Louis partridge net worth $2 million – Biography, Facts & Life Story

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Louis Partridge Net worth 2024

According to The Richest, Louis Partridge worked on several films, which helped him earn a $2 million net worth. Other sources put his net worth at $1.5 million.


The actor is most known for his part as Tewkesbury in the upcoming Netflix film Enola Holmes, in which he will also play a supporting character. The film is scheduled to release in 2020. In the new television series Medici, which debuted in 2019, he portrayed the character Piero de Medici in multiple episodes. The future movie, “The Lost Girls,” which is scheduled for release in 2021, has decided to cast him in the role of Peter Pan.

Like Barry Van Dyke, he is also known for his roles in television and film. His first television appearance was in an episode of the BBC series Boomers, which debuted in 2014. This episode aired in 2014.

He plays the role of G-Man, a supporting character, in the 2017 film Paddington 2, which was released that year.

His ancestry can be traced back to England. He has stated that his musical preferences may be traced back to his older sister Issie, whom he regards as being his primary source of inspiration. His younger sister, Millie, has a popular TikTok account in which she posts under the moniker zooweemama_.

Together with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, he has a starring role in the upcoming film Enola Holmes.

Louis Partridge: 13 facts about the Enola Holmes actor you need to know - PopBuzz

13 facts about the Enola Holmes actor you need to know

  1. Who is Louis Partridge?

The young British teen who is currently on his road to achieving fame and fortune in the entertainment industry is known as Louie Partridge. The film Enola Holmes, in which he appeared alongside Millie Bobby Brown, propelled him to the forefront of international attention. This article provides you with all the information you require regarding him, from his age and height to the roles he has played in the past.

  1. How many years has Louis Partridge been alive?

Since he was born on June 3rd, 2003, Louis Partridge is currently 18 years old as of the time that this article was written.

  1. What star sign does Louis Partridge fall under?

Since Louis Partridge’s birthday falls at the beginning of June, the zodiac sign Gemini describes him perfectly. Some of their features include being outgoing and intelligent.

  1. At what height does Louis Partridge stand?

However, there is no information that can be relied upon regarding how tall Louis actually is in real life. In some places, it is stated that he is roughly 1.8 meters (6 feet) tall, whereas in others, it is stated that he is approximately 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall. In addition to this, he towers over Millie Bobby Brown, who has a height of 5 feet and 4 inches, by a considerable amount of inches.

  1. In what country does Louis Partridge hail?

Actor Louis Partridge was born in the Wandsworth neighborhood of London, which is located in the United Kingdom.

  1. Can you name some of the films and programs that Louis Partridge has appeared in?

Piero de Medici and G-Man are both characters that Louis has previously played in the movies Medici and Paddington 2, respectively. In addition to that, he played Young Henry Bates in Amazon Adventures, and he will soon be seen in Enola Holmes, in which he will be Lord Tewkesbury, the love interest of Millie Bobby Brown. Both of these roles were played by him.

  1. The role of Sid Vicious in the upcoming Sex Pistols series will be played by Louis Partridge.

The punk rock band Screaming For Vengeance’s former bass player and frontman, Sid Vicious, will be portrayed by Louis Partridge in the upcoming six-part television series ‘Sex Pistols’ directed by Danny Boyle. The series will air on Showtime. Alongside him will be Maisie Williams from “Game of Thrones,” Toby Wallace from “The Society,” Anson Boon, Jacob Slater, and Dylan Llewellyn. He will also appear in the film.

  1. In the show Enola Holmes, who plays the role of Lord Tewkesbury?

In the movie Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge portrays the role of Lord Tewksbury on screen. Young Viscount Tewkesbury, sometimes known as Count Tewkesbury, is the one who winds up running away from his family because he is suspicious of the plans that they have for him. He meets Enola while she is out searching for her mother, and the two of them become good friends and allies almost immediately after meeting each other.

  1. Is Louis Partridge active on social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok?

You can find Louis Partridge on Instagram by searching for him under the handle @Louispartridge_. Although he uses the username @louis partridge on TikTok, it appears that he does not actively use the platform because he has only uploaded one video there so far. At this time, he does not have any profiles on Twitter, Snapchat, or TikTok that are available to the general public.

  1. Is Louis Partridge a member of the TikTok community?

Tasia Alexis and Louis Partridge are TikTok sensations. On TikTok, Louis Partridge may be found under the handle @louis partridge; however, his account only contains one video, which demonstrates him interacting with some of his fans. In case you were wondering about his appearances, you might have also seen him on the TikTok accounts of some of his friends. If that’s the case, you’re in luck.

  1. In addition to his acting career, Louis Partridge is currently pursuing his A-Levels.

The GCSE results that Louis received prompted him to start shooting Enola Holmes just a few days later. Because he was still uncertain about whether or not he would be able to make a living as an actor, he decided to keep working on his A-Levels. “The entire audition process occurred while I was revising, and I was significantly more concerned with concentrating on the auditions than I was with the examinations,” he explained to Miss Vogue. “I was far more worried about concentrating on the auditions than I was with the examinations.”

  1. Louis Partridge has a soft spot for throwback tunes from the ’80s.

Even though he has been teaching himself how to play the piano, he has stated that the music he enjoys listening to is primarily from the 1980s and that “If it’s from the ’80s, I’ll appreciate it.” The Strokes, The Smiths, and The Cure are three of the bands that he lists as being among his favorites to listen to.

