Who is Jen Psaki’s husband, Gregory Mecher?

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Gregory Mecher and Jen Psaki became acquainted with one another due to their mutual interest in politics. In 2006, when they first came into contact with one another, they were both employed with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Psaki had reportedly just started a new job in the communications department, while Mecher was reportedly serving as a deputy finance director, as reported by the Washington Post.

When Psaki and Mecher first spoke on the phone with one another, Psaki made the mistake of providing Mecher with incorrect directions to an event. Mecher was accompanying Rahm Emanuel, who served as chair of the DCCC at the time, on his trip. She had “no sense of direction,” as Psaki characterized it to the Post, and she was concerned that the group would be agitated once they did arrive at their destination. However, Mecher claimed that once he had a face-to-face conversation with Psaki, he immediately forgot about the misunderstanding since he found her to be attractive.

Although Mecher and Psaki traveled quite a bit, their desks in the headquarters in Washington, D.C. were located in close proximity to one another. Mecher disclosed to the Post that whenever he walked by Psaki’s desk, he made an effort to gain her attention. According to Mecher, “Every time I did it, she had the headset on, was talking on the phone, was typing on the BlackBerry, and had the actual computer in front of her where she was talking to someone else.” Therefore, there was no chance of inadvertently attracting her notice.

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When it came time for Mecher to ask Psaki out on a date, he was overcome with anxiety. However, he revealed to the Post that in September of 2006 he eventually built up the courage to send her an email asking her out to dinner. The two immediately hit it off, which led to the beginning of a love relationship.

However, they were put to the test very quickly due to the fact that Psaki relocated to Chicago in early 2007 in order to work for the Obama presidential campaign. Psaki’s busy travel schedule necessitated that she and Mecher maintain a long-distance relationship for the following year and a half, during which time they frequently kept each other up late talking on the phone. Mecher revealed to the Post that the maximum amount of time that passed between the two of us without seeing one another was 36 days. And I kept a tally. And it was a very long time. And it was challenging.

However, he stated that neither party ever considered terminating the connection because they were both aware that the campaign would eventually be over. Because Mecher had worked on John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004, he was able to empathize with what Psaki was going through on a daily basis and understand what she was going through.

After the election in 2008, the couple began living together, and a few years later, they got married on a farm in Maryland.

After the election in 2008 was finished, Mecher and Psaki decided to live together, and Mecher popped the question a few months after that. Mecher said to the Washington Post that the day after he asked Psaki to marry him, he had a phone conversation with his former boss, Emanuel, who was now his current boss.

After completing the remainder of his elementary and secondary studies, he received his diploma from Elder High School. After that, he enrolled at the University of Northern Kentucky, which is also known simply as UNK. In 1999, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the university, having majored in Communications and Television Production. Additionally, Greg was recognized as an outstanding college student and received the Outstanding Young Alumnus award in the year 2010.

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Who is Jen Psaki's Husband? Everything About Gregory Mecher - The Teal Mango

Mecher complimented Rahm by saying, “Only Rahm can congratulate you with multiple f-bombs.” Mecher went on to say that Emanuel enjoyed “taking credit” for introducing him and Psaki to one another.

In May of 2010, the pair finally tied the knot. According to the announcement published in the New York Times, the ceremony was held at a venue in Ridge, Maryland known as the Woodlawn Farm. The ceremony was officiated by a pastor of the Protestant faith.

Psaki was working as the deputy communications director at the White House at the time that the wedding announcement was made, according to the announcement. Capitol Hill was Mecher’s place of employment. He served in that capacity for Democratic Representative Steve Driehaus of Ohio, who was his boss at the time.

Mecher Spent His Formative Years in Cincinnati, Where He Attended a Catholic Boy’s High School

Mecher was born in September of 1976, and he spent his childhood in the southern region of Ohio. According to the announcement for the wedding, Mecher’s mother worked as a teacher at a Catholic primary school in Cincinnati when she was Mecher’s age. In the town of Hebron, Kentucky, his father maintained a career as a mechanical engineer.

On his Facebook profile, Mecher identified Elder High School as his high school of graduation. It is a Catholic elementary school for boys only that is located in Cincinnati.

Mecher attended a school in the immediate area. He received his bachelor’s degree in communications and television production from Northern Kentucky University in 1999. During his time there, he majored in television production.

Gregory Mecher has spent his entire professional life engaged in political work.

Mecher got his start in politics while he was still an undergraduate. Mecher reflected on his time as the “student representative to the Board of Regents” in an article that was published in the 2018 edition of NKU Magazine. He said that one of his fellow student co-regents assisted him in securing an internship with Congressman Ken Lucas, who served as the representative for Kentucky’s 4th congressional district from 1999 through 2005.

