Antonia Gentry’s Age, Birthday, Height, Family, Bio

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The part of Virginia “Ginny” Miller in the series Ginny & Georgia, which can be found on Netflix, is the one that has brought her the most fame as an actress in the United States. Ginny & Georgia can be found on Netflix. The Antonia Gentry family has a net worth of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars as of the year 2022.

Antonia Gentry is a well-known actress, and some of her most famous roles include Candy Jar and Ginny & Georgia. However, she is also recognized for the role she played in Raising Dion (2019-2022). (2018). Antonia was born in the year 1997, and she spent her childhood in the city of Atlanta, which is located in the state of Georgia in the United States. In the year 2022, Antonia Gentry will have completed her 25th year on this planet.

The following provides additional details about Antonia Gentry, should you require them. This article will provide some illumination on a variety of topics, including but not limited to Antonia Gentry’s biography, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, controversies, caste, height, weight, rumors, and other facts that are less well known.

In the industry of American acting, Antonia Gentry is a brilliant and well-known personality who works. She is one of the actors who is currently active. As an actress, she has a well-established professional reputation. She was brought into the world on September 30th, 1997, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, which is situated in the United States.

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At the age of 24, she has already established herself as one of the most daring, vivacious, self-assured, and sophisticated actresses. Her career-defining turn as Jasmine in the romantic comedy film “Candy Jar” is largely responsible for bringing her to the attention of the general public as well as the media. Antonia has always been interested in the performing arts ever since she was a young girl.

She was able to garner the attention of a very large number of people as a result of her decision to turn her hobby into a profession. Ginny, the character she plays in “Ginny & Georgia,” the most-watched series on Netflix, is largely responsible for her success as an actress. “Ginny & Georgia” is available to stream on Netflix. In 2021, she was also honored with a trophy bestowed by MTV Movies and Television for her work in the ground-breaking film Ginny and Georgia.

Antonia is fluent in a wide variety of languages, including Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, French, German, and Russian, amongst others. Her command of the English language is remarkable. In a similar vein, she is one of the American actresses who possess a diverse set of skills and abilities. In addition, her biography can be found on both Wikipedia and the website of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Early Life and Bio

Full NameAntonia Bonea Gentry
Birth Date / AgeSeptember 25, 1997 / 24 Years Old
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia, USA
Source of WealthActing
Relationship StatusDating Ezra Pounds
Height5 ft. 1 in. / 155 cm.
Net Worth$250,000

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How tall is Antonia Gentry? - Antonia Gentry: 11 facts about the Ginny & Georgia... - PopBuzz

Antonia Bonea Gentry’s parents, Tony and Sandra, welcomed their first child into the world in September of 1997 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Her white American father is originally from the United States, while her black Jamaican mother was born there.

Antonia had a dream of becoming an actress ever since she was just five years old. In point of fact, her initial exposure to the trade was gained through the performance of roles in plays penned by her mother at the family’s local community theater.

In terms of her formal education, Gentry received her training in the performing arts at the John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School in Augusta, Georgia, where she was enrolled.

After that, she decided to pursue a degree in drama at Emory University. During her time there, she was a member of the Rathskeller Comedy Improv Group, which was the improv comedy group at the school. It is remarkable that Gentry was able to maintain a part-time job in addition to attending college full-time and balancing the acting roles that she was receiving at the time.

Antonia Gentry Net Worth and Career

Gentry appeared in a public service announcement titled Driver’s Ed: Tales from the Street as well as a short film titled Lone Wolf Mason while he was still a student. In point of fact, she got her big break the very same week that she graduated from college.

Just prior to landing the part of Ginny Miller, Gentry appeared in an episode of the Netflix series Raising Dion and in the film Candy Jar, both of which are available on Netflix. She also had a role in the film.

Ginny Miller, the character that Gentry played in the internet sensation Ginny & Georgia, is without a doubt the role for which she is best known. Notably, she was awarded the “breakthrough performance of the year” prize at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Netflix made the announcement in April 2021 that 52 million subscribers had watched the first season of the series within the first 28 days after it was made available.

Pan’s Labyrinth and The Pianist are two of Gentry’s favorite movies, which is not surprising given that she enjoys watching films with a more artistic tone.

In addition, the upcoming actress enjoys singing, playing the piano, and spending time with her beloved pet cat named Buttersworth.

Antonia Gentry Instagram and Twitter

At this time, the actress’s Instagram account has a following of 1.8 million people. Along those lines, as of the year 2022, Gentry has accumulated 17,400 followers on Twitter.

Personal Life

Since March 2022, Gentry has made his home in Los Angeles, California, widely regarded as the entertainment mecca of the world.

In addition to this, Antonia has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which has increased the amount of exposure she receives.

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When it came to her romantic life, Gentry started dating Ezra Pounds when she was still a student in high school. They have stayed together all these years and appear to be just as content as they were when they first got together.

