Unghetto Mathieu Net Worth | Height & Girlfriend

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What is Unghetto Mathieu Net Worth? Is Unghetto Mathieu dating?

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Georgia-born Unghetto Mathieu is a native of Covington. He is well recognized for his Happy Trap aesthetic and his technically perfect dancing moves, which helped him land a seat on one of the most popular US entertainment teams.

His optimistic trap sound has given the darker aspect of trap life new life and given the rap subgenre a fresh perspective.

Unghetto Mathieu Net Worth: Height, Age, Real Name & Career

Rapper Unghetto Mathieu has amassed a social media following of around 2 million users and growing. Unghetto Mathieu has amassed 189 million video views on YouTube thanks to his sultry dance moves, witty sense of humor, and excellent sound.

But is Unghetto Mathieu more than simply a high-energy rapper with a precise style? We’ll soon find out.

The Origin Story

Mathieu Mayumba, better known by his stage name Unghetto Mathieu, was born in Covington, Georgia, on January 20, 2000.

Joshua, Carmel, and Gloria are Mayumba’s three siblings, and their mother reared the four of them.

Mayumba, whose ancestry can be traced to the African nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which will rank as the fifth poorest nation in the world in 2021, grew born in squalor but with many advantages that his parents never experienced.

Unghetto Mathieu had the privilege of dancing, to begin with. The energetic and young Unghetto Mathieu joined Team NueEra, commonly known as NueEra Boyz, through dancing.

The dance group later added hip-hop music to their repertoire and established their own record label after making appearances in the official music videos of rap legends like Young Thug and Gucci Mane.

Unghetto Mathieu was also able to find employment to support his family; he spent several years working at the neighborhood Dollar General as he pursued a career in rap.

Young Mathieu Mayumba learned the value of hustling from his parents’ work ethic, who had immigrated to the US.

His own hard work propelled him to celebrity status very fast when he broke into the rap industry.


On social media, Mathieu has a lot of connections with women. Particularly among fans, rumors have circulated regarding his relationships with a number of well-known Instagram models.

However, Mathieu Mayumba has only publicly acknowledged his relationship with Asia Pitts. In 2020, the two started dating and made it Instagram official. However, by October of the same year, Mathieu announced that he had broken up with her.

He also requested that his admirers stop worrying about Asia and stop bugging him about it. Unghetto has previously revealed in interviews that he had cheated on a girlfriend—he didn’t specify which one—and that he once dated two women concurrently.

Additionally, he said that when he was barely 20 years old, he had slept with a woman who was older than 30.

A Steep Climb to the Top

In 2019, Mayumba was employed by Dollar General. He had previously signed up to dance with Team NueEra, but the gigs weren’t paying enough for him to give up his job stocking shelves in a shop.

Despite having no other plans and a strong desire to see his music career success, he nonetheless decided to leave. Just get your songs out there, his manager advised him as a parting piece of advice.

He published his popular song, “Let U Go,” under the alias “Unghetto Mathieu,” which he choose since he is proud to be neither ghetto nor his name, Mathieu. At the age of 15, Mathieu began gaining a following on social media and was met with a positive response.

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His fan base had increased as a result of his numerous collaborations with his older brother, the dancer and comic King Imprint, and their smooth dances to well-known songs like Desiigner’s Panda and iLoveMemphis’ Hit The Quan. As a self-employed musician, he has also posted a few mixtapes and singles on SoundCloud.

He began with a remix of My Sh-t, which by 2022 had received 320k plays. The most successful song in Unghetto Mathieu’s career thus far would be Let U Go.

The 2019 anthem garnered over a million Spotify streams, earned him a record deal with Epic Records, and established him with Lil Yachty, with whom he co-wrote 23.

Quick to cash in on Let U Go’s popularity and unwilling to relax and bask in his newfound stardom, he went straight back to the studio to begin work on Unghetto. He released Plastic in 2021, claiming it to be his favorite song yet, dropping a hint that fans can expect more from the burgeoning musician.


Unghetto Mathieu Net Worth | Height & Girlfriend - Famous People Today

5 ft 9 in (175 cm) is about how tall Unghetto Mathieu is.

Unghetto Mathieu Net Worth

The majority of Mayumba’s riches came from selling copies of his album Happy Trap, running YouTube commercials, and selling show tickets, which start at $50.

Mayumba told The Knockturnal, “I’m musically talented, and that’s a significant part of my life. Unghetto Mathieu Net Worth is $1 million as a result.


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