Jason Derulo And His Wife, Jena Frumes Split (Reason Revealed)

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Jason Derulo Born on 21 September 1989, Jason Derulo’s age is 33 Years antique as of 2022. He turned into born and raised in a properly-settled Christian family from Miramar, Florida, united states. He holds an American nationality and has his belief inside the Christian faith.

Fans of Jason Derulo And His Wife Derulo were stunned when they saw the tweet he posted on Thursday, in which he stated that he and the woman who was carrying his child, Jena Frumes, had broken up.

You were probably a little disappointed and surprised to learn that Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo broke up just four months after welcoming a baby boy into the world. Whether you’re a fan of Swall-la-la or into Tiktok, you were probably a little disappointed and surprised.

NameJason Derulo
Full NameJason Joel Desrouleaux
Net Worth$16 Million
Date of Birth21 September 1989
Age33 Years Old
Birth PlaceMiramar, Florida, United States

Jason Derulo and his girlfriend Jena Frumes put on a beloved display at a romantic evening - OLTNEWS

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The two individuals appeared to be not only picture-perfect but also the ideal couple as they charmed their way into our hearts while they were being held in quarantine. The couple was not only stunningly attractive, but they also gave off the impression of being fun and especially fun when they were together.

Their connection could not be denied given the frequency with which their relationship was discussed on the respective social media accounts of both public figures. Despite this, they decided to part ways. Even though he is still active on Tiktok, it is clear that Derulo spends the majority of his time with his cherished dog, Ice. A pet that gained momentary notoriety due to the fact that it was so handsome. Fans are left wondering what exactly Jena Frumes is doing in the time since the band split up.

A day after Jena had posted a birthday message for the singer that didn’t hint at anything being wrong with the pair, he made the revelation that they had broken up with one other.

Physical appearance of Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is a goodlooking clever and good-looking guy with a captivating and rushing persona. He owns a strong and attractive physique with incredible frame measurements and a regular body kind. He is about five toes 11 inches in peak and his body weight is round 78 Kg. He has short and stylish black shade hair and additionally has blistering darkish brown coloration lovely and mesmerizing eyes.

What did Jason Derulo and His Wife write?

On their Twitter account, the performer wrote: “Jena and I have come to the conclusion that we need to separate ways. She is a wonderful mother, but we believe that being apart from one another at this time will enable us to become the greatest versions of ourselves as well as the best parents we possibly could.

In addition, he appealed to the audience, saying, “Please respect our privacy at this time.”

Jason Derulo announces SPLIT from girlfriend Jena Frumes; Releases statement | PINKVILLA

The revelation came as a shock to the followers, as evidenced by their responses. Another person said, “Oh my gosh you guys are so good together, I can’t believe this is happening, I feel so sorry.” One person wrote, “Please better be a prank,” while another person wrote, “Please better be a prank.”

Assets of Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is an American personality who owns a number of the maximum unusual and high-priced houses in the United States. He has a residence in Florida, wherein he was born as properlyAside from that, Jason additionally has some extra real estate houses just like the one in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and some extra.

car collection: Jason Derulo is a huge call inside the context of singing and dancing. Jason has a very beautiful collection of automobileswhich includes some really extraordinary and luxurious ones. He has a Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GLK, Ford Mustang, and some extra. He actually likes automobiles and has a knack for it.

Why did Jason Derulo and His Wife Jena Frumes break up?

The reasons for the couple’s decision to end their relationship were not immediately known.

The statement from Jason Derulo and His Wife gave no additional indication that there was an issue between the two people, but it did imply that during their break from being together, both of them are focusing on improving who they are as individuals while they are apart from one another.

On Instagram, Jena had posted a birthday message for the artist, but she has already deleted it.

It used to read as follows: “Best wishes on your birthday, @jasonderulo! We were both born on the same day, which is an incredible blessing. You are the most attractive, hard-working, talented, goofy, and loving human being that has ever lived.”

She continued by saying, “You actually make me whole, and I’m so glad for the love we share.” You and our little one make me the happiest girl in the world, and I can’t wait to make more memories with you and our little one.

“I’m sure you’re aware that I’m a tough cookie, but the fact that you accept me for who I am and help me become more pliable is something for which I will be eternally thankful. A toast to the passing of another year! I will always and tremendously love you.”

Instead, she just posted a picture of herself with the ex-kid, couple Jason Derulo And His WifeKing, to her Instagram account, which was her most recent update.

The year 2020 marked the beginning of the two people’s relationship, which culminated in the March 2021 announcement that they were expecting a child together. In May, they became parents to a baby boy who is now 4 months old.

Since their split, what have the ex-lovers said about one another?

In November 2021, Jason Derulo And His Wife commented to People magazine that his relationship with Jena as a co-parent is “wonderful.”

According to People, Derulo told the publication, “It’s a beautiful thing [that we can support each other],”, particularly in light of their new relationship, which consists of co-parenting. “We don’t care if people get confused about our circumstance because our situation is our situation,” you said, “since our relationship is fantastic and our situation is our scenario.”

“We love [our son] more than anything else, and his wellness is incredibly essential to us,” he added. “Nothing else matters as much to us.”

“I pay a lot of attention to her health, and I genuinely care about how she is doing. I want her to be happy and well. I have a deep concern for her. In contrast to what many people think, we have an incredible connection with one another.”

On New Year’s Day, Jena uploaded a video to Instagram in which she reflected on the high points of her year and captioned it with the following: “What a year it was! Hello, 2022🎉❤.”

The video included still photographs taken throughout the year that depicted Jason, their son, her pregnancy, and various friends.

Who was Jena Frumes Prior to Her Relationship with Jason Derulo?

