Jerry Mathers Net Worth $4 million: How Rich is the Actor Actually?

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Full NameGerald Patrick Mathers
Birth DateJune 2, 1948,
Birth PlaceSioux City, Iowa, United States
WifeTeresa Modnick
 Net Worth$4 million

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What is Jerry Mathers Net Worth in 2024 ?

Gerald Patrick Mathers and Jeremy Calvert are American actors who are better known by their stage name, Jerry Mathers. Jerry Mathers’s Net Worth in 2024 is around $4 million. He is best known for playing Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver as a child on the TV show “Leave It to Beaver.”

Early life

Jerry Mathers was given the name Gerald Patrick Mathers at the time of his birth on June 2nd, 1948 in the city of Sioux City, Iowa, in the United States. His father worked as the head principal of a high school. He spent his formative years in the San Fernando Valley, which is located in Los Angeles County, California. He is the third of four children; his parents gave him two brothers and one sister.

Jerry Mathers Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Actually in 2021?

Jerry got his start in the entertainment industry when he was just two years old and appeared in a commercial for a department store as a child model. After his initial appearance, he was featured in a commercial for PET Milk, in which he shared the spotlight with the comedian Ed Wynn. This was his second advertisement. if you are interesting in watching movies you know the Val Kilmer Net Worth is $4 million.

After that, Jerry had an appearance in a few films, including “This Is My Love,” “Men of the Fighting Lady,” “The Seven Little Foys,” and “The Trouble with Harry.”

Jerry Mathers Career

After being cast as Beaver Cleaver in the television sitcom “Leave It to Beaver,” Mathers rose to prominence as a result of his work in the medium of television. The producers of the television show chose him for the role because of his honest attitude when he claimed that he would rather be at his Cub Scout meeting than audition for the job.

Within the context of the sitcom, Jerry’s performance as Beaver was outstanding. He was a guest on the television show for a total of six years, during which time he appeared in 234 different episodes. Jerry struck an arrangement to ensure that he would receive a particular share of the proceeds from the sale of merchandise related to the show during the time that he appeared on it.

As part of the agreement, he established a new precedent by being the very first child actor in history to be paid a share of the earnings from merchandising.

As he matured into his teenage years, he gave up acting in order to devote more of his time and energy to his academic pursuits. Matthers is a graduate of Notre Dame High School in South Bend, Indiana. He was a member of the musical band known as Beaver and the Trappers while he was still attending classes at the university.

In 1966, he enlisted in the Reserve Forces of the United States Air Force. After he graduated from high school, he joined the Reserves and remained in the military until he was discharged.

And when a certain amount of time had passed, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. It was said that Matthers had passed away sometime during the Vietnam War. The truth of the matter is, however, that Jerry has never been stationed anywhere other than the United States, which puts to rest the rumor.

After finishing his study at the University of California, Berkeley, Jerry went on to work in the financial sector, namely in the field as a commercial loan officer. At that time, his job at the bank was providing him with a weekly salary of $500.

In later years, he invested all of his savings into beginning a profession in the construction of buildings and other structures Jerry net worth. After a string of successes and failures, he got back into acting in 1978 and made an appearance in the comic play Boeing, Boeing. This was the beginning of his successful comeback.

In 1983, Jerry played Beaver Cleaver once again in the television movie “Still the Beaver,” which was a reunion of the original cast. The critical and commercial success of the film inspired the creation of a television series with the same name as the original.

The first episode of the series was broadcast on the Disney Channel in the year 1984. After being purchased by TBS, the sitcom was given a new name and given the tagline “The New Leave It to Beaver.” The popular television series aired its final episode in 1989.

In 2018 and 2019, Matthers continued to promote his well-liked television series by appearing on the MeTV network. In his career as an actor, his most recent roles were in the film “Will to Power” (2008) and the television movie “Mother Goose Parade.”

Personal Life

Jerry Matthers has gone through three different marriages in his lifetime. First, in 1974, he wed Diana Platt, who later became his wife. It was in college that they had their first encounter. After he had ended his relationship with Diana, he wed Rhonda Gehring.

With his second wife, Rhonda, he was able to start a family and raise three children: two daughters and a son. In 1997, the couple divorced and ended their relationship.

After that, on January 30, 2011, Jerry wed Teresa Mednick, who would become his third wife. As of this minute, he is doting on his third wife and having a wonderful time together. After overcoming his disease caused by Type 2 diabetes, Matthers participated in an advertisement for a program that reverses the condition on television.

After receiving a diagnosis of diabetes, he decided to participate in a weight loss program offered by Jenny Craig, a company that specializes in the management of weight loss. During the course of the weight reduction program, he was able to shed more than 40 pounds, and he went on to become the first male ambassador for Jenny Craig.

Jerry Mathers Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Actually in 2021?


What kind of salary did Jerry Mathers receive?

It is estimated that Mathers’s net worth is three million dollars. More than 60 different nations have shown “Leave It to Beaver,” and the show has been localized into 40 different languages

What is the current value of Tony Dolls’s collection?

The estimation of Tony Dow’s wealth in 2024 is shown. Tony is projected to have a net worth of four million dollars, according to wikipedia.

What does Jerry Mathers promote in his television commercials? features a commercial for Revitive Medic called “Black Friday: Get Moving Again.” The commercial stars Jerry Mathers.

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