Steve Downs: Who Is He? What happened to Steve Downs today?

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An unspeakable act of violence was committed in May of 1983, and as a result, Diane Downs, formerly married to Steve Downs, became known as “The Mommy Murderess.” The murder investigation stunned the world at the time, and it continues to send shivers down the spines of those who read about it. But the question that needs to be answered is, who exactly is Steve Downs?

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Who is Steve Downs?

In the year 1973, on November 13th, a young lady by the name of Diane ran away from her family in order to marry her boyfriend, Steve Downs. After being married, the couple would go on to have some very stunning offspring together.

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Who is Diane Downs ex-husband Steve and where is he now? - DailyNationToday

Their first kid, a daughter whom they called Christie Downs and who was born in 1974, was their only child. The following kid, who was born in 1976, was given the name Cheryl Lynn, and the third child, who was born in 1979, was given the name Stephen Daniel. Everything was going swimmingly until Steve Downs started having second thoughts about having a third child.

The family believed that Stephen Daniel, sometimes known as just Danny, was the outcome of an adulterous connection that his father, Steve, had. Steve was also known as Steve. Because of this, there was discord in the marriage, and conventional methods could not remedy the problem. The couple made the decision to split up not long after.

Steve Downs Early Life

Steve Downs was one of the very few people who most likely regarded Elizabeth Diane as a beautiful woman, thus he was the one who was fortunate enough to get a score. They both attended Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona, which is where they first came into contact with one another.

This took place during the 1970s. Their early encounter resulted in the formation of a connection that led to the rapid development of a relationship that eventually led to much more than that.

Following the conclusion of his studies and the dissolution of their fleeting high school relationship, Steve Downs would eventually enlist in the navy.

After breaking up for a while, the couple would quickly run into each other in Arizona, which would ultimately lead to the rekindling and resumption of their fling. They would both end up falling in love with one another and deciding that they want to get married to the other.

Where was Elizabeth Diane in the meantime?

After graduation from high school, they went their separate ways, and Elizabeth Diane went on to enrol in the Bible college offered by the Pacific Coast Baptist Convention (when Steve Downs would go to the navy).

Attendees are expected to adhere unwaveringly and unquestioningly to the religious institutions’ inflexible adherence to the laws and principles that underlie those institutions. Elizabeth Diane would discover that she did not satisfy the criterion, and as a result, she would be kicked out of the institution very soon.

Elizabeth would go back to her parent’s house in Arizona after being turned down for enrollment at the Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College, which is a religious institution.

There, she would have her second encounter with Steve, which would ultimately lead to the two of them becoming married.

Steve Downs, who had been married to Diane Downs prior to their divorce in 1980, suffered a significant financial setback in May 1983 when his ex-wife shot and killed their three children. At the time, Diane reported to the authorities that an unknown person attempted to carjack her and shoot her and her children, and her ex-husband was informed of the same thing. Two of the children were able to survive the gunshot, but both of them sustained significant injuries; the third child did not survive.

However, once the authorities were able to put together all of the pieces of the puzzle, Steve was able to find out the truth about what had occurred to his children. After a few weeks, Steve was no longer responsible for the children who had survived the attack since they had been taken into protective custody. After being found guilty in 1984 of being responsible for the deaths and injuries of her children, Diane was given a sentence of life in prison.

Steve was unable to provide for the well-being of the two children who had survived the assault, and they were ultimately given up for adoption. According to The Cinemaholic, Steve was declared unsuitable to care for his children, who need specialised care and had been through a terrible tragedy. Steve’s children had both endured the same thing.

There is not a lot of information that can be found regarding Steve Downs’ current location at this time. Since his ex-wife was given a life term in prison, he has not been seen in public, nor has he participated in any television interviews pertaining to his family since that time. It is not known whether he currently resides in Arizona, which is the location where he formerly resided with Diane and their three children.

The Fateful and Unfortunate Marriage 

It appeared as though the two were destined to be together. Their love had been reignited by the time they saw each other again in Arizona, and it seemed as if the time they had spent apart had only served to add fuel to the flames.

However, in order to protect herself from her parents’ disapproval, Elizabeth was forced to flee from the family home. Even though they had a spot reserved for Steve, the couple decided to go ahead with their plans nevertheless.

The two of them tied the knot on November 13th, 1973. Elizabeth Diane had reached the age of 18 when she wed her husband, John. Despite the fact that the couple had their reservations, they made the decision to remain steadfast in their marriage, and as a consequence, they are now the proud parents of three children.

The marriage, however, was destined to fail because its dissolution was predetermined to take place.

