Mesut Ozil Net Worth: Salary, Biography, Personal Life & Contract

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Mesut Ozil, the most expensive German player in 2013, is considered Mesut Ozil Net Worth of $120 million. Mesut Ozil, born in the twenty-fifth most populous city in Germany, is a blessing when representing his nation. When his squad arrives, he adds an abundance of midfield quality.

The “Assist King,” a well-known German playmaker, is praised for his technical proficiency, offensive prowess, and creative talent. The moniker implies that Ozil’s name does surface when discussing assists.

Arsenal, Real Madrid, and many more premier league football teams have ties to Mesut.

Additionally, his name kept coming up because he twice led Germany to the 2010 FIFA World Cup semifinals and the UEFA Euro. Read also: Thiago Silva Net Worth

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Mesut Ozil Net Worth: Salary, Biography, Personal Life & Contract

Not to mention, Ozil started each of the tournament’s seven games and qualified as the top scorer with eight goals. And eventually, thanks to his team’s performance under his leadership, Germany also wins the world cup.

In addition to playing hardball, Ozil is a philanthropist and campaigner. He sincerely cares about helping people, and he also works as a part-time actor in commercials.

Mesut Ozil | Quick Facts

Full NameMesut Ozil
Date of Birth15 October 1988
Birth PlaceGelsenkirchen, West Germany
Nick NameThe Assist King
Zodiac SignLibra
Age34 years old
Height5’11” (1.80 m)
Weight76 kg (167 lbs)
Father’s NameMustafa Ozil
Mother’s NameGulizar Ozil
SiblingsMutlu Ozil, Dugyu Ozil, and Nese Ozil
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAmine Gulse Ozil
KidsEda Ozil

How much net worth does Mesut Ozil have?

Mesut Ozil, a German-Muslim football player, is currently worth $120 million. He reportedly earned £18 million yearly in pay at Arsenal before joining Fenerbahce.

Not only was Ozil well-known for his salary, but he also played a crucial role in many memorable occasions for this team, including the victories by those three FA clubs.

Although Ozil had reasons for leaving the team in early 2021, it was assumed that things had gone against him because Mikel Arteta, his manager, did not select him for the Premier League or Europa League squads.

Furthermore, Ozil has not been chosen for any of the 2020 games since March. However, as we all know, everything happens for a reason, and the shift was successful.

After joining Fenerbahce, Ozil sees a pay decrease of more than £300,000 per week. In addition, it was disclosed that Ozil would get €9 million (£8 million) in total over three years and €550,000 (£488,000) as a signing bonus.

Despite Mesut having transferred to his old club, Fenerbahce, it was reported that Arsenal still covers 90% of his salary. You can now appreciate how hard he has worked for Arsenal and the name he established for himself there.

Mesutol Campaign

Yes, you folks must be perplexed; what is the campaign’s purpose? Fenerbahce’s club is finding it difficult to pay for Ozil, as we learned from our internet research.

To raise money for the club, they started a movement asking their fans to contribute to paying Mesut’s wage. In essence, it was an SMS campaign to break the record using perhaps a million texts from his supporters.

Text messages sent as part of this campaign will be routed to the number 1907, the year Fenerbahce was founded, and will cost slightly under £2.

Mesut Ozil as a Philanthropist

Fans of Ozil need to understand that he is a kind man who has never hesitated to donate money to worthy causes. After winning the World Cup in 2014, he contributed $329,000 of his winnings to the BigShoe initiative.

Twenty-three sick youngsters from Brazil received financial assistance with that amount so they could travel for surgery. Well, it was his noble deed to express gratitude to the Brazilian people for their hospitality.

Celebrating his big day with children

Many people might find this shocking, but Mesut had a unique method of honoring his special day. After getting married in June 2019, he paid for the surgeries of 1000 youngsters. But that wasn’t all.

Mesut said that carrying out this task was his wedding present to the globe. Additionally, he fed 100,000 homeless individuals on the same day in 16 refugee camps and shelters in Turkey and Syria.

Mesut voluntarily put in the effort to fulfill the wish of a young cancer sufferer.

After partnering with the organization My Shining Star in 2017, Mesut invited Charlie, a young fan, to his private box and player’s lounge for Sunderland’s match at Emirates Stadium.

Donation of $100,000 to Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan

Yes, it was proven by the news that Mesut once again demonstrated his compassion by giving $100,000 to Muslims during Ramadan and the continuing coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

Through the Turkish Red Crescent, the donation is given to provide about 16000 Muslims fasting during the day with some relief.

Additionally, around 2000 food (iftar) packages were given to families in Turkey and Syria, where many refugees have fled the fighting. Additionally, 90,000 food packets will be sent to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

Mesut Ozil as an Activist and Advocate

Ozil’s response to the firing of Gunnersaurus, a famous dinosaur at Arsenal

When the coronavirus epidemic severely affected the Arsenal club, news of the event spread. The team was forced to lay off employees and players, including Jerry Quy’s beloved Gunnersaurus, the club’s beloved mascot.

Jerry played the well-known character for 27 years, and when the club chose to bench him, Ozil promised to pay Arsenal’s wage if Jerry was given a second chance.

Mesut Ozil Net Worth | Media and Sponsorship

Long run with Adidas

The fact that Mesut accepted an enormous offer from Adidas in 2013 worth about £22 million in exchange for representing the Swoosh for the Three Stripes—a not particularly popular trend at the time—remains public knowledge.

But out of nowhere, Mesut established himself as the leading representative of the German company in advertising campaigns that brought about the laceless revolution of Adidas Purecontrol Ace 16 and later revived the Predator.

When Mesut and Adidas split in 2020 because he wanted to launch his brand, M10, the news was big. Additionally, it would give him complete freedom to choose his future clothing.

Nevertheless, they traveled successfully together for a long eight years. Everyone working for Adidas knew that Mesut’s contract would not be extended while he developed his own company. Everything followed the terms of the deal.

Mesut Ozil Net Worth | Lifestyle

We’re sure that rich and opulent would fall short of capturing his true, kingly lifestyle. Let’s talk about his detached, six-bedroom mansion in Hampstead, north London, which costs $10 million.

Here are some finer features from Mesut’s home, which he opened up to the Hypebeast. After his £42.5 million departure from Real Madrid, the Arsenal playmaker repurchased the house in 2016, five years ago.

Mesut’s estate features a massive home theatre. This trainer collection includes many pairs of Adidas Yeezy Boots and Louboutins and a rather sophisticated design made of Turkish marble.

Mesut Ozil | A glance at his Personal Life

The 32-year-old German player’s relationship status is hardly a secret. Since 2017, Mesut has been intimate with his ex-girlfriend, former Miss Turkey Amine Gulse.

And in 2019, they later exchanged vows at a posh hotel on the Bosphorus.

Just a little further information on this subject—the couple has a stunning daughter named Eda. In March 2020, amid the coronavirus outbreak, they welcomed her.

Mesut Ozil | FAQs

Does Mesut use drugs or alcohol?

He does drink, according to insiders, but he doesn’t smoke.

How much money does Mesut Ozil earn annually?

According to web reports, he earns 3 million euros annually.

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