Max Helm: Bio, Upbringing, Rape, Fiji & More

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Max Helm Fiji is virtually known as Max Helm is a scholar at the Nebraska Lincoln college, whose dad and mom are Melissa Helm (mom) and Thomas Helm (father).

Max is a member of FIJI. FIJI is called Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity at the college. In his early 1920s, he got here to the limelight based totally on an alleged raped case of a 17-year-antique female which came about in August 2021. This raped case is just like the Colleen Ritzer rape story. 

Max Helm Fiji is the son of Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm. He was a scholar at the University of Nebraska Lincoln who got suspended after sensually assaulting and raping a minor at the university of lincoln America. After the incident, his parents flew him to a foreign country a place suggested as Omaha.

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At the same time as the case turned into happening, his past became regarded after close to 13 ladies came ahead accusing him and different participants of the fraternity organization of rape.

Similarly to that, a few reports said that Max Helm went changed into high school in Omaha and had a rapey past there too.


Who’s Max Helm?

Max Helm is a member of the Fiji fraternity, additionally referred to as Phi Gamma Delta. In August 2021, whilst analyzing at the college of Nebraska Lincoln, Max Helm became accused of raping a 17-yr-old woman and leaving her to bleed on the ground.

furthermore, this news spread like wildfire, and lots of humans raised their voices toward the Fiji fraternity. several students of the college of Nebraska Lincoln protested by signing a petition to shut down the fraternity permanently.

Not too long after the tragic incident, Max Helm and his mother and father fled to Mexico to avoid dealing with the effects of his sinful actions.


Max Helm Quick Facts

Full NameMax Helm
BirthdateNot Available
BirthplaceNebraska, USA
Currently residingMexico
Sexual OrientationStraight
Eyes ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
UniversityUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
ParentsThomas Helm (Father)
Melissa Helm (Mother)
SiblingsNot Available
Marital statusUnmarried
Net worthUnder review

Max Helm’s childhood

Max Helm who is presently between the while of 20-25 changed into being born to Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm. There isn’t sufficient information about his own family relationship or whether or not he has a sibling or not.

The principle component recognized approximately him was the rape case he’s linked to which has prompted quite a lot of humans to quit the fraternity group which he follows.

Max Helm Fiji profession

He become nonetheless inside the Nebraska college in Lincoln earlier than he vanished into thin air because of the alleged rape case of a 17-12 months-antique girl. Max Helm is on the younger facet and there hasn’t been any file approximately working someplace as of now, in all likelihood he has a task, or he doesn’t.

He’s pretty young on the grounds that he’s just in his early Twenties. additionally known as Phi Gama Delta Fraternity at Nebraska Lincoln university. Fiji has a member named max helm. Max helm has been charged with Sensual attack and rape. It became pronounced that at the fraternity party, he focused and molested a lady student.


Max Hem’s mother and father

Most of the records that surfaced online approximately max Fiji changed into approximately the rape case. The name of Max Helm’s parents Is Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm. There are few reports approximately them or what they do, however, rounds have been going on line that max helm comes from a wealthy own family.

After the rape incident. There were reports saying that his figure flew him in a foreign country to avoid facing his crimes.


Max Helm’s internet worth

There hasn’t been any news regarding Max Helm Fijji’s internet really worth. There also are no assets to get any records regarding his property portfolio.


Max Helm Fiji Age

Until the college releases extra details about him, there haven’t been any reports declaring his age on-line, but, assets have said he’s in his early 1920s making him quite younger to have committed such a criminal offense.  


Max Helm Fiji peak

After gaining some degree of reputation because of rape assault on a 17 years vintage female, he fled to some other usa with his dad and mom in view that is family has the cash and connection, meanwhile there has been no actual document of what his top his.


Max Helm Fiji Girlfriends

Max hasn’t stated that he’s right into a relationship, having been a long-serving member of the fraternity squad, that maximum of its member has also been accused of raping women makes, it very possibly he has a serious associate yet.


Max Helm Fiji Instagram

After the Sensual assault that Helm max changed into alleged for, he determined to go stealth mode via making his Instagram account hidden. That’s no longer all he has additionally protected his Twitter account since it isn’t always seen to all of us except his fans. but, he has a Twitter account that isn’t seen to everyone except his fans.


Max Helm Wiki

Upbringing, and educational history

Max Helm is the son of Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm. He was a scholar at the university of Nebraska Lincoln. but, Max were given suspended after sensually assaulting and raping a minor and moved to Mexico. 


Peak and appearance

Information about Max Helm’s height and measurements is presently no longer available. but, the previous university of Nebraska Lincoln pupil appears to be fairly tall primarily based on his pics. 

He’s of medium construct and seems to be quite athletic. furthermore, Max Helm has blonde hair and brown eyes. Likewise, Helm has worn prescription glasses in maximum of his pictures. 


Max Helm Fiji

Fiji, additionally called Phi Gamma Delta, is a social fraternity. Max Helm was a member of the fraternity. 

