Ashley Reeves Fought Her Life 3 Times For The Same Incident (Updated)

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The Ashley Reeves tale is primarily based on the tremendous actual story of a teenage lady who needed to war for her lifestyle three times; first in the woods, then inside the hospital, and sooner or later in court.

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Who’s Ashley Reeves?

17-year-old Ashley Reeves changed into a high faculty junior who turned into a dwelling in Millstadt, a village in Illinois, along with her parents and younger sister Casey. She turned into doing nicely in college, had many friends, and even a boyfriend named Jeremy, who turned into loved by her parents.

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Ashley was eagerly awaiting graduation. Little did she understand that just a yr before she was set to walk across the level, Ashley could revel in the incredible and stay to tell her tale.

What happened to Ashley Reeves?

On Thursday, April 27, 2006, Ashley instructed her dad and mom she become go to an activity interview in Fairview Heights, a town about 20 minutes away from Millstadt. Ashley instructed her dad and mom she would play basketball and become a basketball player after the interview and might be home by her 10 pm curfew.

Ashley Reeves Fought Her Life 3 Times For The Same Incident (Updated)

Ashley Reeves carried a change of garments and left for the interview at three:30 pm in Jeremy’s automobile, which she had borrowed for the day.

Via 10:30 pm, curfew had come and was long gone, yet there was no sign of Ashley. Her mom, Michelle, asked her youngest daughter Casey if she had spoken to Ashley, but Casey said she hadn’t heard from her sister all day.

Michelle and Casey called Ashley numerous times and left a couple of textual content messages, but she by no means replied, unlike her.

Following her intestine experience that something had long gone wrong, Michelle referred to as St. Clair County Sheriff’s workplace.

In the beginning, officials have been certain Ashley become out along with her friends and had lost song of the time, however, eight hours into the investigation, they observed Jeremy’s automobile abandoned in Laderman Park, Belleville, 15 minutes away from Ashley’s home.

Investigators observed Ashley’s bag within the vehicle, which contained the garments she would have worn had she long passed to play basketball.

Ashley Reeves Fought Her Life 3 Times For The Same Incident (Updated)

Detectives fast found out this wasn’t a standard case of a rebellious teen resisting her parents’ strict curfew; this turned into a lacking character investigation, and time become of the essence.

Detectives added Jeremy in for thinking given that he turned into Ashley’s boyfriend and it became the automobile she had been driving, however, they fast understood he become no longer worried about her disappearance.

Jeremy instructed detectives he had to allow Ashley to borrow his automobile to visit a process interview followed by using a basketball game.

Detectives wondered why Ashley would play basketball at a park up to now far away from her home while there was one proper in her neighborhood.

unless she became meeting someone.

While detectives inched closer to the search for Ashley, Michelle called the telephone organization; because Ashley turned into simplest 17, her telephone become her mother’s call. She changed into being able to get access to her phone data detailing all of her incoming and outgoing calls.

Michelle went through the records and realized there have been several calls from one specific variety. Michelle referred to as the quantity and related with 26-12 months-old Samson Shelton.

Michelle requested Samson if he had seen or heard from Ashley. He said no, and before she should query why he changed into speaking along with her teenage daughter, he suddenly hung up the smartphone.

Luckily, Ashley kept her buddies up to date on her private lifestyle, and what they told detectives sent chills down Michelle’s spine.

In line with Ashley’s friends, she turned romantically involved with an older man. the two might frequently gather to play basketball collectively, and Ashley had plans to satisfy him the day she went missing.

That guy turned into Samson Shelton.

Samson was a driver’s ed teacher and health club teacher at a close-by high school. He turned into also a pro wrestler on the facet. Unsurprisingly, his nickname becomes “The instructor.”

A number of Samson’s woman students referred to him because of the “cute” teacher; others idea he become extraordinary and a piece complete of himself.

Detectives located that Samson became Ashley’s teacher in 2001 whilst she was in the seventh grade. they’d reconnected in February 2006,  months earlier than she went missing.

They regularly met in Belleville, wherein Samson lived together with his mother and grandmother, near Laderman Park, in which detectives discovered Jeremy’s abandoned automobile.

It became now Friday, April 28, and Ashley have been missing for an entire night time. Michelle was conquered with pain as demanding thoughts crossed her mind: became Ashley cold? Was she harmed? Become she suffering?

Detectives went to the excessive school in which Samson worked and took him in for questioning. Nearly quick, they knew he become involved in Ashley’s disappearance.

before everything, Samson saved a cool and calm mindset; he become pleasant, well-mannered or even cooperative with the research. However, as detectives exposed increasingly more of his deceptions, the truth started to spill out of his mouth.

Whilst questioned about his courting with Ashley, Samson said the two had been simply buddies who rarely met to play basketball.

Samson maintained his relationship with Ashley was strictly platonic, but whilst faced with statements from Ashley’s friends that their relationship became romantic and sensual, he changed his story in a desperate try and victimize himself.

Samson told detectives Ashley had turned out to be fascinated by him. He painted the photograph of an obsessed teenager with a crush who referred to him at all hours of the day and night. Samson stated he have been warding off Ashley for days, hoping she would go away from him on her own.

Numerous hours into the interrogation, Samson showed that no longer handiest did he have intercourse together with his former pupil, however, he become with Ashley on April 27, the day she went lacking.

