Who Is Philip Snider & Why Did He Kill His Wife?


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Philip Snider is an American citizen who is notorious for the murder of his wife, Roberta Snider; he made it appear as though his wife had passed away as a result of the disease.

Philip is scheduled to become eligible for release in the year 2038. He is now serving his sentence at Richland Correctional Institution in Mansfield, Ohio.

Why did Philip Snide decide to take the life of his wife? Which debates did he take part in, and what were their subject matters? Where is Philip at this time? Let’s find out.


Behind The Scenes – An Overview

At the residence they shared in Hartville, Ohio, Dorothy Stratten was found murdered by her husband, Philip Snider.

Snider divulged his personal information on the show that was broadcast on ID and offered an endless number of untruths and tall tales about what had transpired with his wife.

He stated that the police were extremely suspicious of the case and that the Hartville Police Department was obliged to adopt a variety of strategies in order to finally give justice for the murder.

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Hinting marriage, undercover cop elicits slaying confession | Arab News PK

In 2018, Roberta Snider was able to flee, and Philip Snider told members of his family that his wife had passed away while she was visiting Graceland in Tennessee. However, Roberta had actually escaped.

Snider asserted that he had planned to visit the legendary mansion of Elvis Presley with his deceased wife before she passed away.

The members of the family were stunned to learn that Roberta Snider, who had reached the age of 70 when she passed away, had passed away in Memphis.

Philip Snides asserted that after administering the appropriate medications to Roberta, the medical staff determined that she had passed away, and then they removed the body and deposited it in an unknown area.

The police, on the other hand, had their doubts about the account that Philip Snider told them, so in order to put those doubts to rest, they kept surveillance footage from the hotel where the couple had been.

Additionally, it was clear that Roberta was not present with her husband while the two of them were staying at the motel.

When confronted with questions regarding the video, Snider made a dramatic about-face and said that his wife had passed away from cancer when they were driving through Kentucky.

Then Philip proceeded to explain that as he was driving home, he had wrapped Roberta in plastic and thrown her into the Tennessee River so that she may spend her time “with nature” and have a good time there.

After this point in the investigation, Snider’s relatives discovered him in the basement while he was attempting suicide by either putting a rope around his neck or ingesting some pills. Snider had also tried hanging himself.

In order to move on with the case, the police traveled to Snider’s residence, where they conducted a search and discovered a shirt that had been stained with human blood.

The blood was comparable to what was found when it was matched with Roberta’s, but the similarities were not sufficient for the authorities to charge Philip Snider for the crime.


The Cop Used Tactic To Make Him Confess

The truth is that in order to make him feel guilty, the police tried new strategies, and a police officer in Hartville made the decision that Joan Bauer would prevent him from being Snider’s friend at a nearby Burger King, which is where he used to drink a coffee every day.

On the other hand, it was supposed to go that we were going to chat to him about his wife and what he talks about when he talks about his wife.

Bauer fooled him into believing that he was a wonderful buddy over the course of a few weeks, and as a result, he earned his trust as a friend.

During their conversation, Philip Snider eventually admits for the first time that he struck Roberta with a two-pound stake hammer.

Therefore, he was declared guilty of Roberta’s murder, despite the fact that her body was never located.

Following the conclusion of the trial, Snider was taken into custody and sentenced to a life sentence behind bars, where he remained for the remainder of his life.


Where is Philip Snider Now?

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In 2018, Philip Snider, who was 73 years old at the time, was taken into custody.

However, in the same year, Philip was found guilty of killing his wife, and he himself attempted to conceal the fact that he had killed his wife, but he was regrettably unable to do so. This occurred in the same year.

According to the documents from the correctional facility, Philip was incarcerated at the Richland Correctional Institution in Mansfield, Ohio. He is scheduled to become eligible for parole in the year 2038.

After being tried and found guilty, Philip Snider was sentenced to twenty years in prison as a consequence of his actions; despite the fact that he has never explained why he killed his wife, it is a proven fact that he was unable to exonerate himself because he had repeatedly lied about his circumstances.

According to confessions (via the Alliance Review), he shared with an undercover female police officer, who secretly recorded him over cups of coffee at fast-food restaurants in and around Hartford, Ohio, Philip Snider, the 73-year-old man who was convicted of killing his wife of 53 years, Roberta “Bobby” Snider, took great pains to get away with murder.

Bobby Snider was Philip Snider’s wife, and they had been married for 53 years According to the Morning Journal News, his undoing would be trusting the undercover detective who befriended him after he tried suicide following the death of his wife.