  1. When he was younger, Louis Partridge had aspirations of being a fashion model.

In addition to his career as an actor, Louis has acknowledged in an interview with British Vogue that he has a “slightly excessive” interest in fashion. In addition to this, he is constantly on the move, therefore one of his favorite things to do is shop at Dover Street Market. Despite the fact that he has been cautioned on multiple occasions by agents that he is “not tall enough,” he still has aspirations of becoming a runway model. Damn.

  1. Is Louis Partridge in a relationship with someone?

Louis has not disclosed whether he is dating anyone at this time, despite the fact that he is quite active on social media. In response to Seventeen’s challenge to play a game of 17 questions, he admitted that he had previously undergone surgery to have his heart removed.

Louis Partridge Girlfriend

It would appear that Louis Partridge is still not in a relationship despite the fact that he is very active on social media. We would have been aware of his relationship with a spouse if he had one. The young man, who is 18, has not said in any of his social media posts that he is participating in the dating scene. However, there is one unique piece of information about him that you should be aware of, and that is the fact that he owns a dog.

The actor who portrays Lord Tewkesbury on the Netflix show Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge, has stated in the past that he was previously in a relationship with another female. Millie and Louie joined the cast of “Seventeen” and took part in “17 Questions” as part of the marketing campaign for their film. During this time, Louis Partridge revealed that he had previously experienced the breaking of his heart. Millie and Louie also participated in the campaign. Even though he refused to disclose the name of his ex-girlfriend, he did admit that he had been in a relationship in the past.

It makes perfect sense; after all, why would you want to disclose the identity of the person who used to be their girlfriend? After the video was made public, other rumors began to spread, many of the veracity of which we are unable to confirm at this time. Nevertheless, we are going to incorporate them into this area in any case!

Louis Partridge’s Girlfriend’s name is Lulu!

Following the denial of dating rumors between Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge, as well as the rejection of their admirers, many people began to speculate about the 18-year relationship, which ultimately led to the formation of this new thought. Followers of Louis Partridge believe that he is currently involved in a relationship with Lulu, who has been his long-term sweetheart.

We do not have any information regarding the true identity of Lulu, who is said to be Louis Partridge’s girlfriend. The more we tried to find out the solution, the more confused and frustrated we became. After doing in-depth research across all relevant social media platforms, we came up with two hypotheses to explain the existence of Lulu in Louis’s life: either she is Louis’s girlfriend or she is Louis’s cousin. Take a look at how difficult it is to understand.

Following a number of reported sightings of Louis and the woman he claims to be his girlfriend, Lulu, together, Louis’s fans started to speculate that the two were in a romantic relationship. It has been brought to our attention that the images that have been making their way around the internet cannot be found on any of Partridge’s social media sites. This lends some credibility to the charges.

Despite the fact that this has been asked of him on multiple occasions, Partridge has never confirmed or denied the allegations that he is in a relationship with Lulu. The only thing that can be deduced from the situation at this point is that Louis Partridge is still without a significant other and hasn’t settled down by the year 2021. On the other hand, fans are positive that Louis does in fact have a girlfriend. It would appear that the truth will not be revealed to us for a little while longer than we had originally anticipated.

Louis Partridge is currently establishing a name for himself as a result of his role in the Netflix film Enola Holmes, in which he co-stars with Millie Bobby Brown.

And as his reputation grows, so does the curiosity in his love life, specifically in the question of whether or not Louis has a girlfriend.

Does Anyone Know If Louis Partridge Has Any Social Media Accounts? Details Regarding a User’s TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter Accounts Have Been Disclosed

The actor, who has previously been in Paddington 2, is currently only 17 years old, but it does not appear that he has a girlfriend or boyfriend. It would appear that he likes to keep that aspect of his life out of the spotlight, as evidenced by the fact that he is currently single.

Louis Partridge has stated that he has experienced a shattered heart in the past. Picture: Louis Partridge/Instagram

Despite this, Louis did acknowledge in a recent interview that he has previously experienced a shattered heart.

During an interview with Seventeen that they did to promote their new movie, Millie Bobby Brown asked Louis Tomlinson, “Have you ever been heartbroken before?”

He merely responded, “Yeah,” without providing any other information about what he had been through, making it plain that he did not wish to discuss further.

Again, due to the fact that Louis is a young actor and very secretive, it is not known who broke his heart.

Both she and Louis have become close as a result of him working with Millie in Enola Holmes; as a result, they have both posted a lot of images of one another on Instagram. Millie has also posted a lot of photos of Louis.

Naturally, this has contributed to rumors of a romantic relationship between the two young people, but neither Louis nor Millie have commented on the rumors, and the three of them have continued to be the closest of friends.


Louis Partridge’s residence is where?

Louis was born in Wandsworth and now resides with his parents in South West London.

Louis Partridge’s MBTI type is?

Charles Partridge ISFJs are modest, reserved, and action-oriented individuals. Conscious and diligent, they are devoted to others and their organizations.

Does Enola Holmes have a husband?

Although Lord Tewksbury and Enola had a lot of chemistry in the movie, the character does not appear in any of the series’ five additional novels. In the book series, Enola does not wed.

Is 11-year-old Enola Holmes appropriate?

Enola Holmes is best suited to youngsters ages 13 and older, with parental supervision to 15 years, due to its violence and spooky sequences.

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