested positive, he is still following standard operating procedures (SOPs) in order to protect his immunity and his health.

Diane Alexander Net Worth

It is estimated that Diane Alexander has a net worth of somewhere around one million dollars. Both her reputation as a dancer and her skills as a designer contribute to the fact that she makes a living off of those two things.

In addition to this, she is a choreographer and a clothing designer. Her designs have been worn by a great number of well-known people, models, and actresses, including Beyonce Knowles-Carter. There is some speculation that she became a millionaire as a direct result of her divorce. At the moment, she is residing a life that is extremely opulent and glamorous.

Diane’s Daughter Sofia Richie

American model, social media influencer, and fashion designer Sofia Richie are best known for her work in the fashion industry. She is the youngest child of Nicole Richie and Lionel Richi and the sister of Miles Brockman Richie. Her parents are Diane Alexander and Lionel Richi.

She was born in Los Angeles, and she is currently pursuing a career in modeling, which allows her to enjoy a very luxurious lifestyle. When she was 15 years old, she made her modeling debut in the publication Teen Vogue.

In addition, there have been some controversies up to this point that has drawn her audience’s attention. Between the months of August and December 2016, she was in a relationship with Justin Bieber. Subsequently, she began dating Scott Disick.

Diane’ Son Miles Brockman Richie

Miles, Diane Alexander’s only son, was born on May 27, 1996, making him her second child overall.

Miles decided to pursue a career as a fashion model and made his debut on the runways of New York Fashion Week in the previous year.

In addition to that, he became a model after signing a contract with the illustrious Wilhelmina agency. In addition, he continued to be a part of the outrageous designs created by Philipp Plein. In addition, Miles participates in other activities, such as getting tattoos; for example, he has the names of his sisters and parents tattooed in a few different places on his body.

Diane at a Moment

She has removed herself from the public eye and prefers to lead a low-key existence since her divorce from Lionel. As of right now, she is not involved in any scandals or controversies of any kind.

On the other hand, she only spoke to the press due to the scandal involving her daughter Sofia Richie, who was seen dating Scott Disick. Kourtney Kardashian, a well-known actress and model in the United States, was previously married to the reality television star Scott Disick.

Diane Alexander Was A Dancer in Lionel Richie’s “Dancing On The Ceiling”

So how did Diane Alexander and Richie meet? Alexander appeared as a dancer in the music video for “Dancing on the Ceiling,” which was one of the most popular songs by Lionel Riche, and the song was also named after Alexander. Following its initial release in 1986, the song accomplished its greatest success by climbing to the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the United States. In addition, it finished in the top 10 in the countries of Sweden, Belgium, and Norway.

The music video for the song was also an enormous hit, and it featured some ground-breaking special effects for the time period of the 1980s in which it was produced. It is said that the making of the music video cost anywhere between $350,000 and $500,000, making it the most expensive production of a short-form music video at the time.

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