Nico Hiraga Height, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography

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Who is Nico Hiraga?

Nico Hiraga is an American citizen and was born on December 19, 1997, in San Francisco, California, under the sign of Sagittarius. He has 13 acting credits to his name and is also a skateboarder and social media star.

Nico Hiraga Height, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography: He is probably best known for playing Tanner in the 2019 comedy film “Booksmart.” The movie, which won 24 of the 83 awards it was nominated for, was directed by Olivia Wilde, starred Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, and Jessica Williams, and followed two best friends on their last day of high school as they attempted to have the most fun possible. In this article, we will discuss Nico Hiraga Height, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography.

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Nico Hiraga Height, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend & Career

Early life, parents and education

Nico’s parents raised him in San Francisco, and while he respects their privacy, little is known about them other than the fact that his mother is German-British and his father is Japanese. He hasn’t mentioned any siblings, so it’s assumed that he is an only child.

He developed an early interest in skateboarding and began participating in the sport when he was six years old. Since then, Nico has participated in and won a number of competitions and championships. Nico attended a local high school and decided to concentrate on his acting career and managing his social media accounts after graduating in 2016. He hasn’t gone to college.

Roles in movies

In Federico Vitetta’s 2017 sports drama “The Flare,” which also starred Vincent Alvarez, Simon Bannerot, and Danny Brady and followed the lives of several young adults who were into skateboarding, Nico made his film debut. Nico acted in the quickie comedy/drama “Summer of 17” as well in 2017.

In the popular drama “Skate Kitchen,” written and directed by Crystal Moselle and starring Rachelle Vinberg, Dede Lovelace, and Nina Moran, he was cast to play Patrick the following year. The film, which won three of the 14 awards it was nominated for, centers on a skateboarder who befriends several skateboarding-loving New York City girls.

Nico also made an appearance in the music video for “Zhu, Tame Impala: My Life” in 2018 and was hired to play a supporting role in the sports drama “Godspeed” in 2020.

In Amy Poehler’s smash musical comedy “Moxie,” which also starred Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, and Alycia Pascual-Pena, Nico played the role of Seth. In the movie, a 16-year-old girl who wrote an article about sexism at her school is followed.

The 2021 sports comedy-drama “North Hollywood” and the 2021 music video “Olivia Rodrigo: Brutal” are Nico’s only other two films; he is currently filming for the upcoming romantic comedies “Rosaline” and “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between.”

Roles in TV series

Nico has only made one appearance in a television series; in 2018, he made three appearances in the Stephen Levinson-produced sports comedy-drama “Ballers,” which also starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John David Washington, and Donovan W. Carter. The series, which aired from 2015 to 2019, followed the lives of various football players, their friends, and their families. It received 38 nominations, including five Primetime Emmy nominations, and won one of them.

He is currently in the process of filming “The Power,” an upcoming drama.

Other credits

The 2017 short film “Summer of 17” was written by Nico.

Several talk shows, including “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” have featured him as a guest.

Presence on social media networks

On Instagram, Nico Hiraga Height is quite active and appears to enjoy the attention of his more than 650,000 followers. On the network, he has posted nearly 500 images, the majority of which were captured while he was going about his daily business.

He started using Twitter in September 2017 and has since gained over 200 followers, but he has only posted nine tweets.

Additionally, Nico is active on Facebook, where his page currently has over 2,000 followers. His most recent update was made on August 18, 2017.

Although Nico doesn’t have a TikTok account of his own, other users have uploaded videos of him to the platform, and these have received close to 50 million views.

Love life and girlfriend

There are many online rumors about Nico’s past and present relationships as well as his sexual orientation because he hasn’t mentioned any girls or boys who he may have been.

Since he hasn’t been seen hanging out with any girls in public or including any in his Instagram photos, many of his fans assume he is gay.

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Hobbies and other interests

The majority of Nico’s free time is spent skateboarding, but he also enjoys basketball, football, and soccer.

Nico has frequently been photographed without a shirt on his Instagram account. He also enjoys working out at the gym and attends five to six training sessions each week, which contributes to his muscular physique.

Traveling is something Nico enjoys, and his acting career has already taken him to a number of US states, but his ideal vacation spot is Paris, France (Europe).

Jim Carrey, Vin Diesel, and Angelina Jolie are a few of his favorite actors and actresses, and “Yes Man,” the “Fast and Furious” series, and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” are some of his favorite films.

Nico Hiraga Height, Age, and net worth

Nico is 23 years old. Nico Hiraga Height stands at 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall, and has medium-length brown hair, and brown eyes. His weight is about 150 lbs (70kgs).

His estimated net worth as of November 2021 is greater than $100,000.


What is Nico Hiraga’s age?

24 years (December 19, 1997)

Nico the duffer, how tall are you?

The actor is 173 centimeters tall, or 5 feet 8 inches. He carries around 143 pounds or 65 kg. Actor Nico Hiraga is unquestionably talented.

Nico Hiraga Instagram, what is it?

Photographs and videos on Instagram by Nico Hiraga (@nicotheduffer).

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