Stamen Grigorov – The Man Who Brought Us Yogurt

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Stamen Grigorov is the person who located and has the identify of coming across the micro organism that creates the sector’s most favourite food i.e. Yogurt. We check the man and delve a touch deeper.

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Stamen Grigorov

Stamen Grigorov became a microbiologist by means of career. His curiosity brought us the Lactobacillus bulgaricus, coupled with a little little bit of homesickness and reminisce. 

Very soon after microbiolist, Stamen Grigorov got married in Bulgaria, he left his home and went to enroll in a job in his graduate medical school scientific university of Geneva. 

The school was in Switzerland, so he had to go away his newly married home to go to some other US. 

The new activity turned into a studies assistant activity and to recollect his spouse with something, Stamen Grigorov took with himself a clay pot of his newly married bride’s Bulgarian yogurt, which was homemade. 

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Stamen Grigorov | Everything You Need to Know about Bulgarian physician discovered Yogurt Bacteria - YouTube

Why Stamen Grigorov is famous

Doctor Stamen Grigorov’s most well-known discovery turned into the bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which became later named after his domestic USA.


How Stamen Grigorov found Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

The tale is going that his wife packed him some yogurt and different Bulgarian meals whilst he went off to be a research assistant at the medical university of Geneva (where he had previously graduated from).

Possibly he was procrastinating like most people, or perhaps he had plenty of downtime, but health practitioner Grigorov studied that yogurt like it was his process.

It’s miles said that he conducted heaps of experiments and checks with his microscope, to parent out how exactly milk became transformed into yogurt.

He turned into pushed through his intrigue over the yogurt’s flavor and pronounced health blessings.

Understanding he was a physician, that doesn’t wonder me. He became probably eager to know if there was medicinal features in yogurt that could be remoted.

(understanding Bularians’ obsession with the “blessings” of rakia, I’m surprised he didn’t have a look at that too!)

I’m no longer too sure how long these experiments took, he became married in 1904 which I study became the yr before he left for the studies position, however i’ve also study that he left in 1904.

Via most accounts, it feels like he spent the higher part of a 12 months operating in this dilemma.

Finally in 1905, at the gentle age of 27, Stamen Grigorov located the Lactobacillus bulgaricus, a rod shaped bacteria accountable for the fermentation of milk. (in my opinion I suppose the micro organism looks as if capsules.)

Stamen Grigorov existence and demise

Stamen Grigorov became born in 1878 within the village of Studen Izvor, near the metropolis of Tran, wherein he later labored as a doctor. Studen Izvor is in Western Bulgaria very near the Serbian border.


Stamen Grigorov as a younger adult

As a teenager, Stamen Grigorov went to school in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Even via automobile nowa days, Sofia is an hour and a half away, so while there is little statistics online, i might suppose that he attended a boarding school.

He attended college in Montpellier France, and then a doctorate program at the scientific university of Geneva in Switzerland – the same college where he could find out the yogurt micro organism.


Put up-Graduate studies

Whilst reading in Geneva, Grigorov wrote a paper entitled “Contribution to the pathogenesis of appendicitis” (probable titled in French). This dissertation became said to affect the Director of the university’s microbiology branch, Leon Massol, who invited Grigorov to be a studies assistant.

The preliminary Discovery

It must be noted that historically, yogurt became a principal and critical part of food in Bulgaria at the time, and were since centuries. 

Households used to make their own yogurt and while making they used to position them in clay pots. 

Such turned into the same clay pot which Stamen received from Mrs. Grigorov while he left his home for a overseas country.

Around that time on the flip of the 20 th century, there were also researches which have been already saying exquisite claims about the fitness benefits of yogurt.

This interest and significance got Stamen Grigorov’s curiosity sparked, and while perhaps remembering his newly wed spouse, he positioned a few yogurt on a slide and resisting to taste it (maybe), he took a microscopic look. 


However Who was Stamen Grigorov?

The microbiologist and physician changed into born on 27th October 1878. He was a renowned character and became born in a peaceful village of Pernik Province of Bulgaria. 

Stamen Grigorov - The Man Who Brought Us Yogurt

He completed his schooling (secondary) in natural Sciences in Montpellier, France. He then went on to finish his graduation in the clinical discipline in Geneva, Switzerland. 

At the age of 27, Stamen Grigorov observed the bacteria which is chargeable for creating yogurt.


The discovery of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

It changed into the year 1905 wherein a young newly wed Stamen Grigorov labored within the microbiological laboratory of Professor Leon Massol. 

