Jacqie Campos Net Worth, Age, Bio, Birthday, Height, Facts

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The late Latina and well-known American singer Jenni Rivera gave birth to Jacqie Campos, who is now a successful American singer in her own right. Late in 2012, the world was stunned by the news that the singer had perished in a tragic airplane accident. Now, as a result of her daughter’s recent successes, she is featured in the news.

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Who Is Jacqie Rivera?

Before she changed her name and adopted the surname Campos, Jacqie was known by her birth name, Jacqie Melina Marin Rivera. She is one of the famous singer Jenni Rivera’s children, who passed away many years ago. Jenni was one of the well-known Latin American singers who rose to fame due to the quality of her voice but was tragically killed in an airplane accident.

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All About Jacqie Campos, Jenni Rivera's Daughter

Now, Jacqie Campos is following in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a talented and skilled singer, carrying on the legacy that her mother left behind. She is widely regarded as an up-and-coming artist who is swiftly making her way and demonstrating that she is a formidable force across the entire music industry.

Jacqui Rivera Career

For quite some time, the name Rivera has been associated with fame as well as the entertainment industry. The Riveras is the name of the reality television show that featured Jacquie Rivera as a cast member. The children of Jenni Rivera appeared on and were a part of the popular television show.

The show highlighted how each of them is honoring the legacy of the Rivera surname while pursuing their own life choices and pursuing their own paths in life.

I Love Jenni is the name of another television reality show on which Jacqie has made an appearance. The television series was broadcast beginning in 2011, continuing for approximately 2 more years, and ending in 2013.

Additionally, she made an appearance in Chiquis ‘N’ Control in the year 2012.

Venturing Into the Music Industry

Additionally, Jacqie has tried her hand in the world of music like Jennifer Aniston. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she has established a name for herself in the business and become well-known and recognized there.

Jenni Rivera’s Troubled First Marriage

The relationship that Jenni Rivera had with her husband Jose, who she divorced, was strained. 1984 was the year that both of them tied the knot. They were blessed with three offspring as a result of their marriage: Chiquis, Jacqie, and Michael. Both Chiquis Rivera and Michael Marin were born on June 26th, but Chiquis was born first. Michael Marin was born on September 11th, 1991. After eight years of marriage, the couple finally decided to end their union in divorce because of the ongoing and worsening emotional abuse.

Jenni Rivera's daughter Jacqie admits that she was unfaithful to her husband | MamasLatinas.com

There was more than one factor that led to the decision to split up. The children as well as Jose’s own sister-in-law, Rosie, were abused by Jose. In addition to that, he was known to be abusive toward his wife, Jenni Rivera, and there was no indication that he would ever change. As a consequence of his actions, Jose was given a thirty-day prison sentence as his punishment.

Jenni Rivera’s Second Marriage

Following the conclusion of her marriage to Jose, Jacqie went on to wed another man. She became Mrs. Juan Lopez after tying the knot. The arrival of Jacqie’s other siblings, Jenicka and Juan Angel brought this get-together to a close.

Personal Life of Jacqie Campos

The childhood of Jacqie Rivera was fraught with a great deal of anguish and distress.

Her father, Jose Trinidad Marin, gave birth to Jacqie on November 20th, 1989. Her name at birth was Jacqie. Her childhood was marred and ruined by her father’s repeated acts of sexual molestation, in stark contrast to the idyllic setting of Long Beach, California, in the United States of America.

Not only with her, but also with her older sister, Jose engaged in sexual misconduct with both of them.

Coming to Terms with her Past and her Father

Jacqie Campos had not seen her father, José Trinidad Marn, since the year 2017, when they finally reunited. She made the decision that she wanted to put the traumatic experiences she had as a child behind her and move on with her life.

She eventually caught up with her father in the year 2017, and after doing so, she made the decision to forgive both of her parents, Jenni Rivera and Jose. She went as far as posting pictures of herself and her father meeting on social media alongside her father.

Jacqie Rivera’s Relationship With Danny Yanez

She was in a relationship with Danny Yanez before she became known as Jacqie Campos. The relationship between the couple was one of commitment, as evidenced by the fact that they chose to start a family together.

Jacqie Campos: 7 little-known facts about Jenni Rivera's daughter - Tuko.co.ke

Because of her relationship with Danny Yanez, Jacqie is the mother of a daughter who goes by the name Jaylah Yanez. However, they were no longer together in a short amount of time, and Jacqie went on to develop a serious relationship with her subsequent lover, who would later become her husband, Mike Campos.

From Jacqie Rivera to Jacqie Campos

When Jacqie Rivera made the decision to wed her boyfriend Mike Campos, she updated her legal documentation by changing her surname to Campos.

Jacqie Rivera started going out with Mike Campos and developed feelings for him. The year 2012 was selected as the wedding date by the couple. They were both able to have lovely children together after a relatively trouble-free first five years of marriage.

Jenavieve Campos, Jordan Campos, and Julian Campos were all born to Jacqie Campos. Jenavieve was born on the 21st of March 2014, Jordan on the 6th of April 2016, and Julian on the 27th of April 2020. Their offspring are adorable, and their audience adores the three of them together.

The Divorce And Rumors After

Having said that, just after five years of being married and having children, they announced their separation. Jacqie Campos and Mike Campos came to the conclusion that they wanted to end their marriage.

In 2017, the couple finalized their divorce. The news shook the followers to their very core.

