Meet Michaiah Hanks: All About Chet Hanks’ Daughter With His Girlfriend

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Meet Michaiah Hanks is the daughter of celebrity Chester Marlon Hanks, better known by his stage name Chet Hanks, and Tiffany Miles, an American journalist. She comes from a well-known family; not only her parents are well-known in the media, but her grandparents are also well-known across the country.

Chet Hanks, her father, is well-known for his prominent roles in television shows such as “Empire” and “Shameless,” among others.

Michaiah Hanks is the daughter of Chester Marlon Hanks (Chet Hanks) and Tiffany Miles, an actor and musician. Michaiah is most recognized as the granddaughter of Tom Hanks, a well-known actor. Chet Hanks, her father, is known for his roles in the television shows “Empire” and “Shameless.”

NameMichaiah hanks
Date of birthApril 15, 2016
BirthplaceLos Angeles, The United States of America.
Famous AsActress
Zodiac signAries
Father’s nameChester Marlon
Mother’s nameTiffany Miles


Michaiah Hanks- Meet Single Daughter Of Chet Hanks

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Chet’s kid was not born from a meaningful relationship, but she is the best thing that has ever happened to him, according to her father. Michaiah, he claims, was instrumental in helping him turn his life around. He never fails to say how much his daughter means to him at any given time.

Who is Michaiah’s mother, though? How did she meet Chet Hanks? Were they merely acquaintances? Also, how much does Tom adore Michaiah himself? All of this is explained in full further down.

Who Is Meet Michaiah Hanks’s Mother & How Did Her Parents Meet?

According to some stories, Michaiah’s mother, Tiffany Miles, never met Chet before marrying him, and they never dated.

They had never been in a romantic relationship before getting married.

Chet Hanks is alleged to have had a one-night stand with Tiffany Miles when he was inebriated, and that was the only time they spent together while he was asleep.

As a result, Chet declares that the woman with whom he spent his night in the unconscious mind is someone he sincerely admires. He says she’s a wonderful lady who has given him a daughter, Michaiah Hanks.

Tiffany Miles is an African-American celebrity whose mother is Chet Hanks, who has regularly paid honor to her during the George Floyd protests.

Chet shared a number of photographs on Instagram to show his support for George Floyd’s work as well as to honor a woman who has given him a lovely kid, describing her as “the mother of my child and a beautiful black woman.”

Tiffany Miles earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She is now pursuing a journalism career and interning at Moguldom Media Group LLC. Miles manages social media accounts such as YouTube, Twitter, and email in addition to her journalism work.

She also serves as a teleprompter operator during live shooting, processes documentation, and prepares red carpet equipment. Michaiah was born on April 16, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, and was raised in that city before moving to Palm Springs.

Her parents are well-known country celebrities, thus she leads a wealthy lifestyle. On his father’s side, Hanks has Greek, Bulgarian, and English ancestors, while his mother is from Indio, California.

Meet Michaiah Hanks’ Parents Were Never In A Relationship 

In April 2016, Tom Hanks was born. From her father’s side, she is of Greek, Bulgarian, Portuguese, and English ancestry. Michaiah’s mother is of African-American descent. Her mother is a native of Indio, California.

Tom Hanks' son Chet Hanks steps out for the first time in public with his daughter Michaiah | Daily Mail Online

Tiffany Miles, Michaiah’s mother, was neither Chet’s girlfriend nor had they ever had a romantic relationship. According to reports, they just had a one-night fling while the celebrity’s son was inebriated.

Chet, on the other hand, claims that the woman who gave him his child is the loveliest person he has ever encountered.

During the George Floyd protests, the heavily tattooed artist also made a poignant tribute to his daughter’s black mother, Miles. Chet wrote about how grateful he was for Tiffany, calling her “the mother of my child and a beautiful black woman,” alongside a series of Instagram photographs of him standing in front of Geroge Floyd’s artwork.

Chet Took His Instagram To Announce His Relationship With Michaiah

Michaiah Hanks, who has made a name for himself in the country’s media industry, is Tom Hanks’ grandpa. Tom Hanks is a well-known actor and filmmaker who has appeared in both comedy and dramatic films.

He has been in a number of films, television series, and comedy shows, and is considered an American cultural icon. He is a well-known and well-known actor who has appeared in a number of films, television series, and comedy shows.

Hanks starred in a number of films and comedy series, including Splash (1984), Bachelor Party (1984), Big (1988), and A League of Their Own (1992), all of which received great reviews around the world. Sleepless in Seattle (1993), You’ve Got Mail (1998), and the drama Apollo 13 are among his other romance and comedy films that have done well (1995).

