Jimmie Walker Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wife, and Kids

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Are you familiar with Jimmie Walker? According to a great number of individuals, he is one of the youngest famous celebrity. Here, in this article, you will find the complete biography and Jimmie Walker Net Worth.

 If James Carter Walker Jr. is something that you are interested in, we can guarantee that your time spent here will not be wasted. You may learn about Jimmie Walker Net Worth, age, height, and other facts by reading this page and following the links within it. Let’s Look into It.

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Walker is a popular American comedian and actor who is best remembered for his role as James Evans Jr. (“J.J.”) on the television series Good Times, which aired on CBS. As of the year 2022, Jimmie Walker Net Worth of only one million dollars.

Early Life and Bio

Full NameJames Carter Walker Jr.
Birth Date / AgeJune 25, 1947 / 74 Years Old
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, New York, USA
Source of WealthActing / Comedy
Relationship StatusSingle
Height6 ft. 1 in. / 185 cm.
Net Worth$1 Million

James Carter Walker Jr. was born in the month of June in the borough of Brooklyn in the city of New York in 1947. His parents were named James and Lorena. His father worked as a Pullman Porter, while his mother had a variety of occupations, including serving as the head nurse of the nursing department at a local hospital at one point.

Jimmie Walker Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wife, and Kids

During this time, Jimmie was forced to watch his father commit acts of domestic violence against his mother when he was a child.

Walker’s upbringing took place in the Bronx, despite the fact that he was born in Brooklyn. There, he received his high school education at Theodore Roosevelt High School. After that, he proceeded with his education by participating in a program called SEEK (Search for Education, Evaluation, and Knowledge).

It’s interesting to note that he got his start in the world of radio engineering through the adult radio station WRVR.

Jimmie Walker Net Worth and Career

1969 was the year that Walker first performed stand-up comedy. Soon after that, the casting director for Good Times found him and cast him in one of the roles. During this same period of time, Jimmie was also appearing on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and the Jack Paar Show.

Between the years 1974 and 1979, Walker played the role of James Evans Jr., also known as “J.J.,” on the CBS series Good Times. Walker’s catchphrase “Dyn-o-mite!” became popular, and he used it in each episode. This helped him gain traction.

The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, At Ease, and Bustin’ Loose are just a few of the numerous well-known television shows on which Walker has appeared. Then, he had roles in films such as Airplane!, Going Bananas, The Guyver, and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, which are among his most famous performances.

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Notably, he went back to radio in the 1990s and hosted shows on WHIO, WOAI, WLS, and KKAR. This was an important career move for him.

Walker published his autobiography with the title Dyn-o-mite! in the year 2012. A Memoir of the Good Times, the Bad Times, and Our Times

Lastly, throughout the past several years, the actor has been featured in a number of commercials for Medicare Helpline TV.

Personal Life

Walker revealed, rather unexpectedly, on The Wendy Williams Show that he has never been married and does not have any children. He also stated that he does not have any siblings.

In 2012, he gave an interview to CNN in which he stated that despite his opposition to gay marriage on moral grounds, he believed that it should be made legal. He said that “it’s not worth fighting against” (it’s not worth fighting for).

Jimmie Walker Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wife, and Kids

Walker went into greater depth in his biography regarding his political beliefs, claiming that he upholds a belief in “logic and common sense” while maintaining that he typically takes a conservative stance on topics.

In point of fact, Walker is continuing to perform his stand-up comedy routine across the country at various venues.

Jimmie Walker Net Worth

Since the middle of the 1970s, when he started appearing on Good Times, estimates of Jimmie Walker Net Worth have consistently placed him at a million dollars.

Walker was able to enjoy a career that was reasonably successful and noteworthy thanks to the roles he played on television and in films, in addition to his other smaller ventures.

Jimmie Walker FAQ

To what age has Jimmie Walker reached?

Every year on June 25th, the comedian throws a party in honor of his birthday. Due to the fact that Walker was born in 1947, he will turn 75 years old in the summer of 2022.

On the show “Good Times,” how old was Jimmie Walker?

When the first season of the sitcom aired, Walker had already reached the age of 26. After the conclusion of the program, he was probably 32 years old at that point.

Where exactly did Jimmie Walker make his debut into the world?

Jimmie Walker was born in the borough of Brooklyn in the state of New York.

Is Jimmie Walker Married?

He has no partner.

What is Jimmie Walker’s exact age, please?

James Carter Walker Jr. is 75 years old at this point in his life.

When exactly did Jimmie Walker come into this world?

The 25th of June, 1947 is the date that Jimmie Walker was born.

What kind of work does Jimmie Walker do for a living?

He has worked as both an actor and a comedian.

These are the details on James Carter Walker Jr. that you might have been looking for, including his weight, height, age, and biography. With all of this information at your disposal, you are able to learn about this individual. In the event that any of the information is inaccurate. You are welcome to provide your thoughts by using the comments section. We are always excited to read your feedback.

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