Glen de Vries Net Worth: How Rich is the Businessman Actually?

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Glen de Vries was an American entrepreneur who helped found the technology company Medidata Solutions and served as both a co-founder and co-CEO of the business.

Additionally, he was a space traveler who traveled to space in October 2021 with actor William Shatner aboard Blue Origin, which was owned and operated by Jeff Bezos.

One month later, on Thursday, November 11, in the state of New Jersey, Glen de Vries was killed when the little plane he was flying in crashed. It is estimated that Glen de Vries had a net worth of approximately one billion dollars at the time of his passing.

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Glen de Vries Net Worth: How Rich is the Businessman Actually?

Full NameGlen de Vries
Birth DateJune 29, 1972,
Birth Placethe United States
Relationship StatusN/A
Net Worth$1 billion
DeathNovember 11, 2021

Early life 

The 29th of June, 1972 found Glen de Vries being brought into this world in the United States of America. His early life and his parents are shrouded in mystery because there is a lack of information available about them. Despite this, it has come to light that he has always had a strong interest in being proficient with computers. His mother was the one who inspired him to take up dance when he was a senior in high school.

In terms of the particulars of his schooling, he received his education from Carnegie Mellon University. In 1994, he received his graduate degree from the university, with a concentration in biological sciences. During his time as a student at New York University, he held a position as a research assistant at that institution.

It was in January of 1994 when he first started working at Columbia University as a research associate there. There, he was responsible for the department of urology’s implementation of the electronic health record system and the development of an assay that uses RT-PCR to detect micrometastases in prostate cancer patients. In January of 1996, he resigned from his position at Columbia University and began working as an Electronic Medical Record Project Director at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

OceanTek officially welcomed him into his role as the company’s famous President in January of 1997. There, he worked on the creation of internet applications for healthcare and e-commerce for a period of two years, beginning in January 1997 and ending in January 1999. Medidata Solutions, a technology company, was one of the businesses he helped create in 1999. In addition, he was the President of the firm for a period of twenty years, during which time he was in charge of the formulation of the company’s overall strategy and vision.

In October of 2019, he was promoted to the position of co-CEO of the company. In the year 2017, the market value for Medidata was determined to be $3.3 billion. After some time had passed, the valuation had climbed to $5.8 billion as a result of Dassault Systems’ purchase of the company. In addition to his involvement in the corporate world, he also held a private pilot certification and an instrument rating.

In October of 2021, Glen de Vries traveled to space on the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin alongside the actor William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise. He was onboard the spaceship for three minutes with three other crews and was 62 miles above the surface of the Earth. On November 11, 2021, Glen de Vries was recently flying in a plane, namely a Cessna 172, which is a single-engine aircraft. Before 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the little plane went down in a crash in Sussex County, New Jersey. Thomas Fischer, the owner of New Jersey Aviation, was also discovered dead in the aftermath of the jet crash.

Personal Life

The current state of Glen de Vries’s romantic relationships is unknown at this time. On his official Instagram account, which is called @captainclinical, he does not appear to have disclosed any information connected to his personal life. On November 9, 2021, Glen de Vries posted his final photograph to Instagram, while he was in attendance at the CNS Summit.

Glen de Vries’s Net Worth

Before his death in a plane crash on November 11, 2021, in New Jersey, Glen de Vries had amassed a net worth of around one billion dollars before he went away. It is reasonable to assume that he amassed an enormous sum of money by successfully operating his technological company, Medidata Solutions, for more than twenty years.

Glen de Vries and wife Maria

According to state police, Glen de Vries, who had been to space with William Shatner last month, was one of two people who perished when a small plane crashed in northern New Jersey. The other victim was a female passenger.

Glen de Vries Family

Glen de Vries was born on June 29, 1972. De Vries spent his childhood in New York, where he developed an early interest in technology, particularly computers. When he was a senior in high school, his mother pushed him to take dance lessons. De Vries received his degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 1994 after completing his studies there. He is fluent in Japanese, having taught himself the language.

