Cindy Landon – Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Weight, Bio

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A well-known fact about Cindy Clerico is that she was married to the late Michael Landon, an American actor, producer, and director best known for his role on the television show Bonanza. Michael, an actor, was well-known for his parts in a number of television shows, including Bonanza, Highway to Heaven, and Little House on the Prairie, among others.

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Cindy Clerico has been quite successful in her work thanks to her own efforts throughout the years. The following provides all the information regarding the life of Cindy Landon that you could possibly require.

Who is Cindy Landon?

Cindy Clerico was given birth to Cindy Landon on January 27, 1957, in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California, in the United States of America.

Cindy is an American citizen who also has Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. She was born in the United States. The details regarding her childhood and her family history have not been made public at this time.

In the film documentary Michael Lando: Memories with Laughter and Love, which was released in 1991, she made her debut appearance for the first time. In a similar fashion, she reprised a credit role in the film The Last Shot, which was released in 2004. Between the years 2012 and 2015, she appeared in episodes of The Eyes of Thailand and Unity as a guest star.

Cindy’s first job in the production industry was as a co-producer on the documentary Whaledreamers, which she worked on in 2006. In addition to that, she was the producer of the documentary After Kony: Staging Hope, which was released in 2011. The most recent project that Landon participated in was the production of the documentary called Sanctuary in 2016.

Cindy Clerico’s Relationship with Michael

At this time, Cindy does not have a boyfriend. On February 14, 1983, Cindy and Michael Landon, her long-term boyfriend and future husband, exchanged their wedding vows and officially became husband and wife. Also, the couple first became acquainted with one another while working on the set of the 1974 television series Little House on the Prairie, when Cindy was employed as a makeup artist.

Up until Michael’s passing, the couple enjoyed a contented and fulfilling life together. Unfortunately, Michael left this world in July of 1991. Jennifer Rachel Landon and Sean Matthew Landon are the couple’s two children together.

In terms of domestic partnerships, Michael tied the knot three times over the course of his life. To begin, between the years 1956 and 1962, he was married to Dodie Levy Fraser. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 1962, and they had two children together during their marriage.

In addition, Landon was married to Lynn Noe from the year 1963 till the year 1982. Before they split up in 1982, the couple was responsible for the birth of four children.

Last but not least, he committed his lifelong love and devotion to Cindy by marrying her and exchanging wedding vows with her.

Cindy Landon and Michael Landon’s Children

Cindy Landon has two children from her marriage to Michael, who has since passed away. In August of 1983, she gave birth to their daughter, who they called Jennifer Rachel. Two years later, in June of 1986, the couple became parents to a son who they named Sean Matthew.

Jennifer Landon, the couple’s daughter, is an actress best known for her role as Gwen Norbeck Munson in the CBS soap opera “As the World Turns” (2005-2010). For this performance, she was nominated for and won three Daytime Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Cindy Landon Age?

She was born in 1957, the same year that Michael Landon made his debut in the world. Her birthday is on January 27, and she will turn 65 years old after the year 2022. Her birthday is on January 27.

Cindy Landon Net Worth

Throughout the course of her productive work, Cindy Landon amasses a respectable sum of money. Even though Cindy has only been working professionally for a relatively short period of time, there is little question that she has a net worth that is in the six-figure range.

However, according to a number of publications found online, Cindy Landon is estimated to have a net worth of 1.5 million dollars. On the other side, it is reported that her late husband, Michael Landon, had a net worth of approximately $40 million at the time of his passing in 2013.

It is possible that her net worth is substantially greater than the amount that was previously disclosed. According to Forbes, Cindy listed the price of her Malibu Beach home at $18 million in 2018 when she decided to sell it.

A very long time ago, she paid $7.5 million for the purchase of her home.

“For some time now, the idea of making a shift in my life and relocating to a seaside town has been crossing my mind. When I first laid eyes on this home, I knew it was the one for me.

She was unable to move into the house right away because it required some necessary modifications. A well-known architect by the name of Doug Burdge was recruited to lend a hand with the undertaking. She was excited to move into the property as soon as the renovations were finished so that she could immediately take advantage of the breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean.

After some time had passed, she had a change of heart and decided that she did not want to give up her other property in Malibu. In that house, she had cherished memories of the good times she had shared with her late husband and her children.

“When it came time to move, I discovered I wasn’t ready to sell and move from the home that Michael and I built together—and where [our] children were raised,” she said. “I had every intention of moving into the home, but when the time came to move, I realized I wasn’t ready to do either.”

As a result of this, she asked her son to aid her in selling her home so that she wouldn’t have to. In her words:

“Although I will always have a special affinity for the home where I grew up, it is much easier for me emotionally to sell this property because it was my childhood home. I cannot express how thrilled I am to finally be selling it. Whoever ends up getting it is going to be very satisfied with it because the design and views are genuinely unmatched by anything else in the world.

She sold it the following year, 2019, for $15.7 million, which was $13 million less than what it was priced for the previous year, 2018.