After he placed a slide of yogurt below a microscope, he observed that a specific pressure of bacteria was liable for the famed food.

It changed into soon that the micro organism produced become then owned by a nation-owned enterprise which patented the bacteria. 

The enterprise promoted a mix of micro organism pressure that’s categorised as the professional Bulgarian yogurt. 

This is exported to many nations round the world, raising many earnings for the united states.



Quite, the middle motivation in the back of this discovery, which became Stamen Grigorov’s wife, is lost in records. 

We do now not know how his spouse reacted when the famed microbiologist found the sort of crucial micro organism from her homemade yogurt. 

This unique yogurt made records and now not best did it carry Bulgaria to the map, it also modified the whole u . s . a .’s enterprise. 

But it have to be stated that the invention took hours and hours of staring into the lens of a microscope. 

In the year 1905, the microbiologist observed the rod-fashioned micro organism that transforms milk into yogurt. 

The micro organism Lactobacillus bulgaricus feasts on lactose, after which it produces a selected set of fatty acids. 

As a end result, we’re left with a thick, slightly creamy type of substance that makes tasty food which is enjoyed round the world. 


Earlier than the invention

It has been cited since early instances that farmers and people have fed their households with dairy products for thousands of years. 

Perhaps it became unintended that products of milk were located, but this creamy and transformed product is the price which fermented milk brings. 

Bulgaria, the middle East and imperative Asia all have a history of such transformed dairy merchandise. 

Specifically wherein geography lets in such merchandise to shape, inclusive of in warm climates, these types of products are observed. 

These are places where the bulgaricus micro organism flourished and feeds on lactose to convey forward yogurt. 

Legacy of Stamen Grigorov

A glacier is known as Grigorov Glacier and is on Brabant Island in Antarctica. This is called after Stamen Grigorov. 

Stamen Grigorov has also contributed to the treatment of tuberculosis. This befell within the year 1906 with Albert Calmette. 

They decided to use penicillin fungi for the remedy. Stamen used experiments on lab animals after which on human trials to exhibit the advantages of penicillin fungi. 

This turned into performed within the treatment of tuberculosis. 


What became Yogurt before the invention?

Right before Stamen Grigorov’s discovery of lactobacillus bulgaricus in the year 1905, there had been some scientists who had been publishing papers regarding durability in lifetime offered by such yogurt. 

This become the time when humans out of doors Europe and the middle East weren’t aware of the time period yogurt. 

Due to the fact Stamen Grigorov performed a vital role in providing medical backing to Bulgarian yogurt alongside different scientists, the advent of yogurt took the unaware a part of Europe off their ft. 

This scientifically verified wholesome yogurt became speedy becoming the choice of fans.


Commercial Yogurt Produced a few Discrepancies

Quickly by the Twenties, yogurt became commercialized. This publicly available yogurt was determined no longer to be quite up to the mark of the Bulgarian yogurt which played a crucial component in Stamen Grigorov’s discovery. 

Google Doodle celebrates Dr. Stamen Grigorov — and yogurt - 9to5Google

Commercial producers were the use of cow milk in place of sheep which proved to be the main difference. 

Bulgarian human beings used sheep’s milk and used their personal batches of the bulgaricus stress even as industrial and great production proved to be distinct from homemade traces.

This became maybe because of strict standardized methods used by industries. As is found usually, family methods are exceptional from industrialized processes.

Inclusive of, it introduces measurements, scales, and other SOPs to produce their version of superior merchandise, while households use processes that encompass microflora observed certainly.


Yogurt as We are aware of it these days

After witnessing this alteration, Bulgarian country decided to do so. Bulgarian yogurt changed into gaining popularity day by day and had nearly come to be a countrywide icon for the USA.

The country had also freshly been absorbed into the Warsaw p.c. and tremendous Soviet affect.

1949 noticed Bulgarian kingdom’s microbiologists traveling households and sampled diverse traces of bulgaricus to discover a satisfactory match of all of them. 

This changed into achieved to create an authentic yogurt with which Bulgaria might be recognized for. 

To date, Bulgaria owns the patented strain of the discovered pressure by way of Stamen Grigorov which is widely popular. It additionally holds sole export rights.

On his 67th birthday, Stamen Grigorov met his dying on 27th October 1945. 

Lately, Google also celebrated the overdue microbiologist, and people around the arena will consider him whenever they flavor yogurt as their desired of food.

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