What to Know About Kenya Duke and Gary Owen’s Impending Divorce?

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Kenya Duke is a well-known African-American businesswoman and entrepreneur, as well as an actor and let-down comedian in the United States. She rose to prominence after appearing on The Gary Owen Show with her family.

Premier Sports & Corporate Travel Company’s CEO Kenya Duke was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States, on July 26th, 1974.

She is African-American by ethnicity and American by nationality. She is running a travel management business, and her company is one of the most successful travel management companies in the U.S. Gary Owen, who is also a well-known stand-up comedian, is her husband.

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Her company provides various services, including traveling events for independent film and television companies, music tours, and professional and college sports teams. She is recognized for presenting many T.V. shows in addition to being an entrepreneur, such as:

  • DeRay Davis: Power Play (2010)
  • Look I’m Smiling (2011)
  • Gary Owen’s Show (2016)

Where Did Kenya Duke Meet Gary Owen?

Once Gary Owen was performing at the Chubby Shop as a stand-up comedian, he met Kenya Duke for the first time.

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Gary Owen's Estranged Wife Kenya Duke Seeking $44,000 a Month in Spousal Support

They both started talking after a while.

The second meeting was at the exact place they first met, and they both found out that they loved each other.

After she got his message, she called him as soon as she could.

He said, “I was like, ‘Look, I know I’m supposed to wait three days, but you’re gonna meet a lot of dudes in three days. I’m just letting you know how I’m interested.”

Gary is a well-known actor who has been in a number of films such as Think Like a Man, Daddy Day Care, Little Man, Meet the Blacks and others. His stand-up comedy performances are equally well-known.

He’s got fame and earned a fortune for his popular comedy program “The Gary Owen Show,” a comedy series that follows Gary Owen, America’s most favorite and well-recognized stand-up comedian, and his interracial family.

Gary Owen was a Master at Arms in the U.S. Navy for six years before switching to comedy, and he also served as the presidential honor guard.

Gary Owen and Kenya married on July 19th, 2003, after dating for four years.

They met regularly more often after hooking up, and their relationship got even more profound. Afterward, Gary Owen and his wife exchanged their marriage vows in a wedding ceremony on December 19th, 2006.

Kenya Duke has three children from her present marriage: Emilio, a son from a prior marriage, and Kennedy Owen and Austin Owen, from Gary Owen.

Owen Talked About His Split on the Wendy Williams Show

Even though Gary Owen is embroiled in a contentious divorce fight with his estranged wife Kenya Duke, the entertainer may have a thing for Wendy Williams, a popular The Wendy Williams Show host.

Williams acknowledged finding Owen attractive on her program, saying he “stuck out to” her during the production of “Think like a Man,” in which they both played roles. Williams stated that they were both married to their respective spouses at the time, adding a little flirt.

Following Owen’s appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, the odd couple reunited and were seen having dinner at Scotto’s in New York City on June 10th. After the news of them having dinner dates together, Kenya took it to her social media account to call Gary Owen out.

What Went Wrong Between The Two?

Gary’s wife, Kenya Duke, with whom he has shared nearly 18 years and three children, filed for divorce in March of this year. But what exactly happened? Fans quickly speculated as to what caused the marriage’s untimely demise; nevertheless, it appears that it was only a matter of time. 

Actress Kenya Duke and her comedian husband Gary Owen are splitting after nearly 18 years of marriage. Things were low-key at that time, but after Owen talked about their split up on the show, Kenya lost her control. She filed for divorce on March 7th.

After being quiet for days, she finally started to call Gary out for disclosing their private matter on T.V. Kenya Duke took to Instagram after his interview to make additional allegations against her estranged husband.

“I was shocked you spent most of your time talking about me, the divorce, son and daughter,” wrote Duke. She advised him that he should have talked more about his projects and club appearances and that he should have shut Williams down when asked about the divorce. “Why didn’t you?… because you want my attention and you knew someone would send it to me.”

When Duke revealed the news on her social media sites, it went viral. She went on her Instagram to rant about him opening up, where she mentioned his official account and said:

“@garyowencomedy you wanted more of my attention, so here I am. I tried not to respond but with so many untruths it was necessary to address your lies and your friend.”

While there was no significant reason for their divorce, Gary Owen said that the pair separated simply because their marriage had reached its endpoint.  However, the comedian Gary did not want to make things more public following a series of outbursts over Kenya’s ranting on social media.

Kenya claimed that her outbursts were her only means to communicate with Gary during their separation since he has not responded to any of her or their children’s calls or texts.

Why Has Kenya Duke Filed a Request for Support (RFO)?

On June 6th, Duke chastised Owen for failing to financially support the family after he uploaded a photo of himself wearing a shirt with the words breadwinner and its definition printed on it.

Kenya is now requesting a sizable monthly compensation from Gary Own. Kenya believes she is entitled to spousal support, which is a monthly payment of $3 million since the comedian is worth $3 million and has taken care of the family’s money for the past 17 years. Keyna does not understand why he has stopped doing that.

Kenya opened up about the divorce and that whatever she is doing, she is doing for her children. She said she needs the support because she is on debts that have to be paid. She mentioned borrowing $20,000 from a family friend to pay off the family’s American Express credit card account, as well as some other bills.

What to Know About Kenya Duke and Gary Owen's Impending Divorce?

“Gary and I have been married for over seventeen years. Twenty-three years ago, I left my promising career as an account manager to solely support Gary and his career,” Kenya spoke up.

Kenya is also being asked for an $88,000 lump sum amount for the expenses she spent previously. According to Kenya, “last two months he has failed to provide me with funds.”

She wrote, “I will continue to pay our monthly expenses until a permanent agreement can be reached between us. I find it humiliating and painful to have to text Gary twice a month to ask for money,”

Kanye added, “Not responding to those messages leaves me incredibly scared and anxious. I’m also asking Gary to make a $50,000 contribution to my attorney’s fees because I don’t have a source of income or budget to pay my lawyer beyond what I already paid with the credit card I haven’t paid yet.”

Kenya apparently seems to be bringing his alleged mistress into the scenario because she believes Gary has been hooking up with different mistresses. She hinted, that Gary is ready to lavish cash on these women, but he was supposedly cheap in his own marriage. In one of her social media posts, Kenya wrote, “I don’t care about any of these paid relationships. Although, I do think $600 for 30 min is too expensive and you were tripping if I tried to order a $12.00 side (dish) when we ate out…Wow,” continuing, “What I do care about is you doing the right thing financially when it comes to me.”

Did Claudia Jordan play a role in their divorce as per Kenya Duke?

Kenya posted a confusing post accusing her estranged spouse of infidelity. Still, her inclusion of Fox Soul presenter and actress Claudia Jordan threw the public for a loop. She might be implying that one of Claudia’s friends is somehow connected to the impending divorce.

Although Claudia Jordan, who refers to Gary Owen as her “buddy,” denies playing a part in his divorce from Kenya Duke and chose to confront her alleged involvement in an Instagram live session. According to Jordan, Claudia Jordan and Gary Owen had known one another for nearly 20 years, who also commented, “the fact that I’m being dragged into this is stupid and it’s just not true,” she explained. Adding, “I understand that divorce is difficult, but you don’t have to drag people in.”

What’s coming?

Initially, their attempt to keep their divorce hidden was tolerable, but things are becoming rough and nasty between the two. Kenya has accused Gary of adultery, being a cheapskate, and being a deadbeat parent. We don’t know when this social media fight will end, but more things will probably come.

However, Gary Owen has yet to reply to the allegations leveled against him. He said that he was told not to provide any information regarding divorce. He did, however, hint that a huge surprise was on the way.

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