Paola Franchi Denied False Claims Of Her Marriage With Maurizio Gucci

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Poala Franchi is an interior designer, artist, and author from Italy who is widely known for her remarkable works.

In 2010, she wrote an autobiography titled L’amore spezzato means “The broken love,” She explained her relationship in detail with Italian businessman Maurizio Gucci.

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How did Poala Franchi pursue her career as an interior designer? What were her childhood hardships? To whom did she marry? And why was her husband Maurizio Gucci murdered? Let’s find out.

Where Was Paola Franchi Raised?

Franchi was born in Milan in 1953 and raised in her hometown.

She studied at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and in her school days, she became a good friend of Italian businessman Maurizio Gucci.

They were very good friends and grew up together. In 1972, Maurizio got married to Patrizia Reggiani and Poala attended his wedding.

However, there is no data about her siblings and parents, and her parents’ names and professions are unknown. Poala is introverted and keeps her things personal and lowkey.

How Has Paola Franchi Pursued Her Career?

Poala pursued her career in interior designing, and she is known as a notable Italian artist. Her work is highly appreciated in the country, and she has advised enormous celebrities to decorate their homes.

However, Poala Franchi is widely known by her husband, an Italian Businessman. Gucci pursued his career in fashion designing and business. In 1989, Maurizio Gucci became the chairman of the Gucci group.

He was accused of spending extravagant amounts of money on the company’s headquarters in Florence and Milan. In 1993, he sold his stock of around USD 170 million to Investcorp and ended the Gucci family’s association with the company.

Moreover, Gucci has accumulated great wealth from his leading career, and in no time was he considered the wealthiest person in the country. In 1986, he fled to Switzerland to avoid prosecution after Aldo, seeking revenge. Aldo had accused him of creating his father’s signature to avoid paying inheritance taxes.

After that, it was proved, and he was initially found guilty but was later declared innocent.

What Is Paola’s Age, Weight, And Height?

According to a recent update, Poala turned 69 years old. She is a strong and ambitious woman who has a humble and polite nature. Poala has reached this age, but she has been very active in her profession and personal life. To make herself fit and healthy, she indulges in many activities like gymming and exercising.

On the other hand, her husband was an aggressive but very loving husband to her. Gucci had supported Poala and helped her in pursuing a career as they had been good friends since childhood.

Paola Franchi Personal Life

In 1983, Franchi walked down an aisle with copper industrialist Giorgio Colombo, and after two years, the couple was blessed with a son, Charly. Due to some irreconcilable differences, the couple parted ways and turned their face from each other, and moved on.

In 1990, Franchi began dating Gucci, her childhood friend, and both were disturbed by their unhappy marriage lives. For five years, they dated each other, and Franchi became Gucci’s live-in partner; both shared a luxury apartment in Corso Venezia, Milan.

In 1994, Gucci divorced  Reggiani, his first wife. And in the following year, he walked down the aisle with Paola Franchi at Saint Moritz estate in Switzerland.

Paola’s Sixteen-Year Son Suicided

In 2001, Franchi’s 16-year-old son Charly Colombo went through suicide and died on the spot.

Poala Franchi was adversely affected by her son’s death, and she built a charity firm, “L’Amico Charly,” dedicated to her son.


Is It True That She Married Maurizio Gucci Because Of His Wealth And Successful Career?

In some of the reports, it is stated that Franchi married an Italian Businessman because of his successful career and wealth.

In 2016, she denied claims while talking in the media and clarified with a statement that  “Actually my previous husband, whom I left for Maurizio, was even richer, so it was all nonsense.”

After that, no one came forward to give her marriage wrong intention with Gucci.

What Was Her Husband’s Murder Case?

In 1995, Gucci was shot outside of his office by some professional criminal. In some of the reports, it was acclaimed that his former wife Patrizia Reggiani was involved in arranging Gucci’s murder.

Reggiani’s statement accepted her crime and that she was jealous of her former husband’s money. And after accepting the crime, she served 18 years in prison and was released in October 2016

Who Is Paola Franchi’s Husband?

Maurizio Gucci was a famous Italian fashion designer and businessman widely known for her efficient business tactics as an entrepreneur. He took his first breath in 1948 in Florida, and he began his career as a childhood actor along with his studies.

Poala Franchi was his second wife and he was pleased with her until his death. Gucci lived a luxurious life as he was a notable entrepreneur in the country.

What Is Paola Franchi Net Worth?

It is estimated that Paola’s net worth is USD 1 million, which she acquired from her interior design.

However, she has not told much about her income as she has another source of income as well but has never discussed it.

Paola Franchi Maurizio Gucci | Maurizio gucci, Gucci, Style

On the other hand, Maurizio Gucci has an estimated net worth of around USD 10 million.

He was considered the wealthiest businessman in Italy, and he had been accused of many things that he had avoided paying taxes.

In 1988, more than 47% of his total net worth had been sold to the Bahrain-based investment fund Investcorp, and from this, one can take a great idea of his estimated net worth.

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