Mike Wolfe Net Worth: How Rich is the American Pickers’ Star?

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Mike Wolfe Net Worth: How Rich is the American Pickers’ Star? You have arrived at the correct location, and in the following, you will find information regarding Mike Wolfe early life, career, and personal life, as well as his net worth.

Mike Wolfe, the star of the show “American Pickers,” claims that Frank Fritz recently suffered a stroke. He asks fans to “Pray for My Friend,” and he also answers the question,

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“Who on American Pickers Has the Most Wealth?”

Mike Wolfe Net Worth

Mike Wolfe is a reality television celebrity in the United States who is also a passionate antique collector. He has a net worth of $7 million. He is most well-known for his role as co-host of the History Channel program “American Pickers,” which debuted in 2010.

Mike Wolfe Net Worth: How Rich is the American Pickers' Star?

This reality show follows Wolfe and his co-host, Frank Fritz, as they travel around the country in search of old stores, sheds, barns, and garage sales that may contain rich antiques.

More than 300 episodes of “American Pickers” have been shown throughout 22 seasons on The History Channel, making it one of the network’s most popular shows. Mike is not only the star of the sitcom but also the one who created it and works as an executive producer.

He penned a sitcom that was picked up by CBS in 2012, he signed an endorsement deal with Indian Motorcycles, and he appeared as a guest star on “NCIS” in 2018. Wolfe is the author of a number of publications on the subject of picking, including “American Pickers Guide to Picking” (2011) and “Kid Pickers: How to Turn Junk into Treasure” (2013).

Mike Wolfe Early Life

On June 11, 1964, Mike Wolfe was conceived in the city of Joliet, Illinois. Mike and his brothers Beth and Robbie were raised by Rita, a single mother, who also raised Mike. When his family relocated to Bettendorf, Iowa, he began picking at a very young age by taking used bicycles out of the trash of a neighbor.

When Wolfe was only four years old, he discovered his fascination for uncovering hidden treasure and has pursued it ever since. This interest was sparked when he came saw some abandoned bicycles in the trash of a neighbor. Over the course of time, he would search for objects to sell that were left behind in abandoned residences. Wolfe graduated from Bettendorf High School in 1982 having completed all of his coursework there.

After some time had passed, Wolfe started looking through abandoned homes and alleyways for items that he could sell. Mike graduated from Bettendorf High School with his high school graduation in 1982. Prior to that, he had attended Sudlow Intermediate School, where he had his first encounter with his future co-host on “American Pickers,” Frank Fritz.

Mike Wolfe Career

Before beginning elementary school, Wolfe went on his first adventures in search of antiques and other buried riches. After first becoming interested in vintage bicycles, he went on to pursue a career in professional racing and eventually opened his own bike shop, called The Village Bike Shop.

At that moment, Mike started shopping for vintage automobiles and other antiques, and he recalls his most notable find as being a warehouse full of Indian Motorcycles.

In the year 2000, he founded Antique Archeology in Le Claire, Iowa, and in the year 2011, he expanded the business to Nashville, Tennessee. In 2012, Wolfe introduced his Restorations lighting brand to the Nashville boutique, where it has since been sold.

Mike Wolfe Personal Life

Mike Faeth and Jodi Faeth, who had been together for 18 years prior, became parents on January 30, 2012, to a girl named Charlie. They tied the knot on September 8th, 2012, if memory serves. By the time Charlie became one year old, she had already been through two surgeries to correct the cleft palate she was born with. The condition was present in her at birth.

As a result of their experiences, Wolfe and Faeth became advocates for the organization Operation Smile. A diagnosis of stage 2 Non-Lymphoma Hodgkin’s disease was given to Jodi in December 2013, and in May 2020, Mike stated on Instagram that Faeth had been cancer-free for six years. Jodi received her diagnosis in December 2013.

He says, “Pray for my friend,” the “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe, who claims Frank Fritz was struck by lightning.

Frank Fritz, a former co-host of “American Pickers,” is reportedly in the hospital after suffering a stroke, as revealed by Mike Wolfe, also a former co-host on the show.

Wolfe disseminated the information on the social media platform Instagram.

Frank reportedly suffered a stroke and is currently undergoing treatment for his condition, as reported by Michigan sports zone. “I ask that you remember him in your thoughts and prayers at all times. My very best wishes are with you, Frank, that everything goes smoothly for you throughout this ordeal. You are a treasure to me, friend.

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The history-themed reality show “American Pickers” follows a group of antique hunters as they traverse the United States in quest of precious historical relics to sell. The hunters search places such as junkyards and attics. In the first episode of the series that aired on the History Channel in 2010, Fritz and Mike Wolfe both had co-starring roles. During the 21st season of the show, Fritz was no longer seen making appearances on the show.

