Mia Tomlinson Biography, Celebrity Facts and Awards

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Mia Tomlinson hails from a very creative family that has always been very interested in art. Her father is the best photographer and director who has worked on advertising campaigns for high-end clients like Samsung, Porsche, Mercedes, Jil Sander, and Issey Miyake, among others. Additionally, her mother, her grandmother, and her sister are all visual artists.

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Mia Tomlinson’s bio 

Mia Tomlinson is a well-known English actress, writer, and director who has been in the show The Lost Pirate Kingdom, which can be seen streaming on Netflix. In addition to that, she has been on stage in productions such as “The Funny Girls.” Tomlinson spent his entire childhood in the city of London, which is located in England.

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Mia Tomlinson's biography: age, height, measurements, movies - Legit.ng

She was born to the photographer Nichole Rees and the visual artist Marcus Tomlinson. Her mother is also a photographer. Her father is widely recognized as an innovator in the field of digital filmmaking. He has collaborated with a variety of well-known fashion designers, including Koji Tatsuno, Hussein Chalayan, and Philip Treacy, among others.

Ray and Sadie are the names of the actress’s two younger siblings. Tomlinson is presently involved romantically with a man whose name is Mathew and he works in the culinary industry.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Mia Tomlinson 
  • Gender: Female 
  • Birthday: 31 May 1995 
  • Age: 26 years old (as of 2021)
  •  Zodiac sign: Gemini 
  • Place of birth: London, England, United Kingdom 
  • Current residence: London, England, UK 
  • Nationality: British 
  • Ethnicity: White 
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Sensuality: Straight 
  • Height in feet: 5’3″ 
  • Height in centimeters: 160 
  • Hair color: Brown 
  • Eye color: Hazel 
  • Father: Marcus Tomlinson 
  • Mother: Nichole Rees 
  • Siblings: 2 
  • Relationship status: Dating 
  • Partner: Mathew 
  • Education: King’s College London 
  • Profession: Actress, director, writer, producer

When is Mia Tomlinson’s birthday? 

The 31st of May is the day that the actress honors her birthday. She has not disclosed the year that she entered the world. On the other hand, based on this post from 2019 in which she wished her closest buddy a happy 24th birthday, it seems reasonable to believe that she was born in 1995. As a result, Mia Tomlinson will be 26 years old when the year 2021 rolls around.


Mia graduated from King’s College London, where she studied English and French. 


Mia’s work in the show Lost the Pirate Kingdom, which is broadcast on Netflix, is arguably what has brought her the most attention professionally. In addition to this, she has been in a number of other television shows and theatre performances, including “The Beast Must Die.” Her performance in The Lost Pirate Kingdom was her first major part in front of the camera, and it was the one that launched her career.

The fictional story of The Lost Pirate Kingdom is loosely based on actual events that took place in the Caribbean Sea during the 18th century and can be traced back to the time period. Tomlinson’s Anne Bonny is remarkable for being one of the few female pirates who were active during the Golden Age of Piracy. Bonny was portrayed by Tomlinson, who also plays the character.

Mia’s character was purportedly an illegitimate child that was born in Kinsale, which is located in County Cork, Ireland, in the year 1697, according to a number of different accounts. This birth took place in the year 1697. Her father practiced law for many years. The show is comprised of six episodes, and each one focuses on a different aspect of Mia’s life. Despite the fact that she frequently portrays people who are of Irish heritage on-screen, Tomlinson is not genuinely of Irish descent herself. Both English and Welsh ancestry can be found in her family tree.

Mia Tomlinson's biography: age, height, measurements, movies - Legit.ng

Mia’s character was purportedly an illegitimate child that was born in Kinsale, which is located in County Cork, Ireland, in the year 1697, according to a number of different accounts. This birth took place in the year 1697. Her father practiced law for many years. The show is comprised of six episodes, and each one focuses on a different aspect of Mia’s life. Despite the fact that she frequently portrays people who are of Irish heritage on-screen, Tomlinson is not genuinely of Irish descent herself. Both English and Welsh ancestry can be found in her family tree.

Not so long ago, the actress who is best known for her role as Anne Bonny made a guest appearance in the play The Funny Girls. Roy Smiles’s play “Young Starlets” is a work of fiction that imagines a meeting between Barbara Streisand and Joan Rivers when they were young, before either of them became famous. The meeting takes place before each of them achieved their respective levels of success. In this production, Mia plays the role of Joan Rivers.

When questioned about her performance as Joan, the actor responded as follows when asked about her role: “I love Joan Rivers, so I came to this thinking ‘it’s an exciting challenge, just go for it.'” I have never been at a loss for things to write about Joan because she has published autobiographies and there is so much film of her; nevertheless, it is difficult to portray her life on stage due to the fact that there is so much video of her.