After Max Helm raped a minor, many human beings puzzled Helm’s social fraternity was part of. Later, it turned into discovered that the Fiji fraternity upheld many absurd and questionable morals. 

Likewise, the fraternity changed into also announced as racist. one in all their policies became that all fraternity individuals had to pledge to a  “no Mexican” rule. Further to this, the fraternity has a long record of mistreating and abusing ladies. 

Those revelations got here after Max Helm brutally raped a 17-12 months-old woman on the University of Nebraska Lincoln premises in August 2021.

Max Helm Fiji Net Worth, Age, Career and Wiki


Protest against Fiji 2021

Not long after the tragic incident, many humans, which includes numerous college students, protested against the Fiji fraternity and demanded it have to be shut down. furthermore, over 280K human beings signed a petition against the racist and complicated fraternity.

The University of Nebraska Lincoln become already on probation for earlier violations of numerous university guidelines. in addition, the fraternity got suspended for 3 years on debts of “reckless alcohol use, hazing, and beside the point sensually-based behavior.” in 2017.

After Max Helm, a Fiji member raped a minor on campus premises, Chancellor Ronnie inexperienced released an announcement pronouncing that the fraternity turned into ultimate in October 2021. Earlier than this selection, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity stated,

“As the investigation maintains, we’re prepared to take immediately, suitable action to ensure the safety and protection of all who are part of or visit Phi Gamma Delta.”

Chancellor Ronnie inexperienced’s assertion examines,

“We’re remaining the fraternity house and suspending operations for the Fiji bankruptcy at the same time as this investigation is ongoing due to potential probation violations. this is the accountable movement to take for everyone concerned.”

In February 2022, it was mentioned that Fiji had filed a lawsuit in opposition to Chancellor Ronnie’s inexperienced and Director of student conduct and community standards, Andrea Barefield. Inexperienced and Barefield had been named the 2 defendants inside the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court on February 18, 2022, with the aid of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. 

in keeping with the lawsuit, the defendants violated the Fiji members’ “constitutional right to freedom of speech, freedom of association, and the proper to procedural due technique,” based totally on Chancellor inexperienced and Director Barefield’s statements, investigations, and actions taken against the Fiji Plaintiffs.


What took place to Max Helm Fiji

The UNL Police department investigated the case and without delay close down the Fiji fraternity house. Their sports were halted however it appears the offender hasn’t been reprimanded seeing that a chain of published traces states that he wasn’t arrested due to the fact his dad and mom right away flew him to Mexico where he’s currently taking part in a circle of relatives vacation while a few say he was arrested.

anyway, the sufferer has been treated and is now safe. 

however, a petition has been surpassed throughout online from those that have condemned the act to put an give up to the Fiji fraternity at the university of Nebraska Lincoln: BAN FIJI for all time (UNL).


Max Helm Rape and Sensual assault

On August 24, 2021, the primary week of Fall training, Max Helm, a member of the Fiji fraternity, raped a 17-year-vintage female. each Helm and the minor attended a celebration held on the University of Nebraska Lincoln. The lady turned into a freshman on the college. 

Helm brutally raped and left her bleeding and bare at the campus garden. someone reported the sensual assault, and shortly, a crowd of indignant students surrounded the frat party voicing their protest concerning the incident. 

It turned into later discovered that Helm had beat up the 17-yr-antique and threw her out of the building after raping her. A woman noticed her mendacity subconscious at the ground and quickly took her to the emergency room. unfortunately, they didn’t reveal the sufferer’s call to shield her identity. 

Because the victim fought for her lifestyle in the sanatorium, the range of human beings accumulated to protest extended dramatically. Max Helm, the rapist, and other participants of the Fiji fraternity had been guffawing and taking images of the protest. 

The incident quickly received traction on the internet. customers on social networking platforms consisting of Twitter and TikTok shared videos of the organization of protesters and demanded that Max Helm must face the consequences of his actions. 

A Twitter person wrote,

“They need to be long past completely because whatever else contributes to the motive why so many women and victims don’t talk up approximately Sensual violence and rape due to the fact nobody will trust them, or listen, or do something about it. agree with girls, and ban Fiji.” 

A clip changed into acquired with the aid of the Lincoln magazine megastar wherein angry protestors can be visible shouting, “F–okay Fiji”.similarly, many of them held protest symptoms analyzing, “20 to life”, “hold rapists responsible”, “Even my canine knows once I say no”, and “No means no.”

In fact, this wasn’t the primary time that Helm was accused of Sensual abuse. In 2017, the Nebraska local turned into charged with molesting another lady. Likewise, the Fiji fraternity allegedly shouted “No manner sure” at a ladies’s rights march and displayed symptoms assisting President Donald Trump for the duration of the march. 


In which is Max Helm now?

The college of Nebraska Lincoln suspended Max Helm after the unlucky incident. regrettably, no different prison motion become taken against him notwithstanding many human beings traumatic justice for the rape victim.

In keeping with numerous assets, Max Helm and his mother and father left the united states to keep away from legal hassle. They allegedly relocated to Mexico, wherein they presently stay.

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