Becky Stanley, Charles Stanley’s Daughter, Net Worth $1 million and Personal Life

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Full NameRebecca L. Stanley
Date of Birth9 June 1961
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Age40 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
OccupationSales Associate
Mother’s NameAnna Johnson Stanley
Father’s NameCharles Frazier Stanley
SiblingsCharles Andrew Stanley

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Becky Stanley looks up to her father, Dr. Charles Stanley, in a variety of ways, but the most notable is his humility and his devotion to God. Her father serves as a source of motivation for her. He’s famous as the originator of the American evangelical ministry ‘in contact Ministries,’in addition to being a well-known Baptist. Her overall net worth is $1 million. click on this link to read about the Jennifer Aniston net worth.

Personal Life of Becky Stanley

Becky Stanley is married to John Brodersen, and they have a son together. Regrettably, no records on the early days of their dating are obtainable. They haven’t discovered the ideal date of their wedding ceremony, though. We are aware, but, that the pair formerly resided in Atlanta. they’re, however, presently living within the adorable town of Dallas, Texas.

becky stanley daughter of charles stanley | Charles stanley, Dr charles stanley, Pastor

Becky and John are the mother and father of 3 adult children. They welcomed three youngsters into their own family because of their partnership. Jonathan ‘Jon’ Brodersen is the call in their oldest infant. Following that, they welcomed a daughter named Annie Brodersen into their lives. Matthew Buser Brodersen is the call in their youngest youngster. Presently, the five-character circle of relatives is spending treasured time together.

Who exactly is this Charles Stanley, M.D.?

Dr. Charles Stanley is an esteemed pastor emeritus at the First Baptist Church in Georgia, which can be found in the state of Georgia. In addition to that, he was the senior pastor at the First Baptist Church for more than half a century.

He is an author, televangelist, and theologian in addition to being a pastor, and Atlanta, Georgia is his hometown. In addition, Stanley is the founder and leader of a ministry called In Touch Ministries, which is a television ministry that airs his books as well as his sermons.

In addition, Charles has served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention on more than one occasion. At this time, Dr. Charles does not have a partner. Anna Johnson Stanley was his wife beginning in 1958 and lasting until their divorce in the year 2000.

Where was Becky conceived and brought up?

On June 9th, 1961, either Stanley S. Brodersen or Becky S. Brodersen was born in the United States. Charles Stanley is her father, and her mother’s name was Anna Johnson Stanley, who passed away in November of 2014. Her name was inherited from her father.

She is the younger sister of Charles Andrew Stanley, better known as Andy Stanley, who is also a well-known preacher at North Point Ministries. Her older brother is named Charles Andrew Stanley. Her brother’s recognition as one of the ten most prominent living pastors in the United States is due to the work he has done in the ministry.

In the year 2000, her parents were on the verge of getting a divorce, which sparked a number of heated debates. In 1993, her mother submitted the initial paperwork for a divorce. They had been together for over forty years, and after hearing the news of their divorce, Stanley’s father, Charles Stanley, made the decision to step down from his position as a pastor.

In spite of this, Charles was selected with the backing of his ministers, and this will remain the case even if he never gets married again. Stanley is a citizen of the United States and is of white ethnicity. Gemini is her astrological sign of birth.

Physical appearance of Stanley

Fanatics like to recognise about the bodily popularity of their preferred celebrities. A celeb fixes a sensation through hairstyleattireand makeupor even weight, peak, eye coloration too. Becky Stanley is lovable. She is hugely fashionable among youngsters. She seems like a doll.

She is kind of 5 ft eight inches tall and weighs around 52 kg. She has a slim body. She has bright and glowing pores and skin. She has brown eyes and brown hair. She has lovable large eyes which look very spectacular and prolonged silky hair.


Becky attended and graduated from high school in her hometown to earn her diploma. After that, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Georgia, which is located in Athens, Georgia. On the other hand, Stanley pursued a completely different line of work.


Becky works in the real estate industry as a real estate agent. She decided to go in a different direction, in contrast to her older brother Andy Stanley, who did what their father did and followed in his footsteps. Since the month of November 2017, she has held the position of Sales Associate at the real estate company known as Allie Beth Allman & Associates.

Becky works as a sales representative. She has been with Allie Beth Allman and associates for around four years and holds the designation. She works for the enterprise as a real estate agent and enjoys keeping herself occupied. She had labored for numerous firms in numerous divisions together with customer supportleadership, and planning. She enjoys spending time on the Church, in which she participates in a variety of philanthropic sports.

Becky Stanley isn’t on any social media web sites. She is a personal individual who prefers to keep her personal lifestyles hidden from the public eye. She isn’t on social media systems like facebook, Instagram, or Twitter as a result of this.

Personal Life

Becky is a woman who is already married. She has found stability in her life by marrying a good Christian guy by the name of John Brodersen, and her new title is Ms. Becky Stanley Brodersen. The couple’s previous home was in Atlanta, but they have now relocated to the West Coast. She began her family in Atlanta, where she gave birth to her first son, Jonathan “Jon” Brodersen. She went on to have further children there, including a girl named Annie Brodersen and a son named Matthew Buser Brodersen. They presently call the Dallas area of Texas home.

Physical Description

In June of 2021, Becky Stanley celebrated her 60th birthday. She is a stunning woman who thrives on her own autonomy and has a lean physical form. Stanley has light brown hair, and his eyes are dark brown. We are in the dark about any other information regarding her body measurements at this time.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are two of Stanley’s favorite social media platforms. On Instagram, where users may interact with her through the handle @becky Brodersen real-estate, she has approximately 295 followers. On Facebook, she is friends with approximately 263 people.