Since I don’t resemble her in the slightest, I’m curious to know why you believe that someone else is channeling Joan’s spirit or duplicating her appearance. My standard line of inquiry is, “What do you think Joan would have done in this situation?” If she were to happen to be watching, do you think she’d be satisfied with the way I’ve depicted her?

Mia has worked on a freelance basis as a director and a treatment artist for a wide range of clients, some of which include Samsung, VISA, and Nike, amongst others. She attributed her entire knowledge base and skill set to the fact that her father was an excellent teacher.

In her professional profile, Tomlinson noted that she began assisting her father in the family business at a young age and experimenting with a range of applications. This is something that she did at an early age. The father and daughter duo collaborated on the short film that Mia had written and directed, and it was titled “Je Vis, Je Meurs.” According to the information provided on the actress’s IMDB page, she is credited for two separate performances in her career. The following is a complete listing of all of Mia Tomlinson’s guest appearances that she has made on a variety of different television shows:

  • Anne Bonny and the Quest for the Lost Pirate Kingdom (2021)
  • The Beast Is Destined to Perish (2020-2021) – Lena

Tomlinson made a cameo appearance in The Illusionist playing the role of Young Sophie. [5] She played the role of Jas in the movie Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, which was aimed at a young audience. [6] Tomlinson portrayed Kirsten in the Pro Sieben international production of Hepzibah – Sie holt Schlaf, which also starred David Bamber and was directed by Robert Siegel. The production was staged in Germany.

Tomlinson went on to play Eve, an alien, in “The Mad Woman in the Attic,” episodes three and four of Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, in 2009. She also portrayed Fiona Chataway in the film Alice in Wonderland, which debuted in theatres on March 5, 2010, and went on to play the role of Alice in the film.

She played the role of Xenia in Gabriele Salvatores’ film Siberian Education, which was released in 2013.

Tomlinson was ultimately chosen to play Princess Isabelle in Bryan Singer’s 2013 film Jack the Giant Slayer, which she did after an exhaustive hunt for the role. In the 2013 episode of Agatha Christie’s Poirot titled “The Labours of Hercules,” she also made an appearance playing the role of Alice Cunningham.

In 2013, she had starring roles in the television series The White Queen as the character Lady Isabel Neville and in the BBC version of Death Comes to Pemberley as the character Georgiana Darcy. In the television series Poldark which aired on BBC One from 2015 through 2019, she played the role of Demelza Poldark.

According to the “Radio Times TV 100” list for 2018, Tomlinson came in at position number 56. This list is reported to be decided by television executives and seasoned broadcasting professionals.

In the 2019 BBC television series The War of the Worlds, which was based on the novel of the same name by H.G. Wells, she appeared as Amy, a part that was enlarged from that of the wife of the book’s narrator. The novel was written by H.G. Wells. In 2021, she had the role of Lady Gabby in the BBC television comedy-drama The Outlaws, which was written by Stephen Merchant and Elgin James.

What are Mia Tomlinson’s measurements? 

Mia Tomlinson is 170 centimeters or 5 feet, 3 inches tall (160 cm). Mia Tomlinson is an English actress, producer, and writer who came to prominence for her role in the documentary drama series The Lost Pirate Kingdom. Tomlinson is most recognized for her work in this series. She has also produced and starred in her own short film titled “Je Vis, Je Meurs,” which she also acted in.

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Daisy Tomlinson was born on March 23, 2004, in Doncaster, England, United Kingdom, and she is presently residing in Doncaster, England, United Kingdom, with her family.

Both of her parents have unique names; Daniel Deakin is her father, while Johannah Poulston is her mother.

She is also the younger sister of two older sisters who go by the names Félicité and Charlotte. Her twin sister’s name is Phoebe Tomlinson. And gave birth to a second set of identical twins, this time naming them Ernest and Doris. Daisy Tomlinson is a well-known Instagram celebrity who rose to the top of the platform by gaining a significant amount of fame through the publication of images on her account accompanied by motivational remarks and reels. She currently has a large number of followers on Instagram (the World’s most popular Photo and Video sharing Social Media Platform).

She primarily shares photos from her modeling gigs, which typically include her wearing bikinis and other gorgeous clothing while striking original postures. She became famous for her outstanding performance on Instagram.

She has more than 1.4 million people following her Instagram handle (@the.daisytomlinson) as of the month of July 2021.

And while we’re here, let’s discuss the typical number of likes that her Instagram posts receive: their likes range anywhere from 100 to 150 thousand, though they can be fewer or more.

As you are probably aware, Daisy Tomlinson is another renowned YouTuber. She began her journey on YouTube on December 9, 2015, and she released her first video on the same day. Despite the fact that she joined YouTube on the same day, she published her video on December 9.

On YouTube, she has been active for about five years, and most of the videos she posts there are photoshoots and personal vlogs. Additionally, she currently has more than 35,000 people subscribed to her channel on YouTube.

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