According to Mecher, the internship helped solidify his ambition to pursue a career in politics, and he has been working in Washington, D.C. ever since he completed the internship. Mecher was serving as Congressman Steve Driehaus of Ohio’s chief of staff when he wed Psaki in 2010. At the time of their wedding, Mecher. From 2009 until 2011, Driehaus served as the representative for Ohio’s first district for a single term.

Mercer’s most recent role was as chief of staff for the office of Massachusetts Representative Joe Kennedy III. (The information on Kennedy has now been removed from the website that has been linked, and it has been replaced with content about the new congressman, Jake Auchincloss.) In 2013, Kennedy was elected to serve in Congress, but in 2020, he was unsuccessful in his campaign for the Senate. According to NPR’s reporting, he ran against incumbent Senator Ed Markey in the Democratic primary but was defeated by a margin of more than 10 percentage points.

Gregory Mecher & Psaki Are Raising 2 Children in Virginia

Mecher and Psaki have two small children, of which they are justifiably pleased. Psaki does tweet about her children from time to time, despite the fact that she and her husband do their best to keep their children out of the public eye.

It says in her Twitter bio that she is the “Mom to two humans under the age of five.” Psaki made a light-hearted comment on Twitter in August 2020, saying that she was “bracing for a 2 and a 5-year-old to barge in” while she was working from home and giving an interview on CNN.


A search of web records reveals that the couple moved their two children from Washington, District of Columbia, to Virginia, where they are currently residing and raising them. Mecher and Psaki bought a home with three bedrooms and a price tag of $865,000 in 2013. The townhouse is located close to Georgetown University. Before making the decision to relocate, they had been there for more than five years. According to an article published in the Washington Post, the couple reportedly sold the townhouse in March 2019 for $919,000.

According to the public records for the property, Mecher and Psaki paid $1.638 million to purchase their single-family home that was constructed in 2018. According to information provided by Redfin, the residence features more than 4,500 square feet of living area, six bedrooms, and 5.5 bathrooms.

A few brief observations regarding Gregory Mecher What astrological sign does Gregory Mecher belong to? His zodiac sign is Libra. What kind of citizenship does Gregory Mecher hold? He was born in the United States and is of white heritage. Where precisely does Gregory Mecher make his home? The politician calls the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, home.

That is the woman who is married to Gregory Mecher? His wife, who serves as the press secretary at the White House, is named Jen Psaki. Do you know if Gregory Mecher has any kids? There are indeed two members of his family: a boy and a daughter. The wedding of Jen Psaki and Gregory Mecher took place at what time? On May 8, 2010, they exchanged wedding vows.

Who exactly is Gregory Mecher, the man who is married to Jen Psaki?

Mecher, who was born in September 1976, is currently 45 years old and works as an assistant for the Democratic Party.

Mecher was born in Ohio and went to Elder High School, a Catholic all-boys preparatory school located in Cincinnati, during his formative years before entering politics.

Mecher is a communications and television production major with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Kentucky University, which she earned in 1999.

During his time as a student, he served as the “student representative to the Board of Regents” before landing an internship with Kentucky Congressman Ken Lucas. He began his career in politics while he was still in school.

What were Jen Psaki’s thoughts on the man she married?

Psaki has been by Mecher’s side for over 11 years, and during that time, she has had nothing but positive things to say about him. Psaki has never said anything negative about Mecher.

According to Psaki, who was quoted in the Cincinnati Enquirer, the subject “is so comfortable in his own skin with who he is.”

“He could be in a room with 5-year-old kids, he could be in a room with millionaires, he could be in a room on a factory floor, and he would be comfortable everywhere and have a discussion anywhere,” said the person describing the man.

Later on, the speaker added, “Except when it comes to the Bengals, he’s a diehard Bengals and Reds supporter.”

Have Jen Psaki and Gregory Mecher been blessed with any offspring?

The couple has been married for eleven years, and throughout that time they have been successful in having two children.

On her Twitter account, Psaki identifies herself as the “Mom to two humans under the age of five.”

During an interview with CNN that she was conducting from her house in August of the previous year, she tweeted that she was “bracing for a 2 and a 5-year-old to burst in.”

Where Was Gregory Mecher Raised? 

Gregory Matthew Mecher took his first breath on September 30th, 1976 in Southern Ohio, United States of America. He was nurtured by his parents in their hometown in Southern Ohio, where he was born.

Mecher is of white ethnicity and possesses American citizenship. He is also of white ethnicity. He was born in the United States of America, and he is of American and White ancestry.

His name was given to him by his father, Michael Mecher, and his name was given to him by his mother, Mary Ann Mecher. Macher’s mother was a teacher who taught fourth grade at a Catholic elementary school in Cincinnati, and Macher’s father worked as a mechanical engineer in Hebron. Together, they provided their son with exposure to an academic environment.

Elder High School is where Gregory Mecher received his education. In 1999, he continued his education by enrolling at Northern Kentucky University. He eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and TV production from that institution in 1999.

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