Cindy Landon’s Charity Work

Cindy Landon is not only generous with her money but she is also involved with a number of other philanthropic organizations. She was given the title of Philanthropist of the Year in 2016 by the group Last Chance for Animals (LCA), which is a charitable organization.

Cindy is in charge of the family’s charitable organization, which is called the Michael and Cindy Landon Foundation, and she also holds the position of President. In addition to this, she is a strong supporter of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan).

How rich is she, as of now? Cindy Landon Net Worth and Assets

A prosperous career in the film industry and a portion of the jointly held fortune of over $40 million that belonged to Cindy Landon’s late spouse Michael Landon have contributed to her current net worth of more than $1.5 million. Michael Landon was Cindy Landon’s late husband. Her wealth also consists of assets such as a beach house that spans 6,900 square feet and an estate that spans 11 acres, both of which are situated in the city of Malibu in the state of California.

Early Life, Nationality, Ethnicity, Appearance

Cindy Landon’s formative years were spent in Los Angeles, the city of her birth and the place where she was raised by her parents. She is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent and holds American citizenship. Her nationality is that of the United States. Cindy is beautiful and has blue eyes and long blonde hair that has been colored.

Professional Career

After the passing of her husband, Cindy Landon made her first appearance in the video documentary “Michael Landon: Memories With Laughter And Love” in 1991. The film was directed by their son, Michael Landon Jr., and was titled “Michael Landon: Memories With Laughter And Love.” Cindy Landon’s first job in the film industry was as a professional make-up artist.

After that, she developed an interest in producing and contributed to the production of the romantic comedy “The Last Shot” (2004), written and directed by Jeff Nathanson. This was followed by her work as a co-producer on the documentary “Whaledreamers,” which was released in 2006. The next significant undertaking for Cindy was the production of the documentary “After Kony: Staging Hope,” which she worked on as an executive producer in 2011.

After that, she participated in the production of the documentary “The Eyes of Thailand” in 2012, which was directed by Windy Borman, and “Unity” in 2015, which was also directed by Windy Borman. Cindy produced the documentary titled “Sanctuary” the year after it was released, and most recently, in 2018, she served as an executive producer for the documentary titled “The Game Changers,” which was directed by Louie Psihoyos.

Charity Work

Cindy Landon is well-known for her work as a philanthropist, and she frequently volunteers her time with a variety of charity organizations. She was given the title of Philanthropist of the Year in 2016 by the group Last Chance for Animals (LCA), which is a charitable organization. Cindy is in charge of the family’s charitable organization, which is called the Michael and Cindy Landon Foundation, and she also holds the position of President. In addition to this, she is a strong supporter of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan).

Popularity through Marriage to Michael Landon, Death, Current Relationship Status

In 1981, while filming the television series “Little House on the Prairie,” on which she worked as a make-up artist and he acted, Cindy Landon met Michael Landon for the first time. Michael Landon was her husband at the time.

The couple eventually were married on February 14, 1983, and remained together until his death from pancreatic cancer in 1983. They had been married for over 30 years at the time of his passing. It would appear that she has not dated anyone since that time.

Michael Landon Short Wiki/Bio

Born Eugene Maurice Orowitz on October 31, 1936, in Forest Hills, New York City, United States of America, Eugene Maurice Orowitz, better known by his stage name Michael Landon, passed away on July 1, 1991, in Malibu, California, United States of America, at the age of 54. Evelyn was his younger sister, and his parents, Peggy O’Neill and Eli Maurice Orowitz were his biological parents. He was their son. He received his secondary education at Collingswood High.

Actor Michael Landon and wife Cindy Landon attend the Malibu Committee for Incorporation's 'The Tides of March' … | Michael landon, Besondere menschen, Schauspieler

Career Beginnings

Bob Raison, a local agent, observed Michael Landon while Landon was working as an attendant at a gas station. Raison was looking for Landon. After making his debut as Caspar Hauser in an episode of the CBS anthology drama series “Telephone Time” in 1956, he went on to play more serious roles in subsequent films. Therefore, he became known for his roles as Tony Rivers in the 1957 horror film “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” and as Tom Dooley in 1959 western “The Legend of Tom Dooley,” both of which were directed by Ted Post.

“Bonanza”, “Little House on the Prairie”, “Highway to Heaven”

Michael rose to fame after being selected to play Joseph “Little Joe” Cartwright in the western television series “Bonanza.” The series, which starred Michael alongside Dan Blocker, Lorne Greene, and Pernell Roberts, was broadcast on the NBC network from 1959 until 1973 and was the longest-running western in the history of the NBC network, with 14 seasons and 431 episodes.

Michael got the part of Charles Ingalls in the NBC western drama series “Little House On The Prairie,” which was televised from 1974 through 1983 and was based on the “Little House” books authored by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The series came to an end when it was announced that the series had concluded.

As a result of his performance in the role, he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the category of Best TV Actor – Drama. After that, he was given the role of Jonathan Smith in the fantasy drama series “Highway To Heaven,” which aired on NBC between the years 1984 and 1989. In the 1991 made-for-television picture “Us,” which was his final performance in the part of Jeff Hayes, he made his final appearance.


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