Although a calculation of Becky Stanley’s net worth has not been completed as of yet, it is safe to say that she and her family are enjoying a prosperous life. As of the year 2021, it is predicted that her pastor father has a net worth of more than $1.5 million thanks to his career achievements. Her older brother, who is also a well-known pastor in the United States, possesses a net worth of $50 million as of the year 2021 and has this amount in his possession.

Stanley kids are the offspring of Charles and Anna

His two children with her are a daughter named Becky Stanley and a son named Andy Stanley. Becky Stanley is the only female in the Stanley family and the younger of the couple’s two daughters. Her parents are Anna and Charles Stanley. Even though her father is a well-known preacher, her late mother, Anna, was also a Bible teacher and singer. Anna passed away when her daughter was just a young child.

Andy Stanley, who is Becky’s older brother, followed in his father’s footsteps and became a preacher, fulfilling a lifelong goal of becoming a minister like his father. He established North Point Ministries, an evangelical congregation that is not affiliated with any one denomination and is located in the Atlanta area.

Rebecca L. Stanley alias Becky Stanley.

On June 9, 1961, Rebecca L. Stanley, better known by her nickname Becky Stanley, entered the world. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Georgia after growing up in Atlanta and completing her education there. Dallas, Texas is currently home for Becky and the rest of her family.

Becky Stanley has been employed by the real estate agency Allie Beth Allman & Associates as a sales associate ever since November 2017. Aside from that, Becky has previous experience working in a variety of companies, mostly in the roles of the customer service representative, strategy manager, and planner.

Additionally, Becky takes pleasure in participating in and going to religious services. Since she was a child, she has always had an interest in helping others, possibly since her father was a preacher.

Anna Stanley’s Memoir, which she wrote for her after she had passed away.

The couple’s youngest daughter, Becky, penned a brief autobiography about her mother, who I can only presume was her second favorite parent. Anna’s “gracious hospitality,” “her instinct to include people others would neglect,” and “her unashamed excitement to share Christ with anybody who would listen,” were a few of the qualities that the author praised in her writing about Anna.

Anna Stanley was an extremely sociable person, and she frequently hosted dinner parties for her guests. She hosted numerous dinner parties at which controversial subjects such as politics and religion were brought up for discussion.

She could locate the most unbelievable Bible text to back up any of her statements, despite the fact that her knowledge of the Bible was on par with that of her husband and that her memory was unmatched by anybody else.

The primary solace and support that Becky receives is her father

The bond between Becky Stanley and her father, Charles Stanley, is quite tight. In addition, when she was very little, her father, Charles Stanley, taught her how to pray and how to have faith in God. When Becky was a young child, she spent the majority of her time at home with her parents and other members of her extended family.

In an interview that she gave to The Christian Post in 2013, Becky described her upbringing as well as the impact that her father has had on both her and her children’s lives. Becky stated that she and her father maintain their connection because her father is their closest friend.

Additionally, camping was a frequent activity for the Stanley family. She also had a clear recollection of the weekends when she was a child and her family would spend time together watching movies and grilling hamburgers in the backyard.

Becky also discussed the manner in which her father instilled in her a reverence for God as well as essential Christian principles. In spite of his popularity, Becky portrayed her father as an unpretentious individual who had a strong faith in God and lived his life accordingly.

Becky lauded her father’s parenting skills and the way he interacted with her and her siblings, despite this one flaw. Charles is the first to confess that he has a positive relationship with all of his grandchildren. In addition to that, he imparts his wisdom, values, and ideals to his grandchildren.

The grandchildren of Becky Stanley have a close relationship with their grandfather, Charles Stanley, whom they refer to as Gips. Charles insisted on being called “Gramps,” but Becky’s eldest son, Jon, was unable to address him in that manner. It was the first time he identified him as Gips, and after that, he never forgot it.

Charles, Becky’s father, has been an excellent sounding board for her concerns and a strong pillar of support throughout the years as her children have grown older. Additionally, Charles adores every one of his grandchildren.

She always contacts him and continues to contact him for various parenting concerns. In response, he listens patiently to her concerns and prays with her over the phone on a number of occasions.

As she became older, Becky Stanley realized the importance of setting objectives and working toward them with the help of God. Becky also mentioned that she still has a stack of cards with Bible texts and aspirations written on them. Becky has a stack of cards with Bible verses and aspirations written on them.

The amount of money owned by Becky Stanley.

The money that Becky Stanley makes comes from the real estate business that she works in. Because of the success of her job, Stanley has earned a substantial amount of wealth, and she and her family most likely lead a life of luxury as a result of this wealth.

Unfortunately, the particulars of her professional earnings and net worth, such as they are, are still unknown at this time. Because of this, it is impossible to estimate her net worth as of the year 2021.

Are Becky Stanley and John Stanley Married?

Becky Stanley is not a single woman because she has a husband. She got married to the man she loved, John Broderson, in a low-key ceremony attended by his father, who was there to show his support. Her husband, Dr. Charles Stanley, walked her down the aisle and later officiated the wedding of her daughter.

In addition to this, she has been married to her husband, John Brodersen, for more than twenty years, and the two of them are quite much in love with one another. The city of Atlanta served as the setting for the beginning of the couple’s courtship, but they ultimately decided to make their home on the west coast.

After being married for a few years, the pair made the decision to set up housekeeping in the city of Dallas in the state of Texas. The couple has been together for twenty years and throughout that time they have managed to have three children.

As of right now, Jonathan Brodersen Jr., who is the oldest child, has reached the age of 30. Matthew Brodersen, the family’s youngest son, is only 27 years old, and Annie Brodersen, the family’s second-born female, is 29 years old at this point.


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