Jena Frumes had already achieved a great deal of success long before she met Jason Derulo. His status as a megastar undoubtedly played a role in her notoriety; however, she already had a sizable fan base on Instagram and was successfully supporting herself through modeling and social media. Both Frumes and Derulo rose to prominence on Tiktok, which makes perfect sense when one considers her history in social media and his history in the music industry. 

It’s interesting to note that Jena Frumes has dated other famous people besides just Jason Derulo. Jesse Lingard, a football player for Manchester United, was her boyfriend. There are currently 4.6 million people following Jena on Instagram. The phenomenal success of Frumes’s various social media accounts demonstrates that she possesses a natural talent for marketing.

The content that Frumes posts are well thought out, she is stunningly beautiful, and she is a lot of fun. Before it came to an end, her relationship with Derulo was more than just a romantic one; the two were also very well suited to one another from a business perspective.

The Untold Story Behind Jason Derulo’s Breakup From Jena Frumes.

It wasn’t just the fact that they had a child together that made the breakup shocking. If you followed either of them on social media, especially Frumes, you probably came to the conclusion that everything was going swimmingly because the couple appeared to be head over heels in love.

Frames published photographs of the couple along with comments about how deeply in love they were with each other and for how much longer they would love each other. Up until the point where he made the news public, Derulo’s Instagram continued to be full of mushy posts about his ex-girlfriend, Frumes.

Jason Derulo details co-parenting experience with ex Jena Frumes

Derulo maintained control over the story of their breakup by claiming that in order for them to become the best versions of themselves, they had to go their separate ways. His account of the breakup gave the impression that it was mutual and without any hard feelings whatsoever. Recent fan speculation suggests that there was more to the couple’s breakup, despite the fact that it appears that they are still friendly toward one another and are present in each other’s lives due to the fact that they share a child.

Many people have asserted that Derulo cheated on Frumes on multiple occasions while they were together and that this dishonesty was a contributing factor in the breakup of their relationship. Frumes has had conversations with a few of the content creators who are pointing to evidence of Derulo’s habit of cheating on his girlfriend.

How Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo Are Sharing Parental Responsibility for Their Child

It has been difficult to establish what precisely took place during the breakup and how Frumes was reacting to the event as a result. The former couple’s feelings toward one another, as well as the circumstances surrounding the end of their relationship, are shrouded in mystery as a result of different versions of the reasons for their break-ups, unproven allegations of adultery, and enigmatic Tiktoks posted by Frumes herself. Evidently, the couple has made efforts to keep their relationship civil, and they continue to be involved in the lives of one other and their newborn son, Jason King.

There is no doubt that the two individuals shared at least some of Christmas together. Jena, Jason King, and Ice all wore festive pajamas that matched each other, and Derulo went all out in terms of purchasing presents for his baby. Overall, it seems as though Derulo and Frames are highly present in one other’s lives, and more specifically in Jason King’s life.

The manner in which Jena Frumes disclosed her relationship through the use of social media.

Frumes has kept up her social media presence, and she has decorated her Instagram grid with endearing photos of herself and Jason King, most of which feature the two of them wearing costumes that match. Both Jena’s TikTok and Instagram profiles now feature content that focuses on motherhood, as does Jena’s TikTok account. She expresses her regret, albeit in jest, that her son’s first word was “dada” rather than “mama.”

The fact that she and Derulo got back together for matching Halloween costumes with their son is evidence of how amicable their relationship has become since the breakup. The fact that Derulo and Frumes are able to put their differences aside and still take pleasure in spending time together as a family is evidenced not only by the fact that they have come to an agreement regarding the division of custody, but also by the fact that all three members of the family have dressed up as Superman and taken adorable family photos and videos together.

Why Did Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes Split Up After Newborn Son? - TheRecentTimes

Frumes is still modeling, and as was just noted, her social media sites are doing quite well and likely bring her a lot of fame and revenue. Her romance with Derulo was the subject of extensive media coverage, and as a result, a large number of their followers had a strong emotional connection to them. However, the couple wasn’t together for very long and didn’t start dating exclusively until the year 2020. Before she ever met Derulo, Frumes had already enjoyed a very successful career.

Additionally, it has been stated that Jason Derulo himself makes more money from his TikTok account than he does from his music career. This leads one to believe that Frumes is also making a considerable amount of money from both her TikTok account and her Instagram account. Additionally, Frumes possesses strong business acumen. Because of her well-known commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, Bo+Tee asked her to design and launch her own line of workout clothes called Intensity.

She is a model for the company, and her clothing line features appealing leggings, blouses, sports bras, shorts, and socks in earth-toned colors. Frumes also has her own website, All Things Jena, which contains anything from fashion to houseware. Overall, Frumes is still thriving despite the recent breakup.


  • Jason Derulo has also performed lots of excursions, which has made him very popular international
  • He has taken part in several TV indicates and movies as nicely
  • Jason additionally has received lots of awards and accolades, like youngster preference Awards, LOS40 music Awards, CMT music Awards, and lots extra.

Net Worth of Jason Derulo

As consistent with celebrity net worth, Jason Derulo’s net well worth is round 16$ million. Currently, Derulo has made four studio albums, with five excursionsin conjunction with performing in around 12 televisions indicates and films

Most of his income comes from those areas in conjunction with some endorsement offers.


Is Jason Derulo’s marriage still going strong?

Life must continue because it didn’t work out. Give me some space. In September 2021, approximately five months after the birth of their son Jason King, Derulo and Frumes split up.

How long did Jena and Jason Derulo date?

After dating for 18 months, Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo ended their romance in September. The couple has maintained their friendship while they co-parent Jason King, a boy, who was born to them in May of this year.

Why is Jena Frumes so well-known?

Model and actress Jena Frumes hails from New Jersey. She gained popularity on social media as a fitness model.


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