Consistent with Samson, he became used when he was given into an argument with Ashley. He desired to give up the relationship, but Ashley got dissatisfied and started screaming at him. He pulled over loose Ashley’s seatbelt and advised her to get out of the auto. while she resisted, he pulled her out and left her on the side of the road.

Samson insisted Ashley become still alive while he remaining saw her, that there has been no manner he would have harmed her due to the fact he had a ‘very vulnerable belly.‘

Samson stated he cared for Ashley and turned into simply as worried for her nicely-being as her circle of relatives, but would someone who cared for another drop them stranded at the aspect of the road in the dark?

Phone facts showed Samson in no way even tried to name Ashley afterward to peer if she become safe. rather, he went to a nearby united states bar and danced the nighttime away.

Samson’s story had changed so normally. Detectives did not agree with a word he said. They pleaded for him to tell the truth; Ashley had now been lacking for almost thirty hours, and time become jogging out.

It turned into only while detectives noted the frustration Samson’s grandmother might experience in the direction of his moves that he began to cry.

12 hours into the interrogation, Samson defined in cold and demanding detail exactly what he had finished to Ashley and in which he had left her to die.

In step with Samson’s videotaped confession, he didn’t simply pull Ashley out of his car and depart her at the aspect of the street. The part-time pro wrestler put the teenager in a chokehold and dragged her out of his vehicle. He then heard a noisy pop, and Ashley went limp.

Realizing he had snapped her neck, Samson panicked and pulled her into the woods, where he strangled her with his naked arms. whilst he found out Ashley turned into nevertheless breathing, he strangled her again with his belt.

With the use of his foot for leverage, Samson positioned the belt around Ashley’s neck and pulled as hard as he may want to till the belt snapped.

After the belt broke, Samson choked Ashley a third and final time together with his fingers earlier than starting up and leaving her to die on the cold hard ground deep within the woods.

Following his confession, Samson agreed to guide detectives to Ashley’s frame in residents Park, a 45-acre park in Belleville placed handiest 12 minutes far from Ashley’s domestic.

But, it had rained throughout the nighttime, and when they arrived at the park, Samson could not do not forget precisely in which he had left Ashley.

Armed with flashlights, detectives frantically searched at some stage in the woods for thirty mins. As they commenced to impeach whether or not it become all a trick by using Samson, they finally saw Ashley. She turned into mendacity on her lower back; her arms had been up to her chest. Her tongue become protruding from her mouth, and loads of insect bites protected her frame.

As the unhappiness of being not able to keep Ashley in time washed over detectives, her palms all at once moved. Then, her chest commenced to upward thrust. Ashley becomes alive.

Miraculously, after being attempted three times to strangle almost to death and left inside the bloodless for over thirty hours, Ashley had survived.

EMTs rushed to the scene and transported her to the nearby sanatorium, where she become placed into a brought about coma.

Detectives knew the importance of the primary 48 hours and wasted no time in the search for the lacking teenager. Had they now not been capable of persuading Samson to lead them to her, it’s far notably unlikely Ashley might were discovered in time.

Samson become arrested and charged with first-diploma attempted murder.

As he became taken into custody, Samson requested a personal bathroom. He stated he suffered from a urinary stress sickness and might be ‘depressing’ if he becomes pressured to urinate in front of others. His request turned directly denied.

Samson proved to be a real narcissist who showed no empathy and no guilt for his moves. Regardless of his particular confession and the reality that he led detectives to Ashley, he pleaded no longer responsible and by no means apologized to her.


What befell Narcissists Samson Shelton Then?

Shockingly, Samson was released on bail and located on residence arrest; a person who had snapped a youngster’s neck, strangled her three instances, and left her useless deep within the woods was allowed to stay in the consolation of his personal home for a whole yr as he expected trial.

Simply before Samson faced charges of attempted murder in the courtroom, his mom Susan phoned the police stating he had attempted to commit suicide by ingesting a concoction of various prescription pills and alcohol.

When deputies and emergency responders arrived at Samson’s home, they discovered him seemingly unconscious with the words, ‘do now not resuscitate‘ written on his chest.

As EMTs attempted to restore Samson, he all at once became alert and started out attacking them with punches. He changed into then transported to the local hospital, where he allegedly made racial slurs closer to a nurse and kicked her inside the face.

The judge presiding over Ashley’s case wondered about Samson’s intellectual state, but prosecutors believed his suicide strive became just a way for him to advantage empathy from potential jurors.

A month later, a psychiatrist determined Samson turned into mentally able to stand trial. nevertheless, Ashley’s circle of relatives determined they did no longer want her to go through a retelling of the frightening assault she had suffered on April 27 and signed off on a plea deal. Samson ordinary the plea deal and became sentenced to 20 years in jail. in step with the Illinois branch of Corrections, his projected parole date is April 22, 2024.


Where is Ashley Reeves Now?

Ashley made a not possible restoration. even though she couldn’t take into account the day Samson tried to take her life, Ashley refused to permit his offensive moves to prevent her from pleasing her dreams.

A few months after the attack, the noticeably strong and courageous teen had relearned how to talk, devour and drink. 12 months later, she graduated from high faculty and began volunteering at a violence prevention middle.

These days, Ashley is 32 and has children.

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