Additionally, Gentry is very good at picking up new languages and learning them quickly. It is unknown how many languages she is currently conversant in, but she is capable of holding a conversation in a number of different tongues.

Antonia Gentry Net Worth

The figure of $250,000 that Antonia Gentry currently has in her net worth is only going to go up in the years to come. The actress was just recently recognized by Forbes as one of the “30 Under 30” in the industry of Hollywood and Entertainment.

In addition to this, she is currently in the middle of filming a movie called Time Cut, which is being described as a modern hybrid of the films Back to the Future and Scream.

Antonia Gentry: Age, Family, Education, Zodiac Sign

Antonia Gentry is one of the brilliant and well-known personalities working in the field of American acting. She is known professionally as an actress. She is one of the daring, vivacious, self-assured, and sophisticated actresses who is 24 years old. When it comes to her family, her mother is from Jamaica, while her father is from the United Kingdom. However, there is no information about their name can be found. According to the information found on Wikipedia, she is her parents’ only child who is a daughter. She is an only child and has no brothers or sisters.

Her long-term partner, the well-known musician Ezra Pounds, is the person she has been seeing recently. These two have been together for a combined total of eight years, and it shows that they look adorable together. At the John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School in Augusta, Georgia, Antonia pursued her education in the field of drama.

After that, she went on to pursue a degree in drama at Emory University. At Emory University, Antonia participated in the comedy improv group that was offered through the school. While also attending college full-time, Antonia maintained a full-time acting career while also maintaining a part-time job. She was born in the United States of America, and her astrological sign is Libra.

Antonia Gentry: Net Worth and Salary

In 2021, one of the most renowned American actresses, Antonia Gentry, was honored with the MTV Movies and Television award for the outstanding performance she delivered in the role of Ginny in Ginny and Georgia. Antonia is estimated to have a net worth anywhere between $1 Million and $3 Million as of the year 2021, when speaking about her wealth.

Antonia Gentry: Movies and TV shows

Antonia is a well-known and versatile actress in the film industry. She has a lot of fans. She began her career on the silver screen by giving outstanding performances in a number of well-known films and television shows before making her debut on the big screen. She also began her career by appearing in supporting roles at the very beginning of her career. On the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), a biography of Antonia Gentry can also be found.

Antonia has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows over the course of her career. Among them are Ginny and Georgia (which will premiere in 2021), Candy Jar (which debuted in 2018), Lone Wolf Mason, Driver’s Ed: Tales from the Street, PSA Don’t Text and Drive Pay Attention, and a number of other programs, among others.


Antonia Gentry is one of the brilliant and well-known personalities working in the field of American acting. She is known professionally as an actress.

As of the year 2021, it is estimated that her net worth is anywhere from $1 Million to $3 Million. This is in reference to her net worth.

Her long-term partner, the well-known musician Ezra Pounds, is the person she has been seeing recently.

According to the information found on Wikipedia, she is her parents’ only child who is a daughter. She is an only child and has no brothers or sisters.

Antonia is the owner of her own official accounts on various social media platforms, including Tiktok.

Antonia Gentry FAQ

What exactly is Antonia Gentry’s age?

On September 25th of each year, the birthday of the actress is honored with a party. Due to the fact that Gentry was born in 1997, she is expected to turn 25 years old in the autumn of 2022.

What is Antonia Gentry’s height like?

According to the information provided, Gentry has a height of roughly five feet and one inch and weighs close to one hundred pounds. To put it another way, she has an approximate height of 155 centimeters and a weight of 45 kilograms.

In real life, is Antonia Gentry a mixed-race person?

She does come from a mixed-race background as her father is of white American descent, and her mother is of black descent.

Who does Antonia Gentry date?

Since 2019, she has been in a relationship with the well-known composer Ezra Pounds.

In what films has Antonia Gentry appeared?

She has had roles in a number of films, such as Candy Jar, Lone Wolf Mason, and PSA Don’t Text and Drive Pay Attention, amongst others.

Which shows does Antonia Gentry appear in currently?

Antonia has made guest appearances on a number of different television shows, some of which include Ginny and Georgia, Locke and Key, and Virgin River.

Are Felix and Antonia seeing each other as a couple?

They are not dating because Felix already has a girlfriend. Sorry!

In the series Ginny and Georgia, how old is Antonia Gentry?

She is 15 years old and has a maturity level that surpasses that of both Ginny and Georgia, her mother.

Who can tell me how old Antonia Gentry is?

As of the year 2022, Antonia Gentry will have turned 25 years old.

When did Antonia Gentry make her debut?

On September 25th, 1997, Antonia Gentry entered the world.

Can you tell me how much Antonia Gentry weighs?

Approximately 45 kilograms is what Antonia weighs in at.

What is Antonia Gentry’s height like?

She stands at a height that is considered to be average at 5 feet and 1 inch.

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