Mario Balotelli net worth: age, bio, family, career, facts and more

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Mario Balotelli net worth was predicted at around $80 million. Mario Balotelli is an Italian professional footballer acknowledged for his high-quality expertise on the field as well as his controversial conduct off it. Balotelli started his career at Lumezzane earlier than transferring directly to play for top clubs which include Inter Milan, Manchester City, AC Milan, Liverpool, and fine. He has received several titles during his profession, together with the choicest League and Serie A. 

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Early Life

Mario Balotelli was born on 12 August 1990. His birth name is Mario Balotelli Barwuah. His birthplace is Palermo, Italy. He became the second of four kids born of the union between his biological mom, Rose, and his biological father, Thomas Barwuah. Because of his circle of relatives’ bad situation, he changed into being presented up for adoption at the age of three. 

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Mario Balotelli net worth: How rich is he? | Personal Life

He was raised with the aid of his foster mother and father Silvia and Francesco Balotelli ever for the reason that he was aged three. He changed into completely fostered by way of the Balotelli due to the incapacity of his biological mother and father to cater to his health and social wishes. He holds Italian nationality. He belongs to the black ethnicity. His faith is Christianity. His horoscope sign is Leo.

Mario Balotelli Family

Mario Balotelli was born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy, on August 12, 1990. His mother and father, Thomas and Rose Barwuah, have been immigrants from Ghana. Balotelli’s parents had been not able to take care of him, and he changed into adopted by means of an Italian own family whilst he turned three years old.

Balotelli’s adoptive dad and mom, Francesco and Silvia Balotelli, raised him in the city of Brescia in northern Italy. They have been a source of guidance for Balotelli for the duration of his profession, and feature performed a critical function in his life. Balotelli has two organic siblings, a sister named Abigail and a brother named Enoch, who have also been adopted through Italian households.

Balotelli has two kids of his own. His daughter, Pia, was born in 2012 to his former girlfriend, Raffaella Fico. Balotelli’s son, the Lion, turned in 2017 to his current lady friend, Clelia Convertino.

Physical Appearance

Mario Balotelli is a tall and muscular athlete, standing at 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weighing approximately 194 lbs (88 kg). He has a powerful build, which contributes to his strength and athleticism on the football field.

Balotelli is also known for his distinctive and striking appearance. He has short, black hair and piercing blue eyes. He often wears his hair in different styles, including a mohawk, a buzz cut, or a simple shortcut. Balotelli also has several tattoos on his arms, chest, and back, including images of a lion, a samurai warrior, and a phoenix.

Who is Mario Balotelli dating?

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Mario Balotelli is an expert footballer who has performed for several pinnacle clubs at some stage in his career. He started out his career at Lumezzane before transferring directly to Inter Milan in 2007. He quickly became known for his skills on the field, in addition to his volatile persona and debatable conduct off it.

Balotelli performed for Inter Milan until 2010, winning 3 Serie A titles, the Coppa Italia, and the UEFA Champions League. He then moved to Manchester city, where he helped the crew win the top-quality League title in 2012. Balotelli scored several vital goals for the crew, inclusive of a penalty inside the identity-deciding health towards QPR.

After leaving Manchester City, Balotelli performed for AC Milan, Liverpool, and pleasant. He has received numerous more titles at some stage in his career, along with the Italian tremendous Cup and the French Ligue 1. Balotelli is understood for his splendid talent on the sphere, together with his pace, strength, and skill making him an impressive opponent for any defender.

However, Balotelli’s career has also been marked by controversy. He has been involved in numerous excessive-profile incidents, along with arguments with coaches, pink cards, and accusations of racist abuse. Balotelli’s conduct off the field has also made headlines, with reviews of him putting off fireworks in his lavatory and crashing his automobile.

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Notwithstanding those controversies, Balotelli remains one of the most gifted and successful footballers of his time. His career achievements and contributions to the sport are recognized and celebrated by enthusiasts around the arena.


At some stage in his career as an expert footballer, Mario Balotelli has won many games and received numerous honors and awards.

  • Balotelli became the 2012 UEFA ecu Championship runner-up.
  • At the FIFA Confederations Cup, Balotelli got 3rd place in 2013.
  • Mario Balotelli was honored via Serie A in 2007, 2008, and 2009.
  • In 2009, Balotelli was commemorated by means of the UEFA Champions League.
  • Balotelli was inducted into the greatest League by Manchester City in 2011.


Balotelli is pretty much what you’ll call an arguable parent. He and some pals fired air pistols in a crowded Milan plaza in 2010. He became photographed hanging out with two mafia circles of relatives participants later that year. Due to his wild antics, many Manchester metropolis fans cherished Mario or even wrote a song about him.

While Balotelli arrived in Manchester to sign up for his new membership, he crashed his vehicle at the same time as sporting five,000 kilos in cash. While Mario was asked why he was wearing a lot of cash, he genuinely answered, “due to the fact I’m rich.”.

In an ironic twist, Balotelli became the Fireworks protection Ambassador of Manchester after setting his house on fire due to an indoor fireworks mishap. Mancini once stated he didn’t communicate to Balotelli every day due to the fact that if he did, he might need a psychologist.

Some facts about Mario Balotelli

  • Manchester town striker Mario Balotelli is just 21 years vintage, however, he has already collected a giant archive of controversy. Additionally, he faces a $400,000 fine in 2012 for violating curfew via going to a strip membership.
  • In December 2011, he had a ridiculous sword fight at an Indian restaurant whilst violating curfew.
  • Whilst he stomped on an opponent’s head in January 2012, he received a 4-match suspension.
  • On Sunday in October 2011, after scoring the opening goal in opposition to Manchester United, Mario pulled up his jersey to expose a blouse pronouncing, “WHY continually ME?”.
  • In October 2011, he set fire to his bathroom after taking pictures of fireworks from his window.
  • In August 2011, a person positioned rotting fish in his $250,000 automobile.
  • In la, he became benched for showboating and missing an extensive-open goal in the summer season of 2011.
  • Mario Balotelli, who became bullied by faculty in may additionally 2011, faced the bully after a bit boy on the road complained.
  • Having gained $25,000 at a casino in April 2011, he gave $1,000 to a homeless man.
  • He was pulled over in April 2011 with $25,000 in the front seat.
  • He was dispatched for a karate kick in March 2011 that eliminated Man metropolis from the Europa League.
  • Young players had been “pranked” by him throwing darts at them in March 2011.

Mario Balotelli net worth

Mario Balotelli’s net worth was estimated to be around $80 million. Balotelli has earned his fortune through his successful football career, as well as through several lucrative endorsement deals and sponsorships.

During his career, Balotelli has played for several top clubs, including Inter Milan, Manchester City, AC Milan, Liverpool, and Nice. He has won numerous titles and awards, including the Premier League, Serie A, and the FA Cup.


Where is Mario Balotelli from?

Mario Balotelli was born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

What is Mario Balotelli’s family background?

Mario Balotelli’s parents are immigrants from Ghana. He was adopted by an Italian family when he was three years old.

Who has Mario Balotelli played for during his career?

Mario Balotelli has played for several top clubs throughout his career, including Inter Milan, Manchester City, AC Milan, Liverpool, and Nice.

What are some of Mario Balotelli’s career achievements?

Mario Balotelli has won numerous titles throughout his career, including the Premier League, Serie A, and the FA Cup. He has also been named to the Serie A Team of the Year and the UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season.

Does Mario Balotelli have any children?

Yes, Mario Balotelli has two children, a daughter named Pia and a son named Lion.

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