After some time had passed, Jacqie decided to share a photograph of the entire family in one frame. As a result of this, rumors and speculation have begun to circulate suggesting that Jacqie and Mike Campos have possibly patched things up and are considering getting back together. Who among us wouldn’t wish for a family to be back together again?

Bond of the Siblings

There is a wonderful and warm connection between Jacqie and all of her other siblings. Additionally, Jacqie is seen frequently sharing pictures of herself along with her siblings, as if to draw attention to the special relationship that they each have with one another.

Even after the first three children in the family lost their mother in 2012, they persevered through the difficult ordeal together and demonstrated that they could not be shaken.

Their connection is strengthened by the fact that they were married to Juan Manuel Lopez Pardo and have two children together as a result of their union (Jenica Lopez, born in 1997, and Johnny Lopez, born in 2001).

The relationship between these five children is one that should serve as a model for other families. The fact that Jacqie frequently posts images of them on her social media accounts is evidence of their relationship and demonstrates that family matters were always going to be important to them, regardless of what went on between their parents or in their lives.

Who is her mother? 

Jenni Rivera was an American singer, songwriter, actress, television producer, spokesperson, and entrepreneur best known for her work in Regional Mexican music. She was born on July 2, 1969, and passed away on December 9, 2012. Jackie’s mother was Jenni Rivera.

Banda, Mariachi, and Norte music were frequent subjects of her musical explorations during her career. It is generally agreed upon that she is one of the most important women in the history of Mexican music. Dolores Janney “Jenni” Rivera Saavedra was her full name. Her nickname was “Jenni.” Despite this, she had an eventful life that served as an example for others.

In 1992, Jenni made her debut as a recording artist. The development of her career, on the other hand, would be hampered by a number of obstacles, ranging from tumultuous personal relationships to the apprehension and imprisonment of her second husband on smuggling charges. Men also predominated in most leadership roles within the regional Mexican music scene.

Her fame began to grow in the early 2000s, during which time she won a number of awards and was nominated for many more. She had a total of 12 studio albums under her belt when her career came to an end.

She made an appearance on the reality show that her daughter Chiquis hosted around the year 2012, which led to the creation of her own show not long after that. It was common for Latinas and Chicanas to look up to Jenni Rivera as a source of motivation.

Due in part to the difficulties she had to overcome in her life, Jenni Rivera dedicated a significant portion of her adult life to promoting awareness of domestic violence and working with charitable organizations. The Los Angeles City Council has proclaimed August 6th to be “Jenni Rivera Day.” Her name is associated with a number of charitable organizations, including the Love Foundation, Jenni Vive, and Jenni’s Refuge.

On December 9, 2012, Rivera was killed when her plane was involved in a terrible accident close to Monterrey, Mexico. There were six other passengers in the vehicle with her. She was laid to rest at the All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California, on December 31, 2012, after passing away. Her passing was a topic of discussion in the headlines of international news outlets such as Telemundo, Univisión, CNN, ABC, and MSNC for several weeks.

Who is her father?

The relationship between Jacqie and her father, José “Trino” Marn, has had a tumultuous past. As a result, she surprised many of her followers in June 2017 when she posted an Instagram message in which she forgave her father for the wrongs he had committed. Because Trino has a history of sexually abusing Jacqie and her older sister, Chiquis, as well as Jenni’s younger sister, Rosie, this development came as a complete surprise to everyone.

Jenni would find out about the abuse in the year 1992, but Trino would elude the authorities for the next nine years, finally being located and apprehended in 2006 as a result of Rosie spotting him in a restaurant. During the protracted trial that took place in Long Beach, there was even a scuffle in the courtroom as a result of the media circus that surrounded the traumatic case. This caused a lot of hurt feelings and even led to a brawl.

In May of 2007, the defendant known as “Trino” was found guilty on six of the nine charges against him, which included pederasty and evasion of justice. He was given a sentence of 31 years in prison, and he has made two applications to have that sentence reduced.

The fact that Jacqie has been able to forgive her father is largely attributable to the faith that she has. As a result of Jacqie’s upbringing in the public eye, she did not go through life unscathed by controversy or experience. On the other hand, as a result of her journey toward religious enlightenment, she now carries a sense of forgiveness toward her father.

The tragic life of her mother caused a lot of her followers to be shocked and upset by the fact that she could forgive. On the other hand, it appeared that others approved of the choice that she made. In any event, the tragic nature of the situation continues to fuel speculative thinking and online conversation about the topic.

Jacqie Rivera’a Active Social Life

It was inevitable that Jacqie’s career would generate some buzz. She maintains an active presence on the various social media platforms she uses, where she has garnered a sizable following and where she frequently posts updates on her activities.

Her Facebook page has more than 600,000 followers, and her Instagram page has almost 2 million followers combined. Additionally, she maintains a channel on YouTube, which currently has more than approximately 400,000 subscribers. Her fans are able to get a glimpse of her personal life through her active participation in social life.


What profession does Jacquie Campos have?

American actress and singer Jacqie Campos is well-known. She is well known for her many appearances in TV series like I Love Jenni, The Riveras, and Chiquis ‘n Control.

How did Jacqie Rivera manage to slim down?

She was able to lose the extra weight by learning to eat balanced, nutritious meals and by leading a more active lifestyle. To become more toned, she is now working with a personal trainer. She acknowledged that carrying out what she does at times is overwhelming.

Will Jacquie and Mike remain a couple?

“Mike and I are going through a divorce.” My closest friends and family already know, and their support has been invaluable.

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