Because Tom Hanks is a hardworking and diligent actor, he has received numerous honors for his starring parts, including the Academy Award for Best Actor for playing a gay lawyer.

In addition, he collaborated with Steven Spielberg, a film director, on five films with him, which helped him achieve great success in his career.

Catch Me If You Can, released in 2002, The Terminal, released in 2004, Bridge of Spies, released in 2015, and The Post, released in 2017, are all films starring Tom Hanks.

Michaiah’s grandfather is a well-known and well-respected American celebrity, and because she comes from a well-known and well-respected family, she is extensively and interestingly examined.

According to some accounts, Tom Hanks has earned enormous riches as a result of his acting career and is the fourth-highest-grossing actor in North America.

Is Michaiah Hanks really Tom Hanks's grandchild? What you should know -

Chet also revealed at the time that he had been clean and sober for over a year and a half. He went on to say that his kid isn’t something to brag about and that she’s someone he adores and who has altered his life.However, it wasn’t until February 2019 that the pleased father took his daughter Michaiah Hanks out for the first time in La Quinta, California.

Michaiah Hanks’ Father Is An Actor & Singer

Chet Hanks is a well-known American actor who continued his acting career after finishing his education.

Over the years, he has amassed a tremendous following across the country; one of his most well-known roles, Empire and Shameless, was a smash hit and elevated his profile. Hanks also portrayed the character of Joey Maldini in the Showtime courtroom drama miniseries “Your Honor.”

Bratz, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Larry Crowne, Project X, Fantastic Four, and Greyhound are among his other notable films. Chet has also pursued a career in music and is well-known for it.

Under the moniker Chet Haze, he released “White and Purple” in 2011, which went viral within days and was well-received across the country.

Chet continued his music career by forming the musical group FTRZ with Drew Arthur.

They released two singles, “Models” and “NowhereLand,” as well as the Ocean Park EP, after two years of public prominence. He’s worked on two tunes since then, releasing “Harley” and “Ticket out My Head” in the same year.

Despite having a lot of cinematic experience, Chet Hanks has been unable to achieve the level of celebrity that his father has. Despite this, Michaiah’s father had recurring parts on shows like Empire and Shameless. In the Showtime courtroom drama miniseries Your Honor, he played Joey Maldini. Bratz, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Larry Crowne, Project X, Fantastic Four, and Greyhound are just a few of the films he’s appeared in.

Chet is a musician and rapper in addition to acting. Under the alias Chet Haze, he recorded “White and Purple” in 2011. Wiz Khalifa’s track “Black and Yellow” was remixed for the song.

Chet and Drew Arthur founded the musical duo FTRZ in 2016. They released two singles (“Models” and “NowhereLand”), as well as the Ocean Park EP, two years later. Following that, in 2020, the duo released two tracks under the new name Something Out West, “Harley” and “Ticket Out My Head.”

Tiffany Miles, Michaiah’s mother, is a California State University graduate. She also works at Moguldom Media Group LLC as an intern. Miles works in the news sector in the city of Los Angeles. She assists with YouTube, Twitter, and email account management. Her additional responsibilities include using a teleprompter during live shoots, filing documents, and getting ready for red-carpet appearances.


Michaiah hasn’t started out working but as she is only a youngsterwell! Her father is an American actor who gained repute with the aid of acting in amazing 4, GreyHound, and Larry Crowne. And as Chester’s daughter and granddaughter of Tom Hanks, Michaiah is incomes an vast amount of reputation.

Michaiah Hanks’ Famous Grandparents

Michaiah is from a well-known family, as previously stated. Her grandfather does not require an introduction. Tom, the grandfather, is one of the most well-known and recognizable movie performers in the world, and he is regarded as an American cultural icon by many.

Michaiah’s actor grandfather’s films have grossed more than $4.9 billion in North America and $9.96 billion worldwide, making him North America’s fourth highest-grossing actor.

Splash, Bachelor Party, Big, and A League of Their Own are just a few of Tom’s flicks. He won two consecutive Academy Awards for “Best Actor” for his roles in Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1995). (1994).

From 1978 to 1987, Michaiah’s grandfather was the first spouse of late actress Samantha Lewes. Colin Hanks, their son, is also an actor. Elizabeth Hanks, Tom and Samantha’s daughter, was born to them.

The Forrest Gump star has been married to actress Rita Wilson (who is also Michaiah’s grandma) for 33 years. Wilson and Hanks have two boys. Michaiah’s father is Chester Marlon “Chet” Hanks, and his younger son, Truman Theodore, was born in 1995. The Hanks family splits their time between Los Angeles and Ketchum, Idaho.

