Rio Da Yung OG Net Worth & Earnings

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As of 2022, Rio Da Yung Og net worth is expected to be more or less $1 million. Rio Da Yung Og is a 28 years old American rapper, pleasant acknowledged for his album “town On My back”. He is also famous for his hit songs “mythical”, “hen Coupe” and “final day out”. 


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Rio Da Yung OG

Rio Da Yung OG is a well-known American rapper, musician, singer, and songwriter. Rio Da Yung OG is one of the talented young people artists within the entertainment enterprise who has a whole lot of fan following. inside a short time frame, he has earned himself a niche and is an outstanding artist inside the industry. Rio Da Yung OG is a handsome and joyful person.

Rio Da Yung OG commenced his career lower back in 2008 and he has been part of the industry for extra than 12 years. Rio Da Yung OG is currently operating below four exceptional report labels and he is broadly speaking that specialize in Hip/Hop and Rap genres. He even posts his songs on his youtube channel which he has extra than one hundred thousand subscribers.

10 Things You Didn't Know about Rio Da Yung OG

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Full NameRio Da Yung OG
Birth Date/ AgeMay 11, 1994/ 28 years old
Birth PlaceFlint, Michigan, United States
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth$1 million

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Early Life

Rio Da Yung Og was born on the 11th of may also, 1994 in Flint, Michigan, America. He has not shared a lot of data on his past lifestyles, dad and mom, and schooling detail. Rio spent maximum of his early days in Michigan. 3 years lower back, he moved to the Eastside of Detroit.

Rio changed into a grown-up in Michigan’s flourishing road rap scene. He had been pulled in the direction of rapping by the point while he began taking note of the rap songs in the street.


Rio Da Yung Og Net Worth & Career

Rio launched his first music titled “Trippin once more” in April 2018. After a year in 2019, he came up with many songs, which helped him to build early steps in his tune career.

Rio’s first tune, which crossed one million views turned into “Backend”. The song also functions the rapper, RMC Mike. It become launched on YouTube on July 26, 2019. As of this writing, the reliable tune video of the tune acquired over three.7 million perspectives on YouTube.

But, it turned into the music “mythical”, which paced his career graph. The music became a massive hit, which hits over 13 million YouTube views. Following that, he endured presenting hit songs. In December 2019, Rio dropped any other hit song titled “infrequently Breathe”.

His next big hit came in April 2020, while he dropped a track titled “live Wavy”. The song featuring the rapper Babyface Ray garnered over 3.6 million YouTube perspectives. After that, he gave several hit songs like “2020 Bag”, “film”, “One night time”, “Molly”, “1v1” and “practice”.

Rio’s recent hit songs consist of “Who Made This”, “What Do Rio suggest/Definition of Rio”, “0.33 times A charm” and “hen Coupe”. His ultra-modern track “ultimate day trip”, become launched on April 1, 2021. The track has generated over 2.1 million YouTube views in 3 weeks.

Rio Da Yung Og Net Worth: Bio, Age, Real Name, Career & More


Rio Da Yung Og’s non-public existence

Rio Da Yung OG is a married man. even though, we’re but to get more records on his married life. But, we were given to understand that he has a son and daughter, who seemed on his legitimate Instagram account, riodayung0g.

Rio turned into sentenced to five years in jail in January 2019 as he changed into arrested for the fee of owning guns and other controlled substances. On his Instagram, Rio found out that he would begin his imprisonment in the summer season of 2021.


Rio Da Yung Og Net Worth

As of 2022, Rio Da Yung Og’s non-public wealth is anticipated to be roughly $1 million. He has amassed a substantial chew of cash all from his song profession. His tune career and net worth would truly bog down after he could be despatched to jail in summer season 2021.


Rio Da Yung Og Net Worth 2020

Rio Da Yung Og’s revenue is $34.8K in 2020. It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $34.6K – $45.7K.


May 2020$1.3K -$1.8K
June 2020$1.4K -$1.8K
July 2020$2.7K -$3.5K
August 2020$4.4K -$5.8K
September 2020$5K -$6.6K
October 2020$6.6K -$8.8K
November 2020$6.2K -$8.1K
December 2020$7K -$9.2K


Rio Da Yung Og Net Worth 2021

Rio Da Yung Og’s revenue is $111.3K in 2021. It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $110.4K – $145.9K.


January 2021$6.6K -$8.7K
February 2021$6.1K -$8.1K
March 2021$7.4K -$9.7K
April 2021$14.4K -$19K
May 2021$12.4K -$16.3K
June 2021$8.9K -$11.8K
July 2021$8.1K -$10.6K
August 2021$9.5K -$12.6K
September 2021$9.1K -$12K
October 2021$6.6K -$8.7K
November 2021$6.4K -$8.5K
December 2021$14.9K -$19.7K


Rio Da Yung Og Net Worth 2022

Rio Da Yung Og’s revenue is $10.8K in 2022. It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $94.7K – $12.5K.


January 2022$9.5K -$12.5K


Rio Da Yung OG has an expected internet well worth of approximately $967.69 thousand.

Rio Da Yung OG’s real internet worth continues to be being tested, however, internet worth Spot suspects it to be around $967.69 thousand.

But, a few human beings have proposed that Rio Da Yung OG’s net worth may probably be way better than that. Considering those additional assets of profits, Rio Da Yung OG might be worth $1.35 million.

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Rio Da Yung OG earns an expected $241.92 thousand a 12 months.

There’s one question that each Rio Da Yung OG fan accessible simply can’t seem to get their head around: How a great deal does Rio Da Yung OG earn?

The YouTube channel Rio Da Yung OG gets greater than four.03 million perspectives every month.