Glen de Vries’s Wife

Glen De Vries had a wife named Maria and was married to her. At the time, Glen de Vries is a frequent customer at Lupe, a restaurant in the Village. Maria worked there as a bartender. In the beginning, she showed no interest in Glen de Vries. “I didn’t even know him that well,” she says. At most, I was only able to pour him a handful of glasses of wine throughout the years.

Glen de Vries Net Worth: How Rich is the Businessman Actually?

However, she was encouraged to go on a date by her coworkers as well as by Glen de Vries, who communicated with her via a number of texts, emails, and phone calls. According to him, “time flew when they were talking together” during the first dinner they shared together.

After waiting another two years, Glen de Vries went ring shopping and settled on proposing to his girlfriend at a cozy French café.

The location of the wedding vows was on the Tribeca Rooftop.

Professional Career

On October 13, 2021, as part of the Blue Origin NS-18 mission, astronauts De Vries, William Shatner, and two other crew members launched into space on a New Shepard rocket provided by Blue Origin. On the 11th of November, 2021, De Vries was a passenger on a Cessna 172 that was involved in a minor plane collision in Hampton Township, New Jersey. He was killed in the accident. He was a certified private pilot with an instrument rating and held this qualification.

Medidata is a software platform for clinical research, and Glen De Vries is one of the co-founders of the company. He received his bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and genetics from Carnegie Mellon University, where he studied for four years.

According to his profile on LinkedIn, De Vries also holds the position of Vice President of Life Sciences and Healthcare at Dassault System. In addition to that, he serves on the board of trustees at Carnegie Mellon University. In addition, Glen de Vries is the author of “The Patient Equation” and holds a private pilot license that includes instrument evaluation.

The second person to make a payment to Blue Origin is a scientist who resides in New York. Chris Boshuizen is another person who has purchased a ticket to ride in the space capsule.

He held the position of Electronic Medical Record Project Director at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center from January 1996 till January 1997. Vries was also a research associate at Columbia University, where he oversaw the department’s transition to an electronic health record system. In this capacity, Vries was responsible for the system’s deployment. Moreover, Vries is the author of the book titled “The Patient Equation.” His work has been published in a variety of academic journals, including Applied Clinical Trials, Cancer, The Journal of Urology, and Molecular Diagnostics, among others.

As part of the Blue Origin NS-18 mission, which was sent into space on October 13, 2021, de Vries was one of the three astronauts that rode on a New Shepard rocket with William Shatner and two other crew members.


Where did Glen de Vries grow up?

12 people were killed when a plane crashed in New Jersey. You may learn more here. Glen de Vries, who once regarded himself as the geekiest kid at scientific summer camp, went on to become a very successful geek as an adult. After developing technology that streamlined and accelerated the process of doing scientific research, the native of Manhattan who is skilled in software co-founded Medidata ten years ago.

What did Glen de Vries do?

His devotion to his profession, along with his love of flying and the humanitarian work he did, will be remembered and admired for a very long time. In addition to serving as a trustee at Carnegie Mellon University, De Vries was the founder of Medidata Solutions, a software company that focuses on clinical research.

How Glen de Vries died?

Last week, Glen de Vries, the co-founder of Medidata and a producer of software for the life sciences, passed away in a plane crash. This occurred less than a month after he and actor William Shatner flew to space aboard a Blue Origin rocket. On November 1, a Cessna airplane that de Vires was piloting crashed in a wooded area of New Jersey for reasons that are now unknown.

Who passed away before they flew into space?

A plane catastrophe claimed the life of a man who had traveled to space with William Shatner. Co-founder of a technology company Glen De Vries, together with William Shatner and two other passengers, recently completed a trip to the edge of space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard spaceship. The trip lasted for ten minutes. Thursday marked the day that an accident took De Vries’s life.

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