Michaiah’s Relationship with the Hanks Family

Michaiah is adored by the Hanks family, according to an insider.“They (the Hanks) are smitten with the little child.” They adore her, and she even joined them for Halloween. The Hanks family will always adore and take care of her.”

Chet received some financial assistance from his Oscar-winning father, Tom, who helped Chet with his costs, including his $2,800 rent for his Santa Monica home. Tiffany had full custody of Chet’s daughter at the time, and the Forrest Gump actor stepped in to help her.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks both admitted to being fantastic grandparents to their grandchildren, including Michaiah, in an interview.

When their grandchildren are around, Tom and Rita agree that they don’t need TV, radio, or books. Their grandkids, they reasoned, simply put up with them. Wilson explained, “Sometimes they just look at us like, ‘What?’”

Michaiah’s Father Struggled with Substance Abuse

Chet Hanks, Hanks’ father, has battled addiction in the past. In multiple interviews, he has been open and remorseful about them.

Chet disclosed in November 2014 that he had struggled with substance misuse from the age of 16, but has become sober in his mid-twenties. He made news in June 2015 after slurring the N-word on Instagram. He was reported missing a few weeks later, according to some reports.

He revealed he was selling coke in an Instagram video, saying, “I was doing them until I couldn’t even snort it up to my nose anymore because it was that blocked.” Michaiah’s father admitted to smoking crack cocaine. He allegedly wrecked a hotel room, posed with Guns, and went to rehab multiple times.

Instagram of Michaiah

Michaiah Hanks, the daughter of yank actor and musician Tom Hanks, continues to be too young to make use of social media platforms including FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Anywayswhen Chet Hanks’ daughter creates an Instagram account, we’ll all be able to observe her.

Michaiah Helped Her Father Get Sober

As previously said, Chet has a reputation for acting erratically; the celebrity has gotten himself into narcotics, which has gotten his renowned parents into trouble as well.

How Many Kids Does Tom Hanks Have? | POPSUGAR Family

Michaiah’s father allegedly caused an automobile accident while under the influence of alcohol in mid-2016. Chet, on the other hand, was driving his parents’ vehicle. Terry Morgan, the victim, later filed a lawsuit against them.

Chet sustained a whiplash injury as well as a brain injury. The first child of Tom and Rita was known for her parties and mischief.

In the present, those days appear to be behind him, and Chet attributes his success to his daughter, Michaiah. His daughter, according to the Empire star, is the nicest thing that has ever happened to him. Michaiah, he believes, is the reason he changed his life and became sober. “I’ve been clean for over a year and a half,” the Shameless star revealed.

Some facts about Michaiah

Michaiah Hanks’s parents – Chester Marlon and Tiffany Miles – dated each other for a restricted termMoreover, the ex-couple had a infant female named Michaiah Hanks in 2016.
Tom Hank’s granddaughter Michaiah is playing her formative years together with her mother.
Michaiah Hanks is a 6 years vintage child and has no social 

media accountsHowever, she continuously made her look on her father’s social media account.

Just like Hazel Moder, Michaiah Hanks is one of those youngsters who don’t want years of struggle to earn an substantial amount of reputePeople were given attracted with the aid of her adorable pictures which are trending at the netProperly! We didn’t have any information approximately Michaiah Hanks’s social media bills, as her dad and mom haven’t found out something associated with it. You may follow Chester Marlon’s Instagram account to look how Michaiah is spending her life.

How did Michaiah’s parents meet?

It’s miles believed that Chet Hanks got intoxicated as soon as and had a one-night stand with Tiffany Miles. That is the handiest time Chet Hanks recollects spending with Tiffany Miles when unconscious.

As a end result, Chet asserts that the woman who spent the night time with him in his subconscious mind is a person he has the maximum regard for. He says that she is a excellent lady and that she gave him the present of a daughter named Michaiah Hanks.

Chet Hanks has often praised Tiffany Miles’s mother, of African descent, amid the demonstrations against George Floyd. Tiffany Miles is of African nationality.

Chet published numerous snap shots on Instagram with the caption, “The mother of my child and a lovely black female.” He did so to reveal his assist for the art work of George Floyd and to express his gratitude to a lady who had given him a cute daughter.


Net Worth of Michaiah Hnaks

Michaiah Hanks’s net really worth is $3 million, her father’s earningsHowever, Chester is receiving annual profits of 40800 USD

Physical appearance of Michaiah?

Michaiah Hanks’s father hasn’t discovered her cutting-edge frame weight and top. however, she has African-American ethnicity; she has dark ethnicity and black curly hair. Michaiah has spell binding dark brown eyes.

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