Snider, who developed a growing desire to marry the undercover officer as they spent more time together, told her the story of how he killed his wife, emphasizing several times that it was “just a scenario.” As their time together progressed, Snider’s desire to marry the undercover officer increased.

He claimed that he had covered his wife’s head with a cloth while she was asleep on a loveseat and then struck her in the head with a two-pound stake hammer. He did this while she was sleeping. Snider stated that after that, he rolled her onto some plastic that was laid out on the floor and placed a plastic bag over her head to prevent her blood from getting on too many other items.

In the “scenario,” he said he took her body and other objects that had blood on them, including a throw pillow and a lamp shade, and disposed of them, but it took some time before he would come clean on what he did with the body of his wife of fifty years. They had been married for fifty years.

In contrast, Snider’s official tale that he had provided to the police and Roberta’s family had changed a few times in reference to what had happened to his wife, but it was always fishy. Snider had told the police and Roberta’s family that he had tried to explain what had happened to his wife.



He stated that Bobby Snider had died of natural causes at some point while he was visiting Graceland, which belonged to Elvis Presley. That was a conceivable explanation; the Charley Project stated that the 69-year-old woman was in her final stages of life owing to illness and other medical issues.

According to the Morning Journal News, the fact that there were never any coroner records or any other form of official records referring to an intake of Bobby’s body was the primary factor that contributed to the proliferation of suspicions. Investigators were able to search Snider’s residence because to the information that was obtained from him by the undercover cop. This was the case despite the fact that neither a murder weapon nor a body had been discovered by the authorities. They discovered a sufficient amount of forensic evidence to proceed with the case.

The Times-Reporter states that Snider eventually took the police to a tavern and restaurant in Bullitt County, Kentucky, where he told them he dumped the remains of his wife. It is suspected that she ended up in a dump or a dumping ground. Snider disclosed to the detective working undercover that, at the time he murdered his wife, “I didn’t snap. I had reached my breaking point; I was simply numb.”

Snider struck a deal with the prosecution and agreed to plead guilty to the more serious charges of aggravated murder, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence in exchange for a sentence of twenty years in prison with the possibility of parole in the year 2038. If he is still living at that point, he will be 93 years old. He is currently doing his time at Richland Correctional Institution in Ohio, which is located in the state of Ohio.


The undercover cop got Philip Snider to confess

The police adopted a different strategy; they decided that Hartville Police Officer Joan Bauer would go undercover and attempt to befriend Snider at a local Burger King where he routinely went for coffee. They also decided that Snider would be the one to initiate the conversation. The objective was to have him talk about his wife as part of the plan.

Over the course of the subsequent few weeks, Bauer pretended to be a woman named “Missy,” and he gradually earned Snider’s trust. The strategy was successful! Snider ultimately confessed that he had suffocated Roberta and assaulted her with a stake hammer weighing two pounds.

Snider entered a guilty plea to the charge of murder and stated that he disposed of Roberta’s body by throwing it in a dumpster in Bullitt County, Kentucky. The authorities are under the impression that Roberta was dumped in a landfill, but they have not been able to locate her remains. The man who took her life will spend the rest of his life imprisoned.


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Philip Snider’s crime will be featured in a Discovery+ documentary

The Times-Reporter states that Philip Snider entered a guilty plea to the charges of aggravated murder, mistreatment of a corpse, and tampering with evidence in exchange for a sentence of twenty years in prison. At the moment, he is doing his time at the Richland Correctional Facility in Ohio, but he will have a chance at parole in the year 2038. The documentary titled “When Philip Met Missy,” which will air on Discovery+, will focus on Philip’s criminal activity.

Officer Joan Bauer had served for nearly 30 years in law enforcement and was captivated by the mystery surrounding Philip’s case. “The very last thing I ever intended to do was work underground,” she explained (via Fox News). “But after the chief briefed me on the investigation, I became certain that I needed to carry out another covert operation.

And that’s how we got here in the first place.” As soon as Bauer completed her transformation into “Missy,” she began scheduling coffee dates with Philip at a variety of fast food outlets located in and around Hartville, Ohio. After keeping a close eye on him for a week, Bauer made his move.

“I came in like a fresh friend,” she added. “I came in like a fresh buddy.” “I was aware that it was essential for me to develop a character for him who was not only someone he could get along with socially but also someone he could rely on. a person who would not pass judgment on him.

My participation lasted between three and four weeks, but it’s important to remember that as a woman, you should avoid presenting yourself in a particular way at all times.” Bauer continued by saying that she was unable to flirt with Philip and that she was required to maintain a cordial relationship with him. In addition, she frequently did not wear cosmetics while they were in meetings.


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