Wolfe stated in his letter that he will “miss Frank” and that Fritz’s departure from the program would take place in July of 2021.

During that time, he was quoted as saying, “I wish for the best and all beautiful things for him on the next step of his tour.”

Fritz stated to The Sun in July 2021 that he and his former co-star hadn’t spoken in “two years” and that he “didn’t leave the program,” despite Wolfe’s assertions to the contrary. Wolfe had made these statements in a previous interview.

Following the completion of his shooting, he made the following remark: “I had a little back surgery, then the pandemic hit.”

“Despite the fact that (Mike) was aware of the state of my back, he did not call to check up on me. He continued by saying that this is just the way things are.

Theresa Danielle Colby

Who On American Pickers Has The Most Wealth?

Mike Wolfe is a reality television celebrity in the United States and an obsessive collector of antiques. He has a net worth of $7 million. He is most well-known for his role as co-host of the History Channel program “American Pickers,” which debuted in 2010.

How Much Money Mike Wolfe Makes From American Pickers

The co-hosts of “American Pickers” have traversed the entirety of the United States during the course of the show’s 22 seasons in order to look for antiques and collectibles that they can either resell or keep for their own personal collections. Every episode begins with a voiceover that states, “We make our living chronicling the history of America…one piece at a time.” This statement sums up what the show is all about.

Mike Wolfe Net Worth: How Rich is the American Pickers' Star?

The easygoing chemistry that existed between co-hosts Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe as they drove around various backroads was the primary driving force behind the success of the reality series “American Pickers,” despite the fact that the show initially attracted followers who were interested in antiques and memorabilia. Fritz departed the show after he and Wolfe had a disagreement, although it seems that co-host Danielle Colby would remain on the series. This situation has just changed, however, as Fritz left the show.

However, fans may be curious about the amount of money one may get working as a reality TV star on a History series that has been running for a long time. The following is the exact amount of money that Mike Wolfe makes from “American Pickers.”

Mike Wolfe makes around 500 grand a season

It has come to light that participating in a widely watched reality show like “American Pickers” might result in a respectable income. The co-host, Mike Wolfe, is the one who brings in the most revenue from the show at the moment. The celebrity wealth website Celebrity Net Worth Reporter estimates that Wolfe earns $500,000 for each season of “Pickers.” Fritz, on the other hand, was paid a total of $300,000 for each season that he was featured in.

In addition to Wolfe’s own antique firm, which he calls Antique Archaeology, Fritz also has a number of considerable commercial endeavors of his own. In addition to that, he runs Two Lane Guesthouse, a vacation property located on Main Street in Tennessee. It is estimated that Mike Wolfe’s true net worth, which includes all of his income and businesses, is somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 million (via Celebrity Net Worth).

Wolfe has stated that the key to his success is surrounding himself with intelligent and active people. According to an interview that he gave to Fast Company, he said, “All of my ideas are organic, but they emerge from the same areas that my interests are, and I’m clever enough to surround myself with people that understand how those processes need to operate.”

You are able to view the first four seasons of “American Pickers” right now on Hulu if you would want to have an idea of what made Mike successful in the first place.


How much money does Mike Wolfe make for each episode of American Pickers that he appears in?

Danielle Colby receives a total of $15,000 for each episode of “American Pickers” she appears in during each season. This indicates that after paying taxes, her annual income is probably less than $300,000 for each season. In comparison, Mike Wolfe makes close to half a million dollars each season.

What is the total amount of money that Danielle has made from American Pickers?

The American dancer, model, producer, and television personality Danielle Colby, formerly known as Danielle Colby-Cushman, has a net worth of $1.5 million. Danielle Colby was once known as Danielle Colby-Cushman.

How much does Frank Fritz make on American Pickers?

The success of American Pickers brought Frank Fritz a healthy sum of money.

Both guys are able to make a good living off of the program, which brings in approximately $500,000 per season (according to Tickled), which works out to total compensation of $10.5 million for Fritz over the course of the 21 seasons he featured on.

Are cash transactions accepted by American Pickers?

They consistently assure the collectors that they will, thus it is not out of the question that they actually do pay in cash. While they are filming, it is quite unlikely that they have any cash on them; rather, it is likely that the production or the cast and crew have custody of it.

Is the show American Pickers real or does it have a set?

Mike is a genuine expert at buying antiques and making a profit from the sale of those antiques, despite the fact that much of the show American Pickers is contrived.

Who is the proprietor of the American Pickers shop?

There are more businesses besides Antique Archaeology stores that are owned by Mike Wolfe. Outside of American Pickers and the Antique Archaeology stores, Wolfe is the owner of various other businesses and interests, which he has used to build a modest empire for himself.

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