The Divorce and Parting of Ways

In light of the fact that Steve was, in fact, a player, the marriage was not without its challenges. In addition to this, he proved to be negligent and irresponsible, and the couple frequently argued over how they should handle their finances when it came time to make decisions.

Infidelity would also be a rising issue in their quarrel with one another.

Their union lasted for seven years, during which time rumours circulated that their third kid was illegitimate and the product of an affair with another man. Steve Downs was under the impression that an affair with one of his coworkers had resulted in the birth of a son also named Stephen.

Other factors, such as Elizabeth becoming pregnant without Steve’s knowledge or permission, as well as the wife’s odd conduct, such as going missing for extended periods of time, added fuel to the fire. Other factors, such as these, contributed to the conflict.

Because Steve had conclusive evidence that the child was not his, he decided to end the marriage and separate from his wife.

Ignorance of children and craving attention of men

Elizabeth did not pay attention to her children and frequently travelled with them to see her parents while abandoning them there. This was done in order to give her the opportunity to concentrate on both herself and on other men. It was somewhere around 1983 when she first made the acquaintance of Robert Knickerbocker.

Robert “Nick” was not interested in taking care of Diane’s alleged three children despite the fact that the two of them were involved in a romantic relationship together. Diane conceived of a solution to her problems as a result of this, one that would rid her of her obligations and provide her the opportunity to rekindle her feelings for her loved one.

The Aftermath of the Incident

After going through that terrible trauma, Steve Down’s remaining blood had been through something that no youngster should ever have to go through. Christie and Danny Hugi were adopted by Fred Hugi, who was the chief prosecutor of the CAE, and his wife.

The incident and the trial both brought to light the reality that Steve Downs was not a good choice to be the children’s father, and the children were better off without him. After everything that had happened, the authorities considered that Christie’s father was unsuited for the position because she had been the most important witness in the case.

Steve Downs and Contact with Children

There is no communication between Steve Downs and the children. They were subjected to significant and protracted emotional and physical suffering as a result of being adopted. It took many years for them to recover from the catastrophe, but now they are carrying on with their lives and moving on.

Both of the children were successful in completing their schooling. In the year 2005, Christie tied the knot and became a mother, and Danny moved on to develop his skills as a computer programmer.

The fact that Danny continues to live and lead a regular life despite being paralysed from the waist down is the most encouraging thing to come out of this whole event.

Christie went on to have a son, and very little information is known about Danny after he was born. Both of them would rather keep their personal lives hidden from the public, as well as away from the prying eyes of the media.

The Role of Steve Downs After

It would appear that Steve and Diane were destined to spend their lives together. Despite the short time apart, the couple was able to pick up where they left off romantically when they both received their high school diplomas.

Steve Downes - IMDb

However, Diane’s parents never gave their blessing to the relationship since they had great expectations for their daughter’s future, which they did not see reflected in Steve. Consequently, the partnership was never approved by Diane’s family. Despite this, Steve and Diane exchanged their vows and became husband and wife on November 13, 1973.

At the time, Diane was only 18 years old, but she had already eloped with her high school sweetheart. Their marriage, on the other hand, did not turn out to be as successful as they had hoped it would be since Steve was a player, and he was also pretty irresponsible and immature at the time. They frequently struggled with one another over their money problems and fought over their infidelity.

During the course of their marriage, which lasted from 1973 until 1980, Steve and Diane were blessed with three children. After seven years of marriage, many people were confused as to why the couple decided to divorce each other. After finding out that their third child, Stephen Daniel, was the product of her wife’s connection with a coworker, Steve reportedly made the decision to end his marriage to his wife after obtaining this information.

By the time Danny was born, they had already engaged in such heated debates about cheating that Steve had begun to believe that his son wasn’t actually his biological offspring. The fact that he wasn’t his biological child was the final straw for him, and he decided to end the relationship.

Additionally, it was stated that Diane would take her children and vanish for extended periods of time, which contributed to the instability in their marriage from the very beginning. Additionally, she became pregnant without first obtaining consent from Steve Downs.

The tale of what happened to Steve Downs’ children is one of the most upsetting to emerge to this point. Elizabeth Diane pulled over her vehicle on the shoulder of the road in Springfield, Oregon, on the 19th of May, 1983, and shot her children many times with a pistol having a calibre of 22.

In addition, she claimed that she was the victim of a violent carjacking before coming to the hospital and shooting a round into her arm. This was done so that her tale would be more plausible. As a result of the incident, Cheryl was killed, Danny was left paraplegic from the waist down, and Christie suffered a stroke that impacted her ability to communicate.

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