YouTube channels that are monetized earn sales via displaying. YouTubers can earn a median of between $three to $7 consistent with thousand video views. If Rio Da Yung OG is inside this range, net worth Spot estimates that Rio Da Yung OG earns $16.13 thousand a month, totaling $241.92 thousand a yr.

Some YouTube channels earn even more than $7 in step with thousand video perspectives. On the higher cease, Rio Da Yung OG would possibly make as a good deal as $435.46 thousand a 12 months.

But, it is unusual for YouTubers to depend on an unmarried supply of sales. successful YouTubers additionally have sponsors, and they may earn extra via selling their products. Plus, they might attend shows.


10 Statistics on Rio Da Yung OG:

  1. Rio Da Yung OG was born in Flint, Michigan, the united states of us in 1995.
  2. similarly, Rio’s age as of 2020 is exactly 25 years antique but he hasn’t talked a lot about his birthday.
  3. He’s single and doesn’t have a female friend yet as Rio has no longer even found out lots about his lifestyles on media or his social media cope with.
  4. Until now his actual call is unknown inside the enterprise as he is in general known by using his stage name Rio Da Yung OG.
  5. His net worth as of 2020 is below review but searching at his social media posts he is residing a costly existence.
  6. He’s available on his personal Instagram account named @riodayung0g where he has 209 k fans and 185 posts.
  7. Currently, in March 2020, he launched an album named city On My lower back which changed into one of his biggest hits.
  8. Back in his teens days, he changed into forced by way of his uncle to sell tablets instead of specializing in his existence he become on the wrong route.
  9. He had an ardor for playing football however it ended for the duration of his teen age.
  10. Rio had even shot a man inside the leg while a man took his motorbike. 


Rio Da younger Og News

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10 belongings you Didn’t realize about Rio Da Yung OG

Hip-hop tune has advanced extensively because their inception and the last few years have visible even greater modifications. Way to technology, it has become simpler than ever for humans to create and distribute track and Rio Da Yung OG is taking complete advantage. The proficient young rapper has been working hard to make a name for himself and it’s subsequently begun to pay off. His recent challenge, unintentional Sh*t Talkin, earned him plenty of latest listeners and those love his unorthodox style of rapping. needless to say, hip-hop lovers all over the world are excited to see what he does next. preserve analyzing to learn 10 belongings you didn’t recognize approximately Rio Da Yung OG.


1. He’s A Michigan native

Rio Da Yung OG became born and raised in Flint, MI. He didn’t have the easiest upbringing but he by no means allow any of the obstacles in his manner to stop him from achieving his goals. Even though his celebrity has commenced to upward thrust, Rio keeps to representing his hometown to the fullest.


2. The Scar On His Face Is The result Of A Burn

Rio has a great celebrity on at the proper aspect of his face and many human beings have questioned what it’s from. in the course of an interview without a Jumper, he revealed that the scar is in reality the result of an accident that passed off whilst he changed into 12-years-antique. Rio stated that one night, after smoking weed, he became hungry and went to the kitchen to make a few french fries. He positioned a pot of grease at the stove to warm up, went upstairs, and forgot about it. Whilst he came again to the kitchen the pot became on fire. Whilst he tried to put the hearth out by placing grease inside the pot, the grease splashed all over his face and hands inflicting severe burns.


3. He’s usually cherished song

The track has constantly been part of Rio’s existence and he’s been a hip-hop fan for as long as he can don’t forget. When he become younger he even recorded tapes with his friends on a karaoke machine. It wasn’t till extra these days, but, that he decided to take the song seriously.


4. He Says Peezy modified His existence

Nearly all and sundry has at least one individual who becomes instrumental in changing their life for the better. For Rio, that individual is fellow Michigan rapper, Peezy. while speaking to say Cheese! Rio shared that Peezy changed into the individual that schooled him on the sport and inspired him to begin releasing songs.


5. His YouTube Channel Has tens of millions Of perspectives

Rio won’t be a huge mainstream achievement at the moment, however, he genuinely has the underground on lock. He has a YouTube channel where he posts performances and movies and he’s gotten 116,000 subscribers. More impressively although, his channel has gotten greater than seventy-one million views.


6. He changed into amazed by using The fulfillment Of accidental Sh*t Talkin

No matter how gifted an artist is or how hard they work on a challenge, nobody ever knows the way it’s going to do till it’s truly released. At the same time as Rio knew that his mixtape unintended Sh*t Talkin might do nicely, he had no concept that it became going to grow to be as successful as it has.


7. He Doesn’t mind The Scar On His Face

The general public does what they can to cowl up their scars, but Rio isn’t interested in that. After his injury, he could do a skin graft but he determined to show it down. The scar on his face doesn’t hassle him in any respect. He told No Jumper, “It genuinely made my character for actual because it confirmed me how strong I am, mentally.”


8. He’s Had felony problems

Things had been at the up and up for Rio lately, however, there has been a time in his life when matters weren’t going so well. Even though there isn’t a whole lot of data out there on Rio outside of his tune, we do recognize that he’s had some run-ins with the regulation. In a tweet from November 2019, he noted that he changed into house arrest.


9. He’s A Humble character

Several folks are brief to neglect wherein they got here from once they start to get a few success, however, Rio isn’t one in all them. Even though he’s on his manner to turning into a celeb, he has made it a point to remain humble and thankful for all the opportunities he’s gotten.


10. He’s A Father

As stated earlier, there isn’t a lot of information on the net about Rio’s private lifestyles. He appears to be a non-public person, however, one thing that we do recognize is that he’s a proud dad. He has a younger son who has made several appearances on Rio’s Instagram.



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