Est Gee Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Career, Real Name & More

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American rap artist Est Gee is 28 years old. His first album, “I Still Don’t Feel Nun,” got him a lot of attention. As of 2022, it is thought that Est Gee Net Worth will be around $700,000.

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Full NameGeorge Est Gee
Birth DateMay 11, 1994,
Birth PlaceMissouri, United States
Relationship StatusN/A
Est Gee Net Worth$700 thousand

Early life

Est Gee Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Career, Real Name & More

Est Gee was born in Missouri, United States, on May 11, 1994. He was a young child when he grew up in Louisville. Est’s childhood was hard because his father was a gangster. He even went through times when money was tight.

His mother was the only person who could provide for him and his siblings. Est’s mother died at the beginning of 2020 after a long battle with Leukemia. After his mother died, just a week later, his brother was shot and killed in the street.

Even though he didn’t have a lot of money, he kept going to school. In fact, he got an Athletic Scholarship to go to Indiana State University. During college, he was a good football player. Later, he decided he wanted to be a musician, so he stopped studying.

Est Gee Net Worth & Career

While he was in college, his friends kept him going by telling him how well he could rhyme the songs. Back then, he thought of the acronym EST, which stands for “Everyone Shine Together.” The “Gee” comes from his real name, which is George.

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In 2019, he made two albums that he put out himself. They were called “El Toro” and “Die Bloody.” Then he worked on some songs that got him noticed right away. He put out an album called “Ion Feel Nun” on March 6, 2020. It has seven songs.

After the album “I Still Don’t Feel Nun” came out in December 2020, Est became well-known all over the world. On the album, he was able to work with famous rappers like Yo Gotti.

Gee has had some big hits in the past few months. In January 2021, he put out “Est Gee x 42 Dugg-Members Only,” the official music video for the song with 42 Dugg. according to Est Gee Net Worth, The song became a huge hit, and over 5.7 million people have watched it on YouTube. “Young Shiners” and “Phetamine” are two of his recent hit songs.

Est Gee Height, Weight & Measurements

Est Gee is about the same height as most people. She is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs about 70 kg (154 lb). We don’t know his chest size, arm size, or waist size right now. In the same way, both his hair and eyes are black.

Est Gee Personal Life

Est Gee hasn’t told anyone anything about his private life. We still don’t know if he’s married or still single, but we do know that he has a son who was born in 2019.

In 2016, Est got himself into a lot of trouble. Back then, he was arrested and charged with moving 12 pounds of marijuana. In the same way, he was shot five times while making a video in Atlanta in September 2019. During the fight, he was hit in the stomach and in his left eye. To fix his left eye, he had to go through two surgeries.

Est Gee Net Worth

Est Gee Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Career, Real Name & More

By 2022, Est Gee Net Worth will have made a fortune of about $700,00. He is still working on new songs, which will add to the money he already has. Est teams up with Lil Baby in March 2021 for his new song “Real As It Gets.” Est and Baby were in a music video for a song that was full of expensive jewelry and cars.


What is the real name of EST Gee?

George Albert Stone III is an American rapper. He was born on May 11, 1994, and his stage name is EST Gee. Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG), Interscope Records, and Warlike all have contracts with him. Bigger Than Life or Death, his fifth mixtape, came out on July 21, 2021. It reached number 7 on the Billboard 200.

From where does EST Gee come?

Louisville is in the U.S. state of Kentucky.

How much does an EST Gee show cost?

EST Prices for Gee tickets tend to be in the middle of the price range. On average, it costs around $50 to get into a live show. Most prime spots cost more than $100, and VIP packages at festivals held in well-known places can cost more than $1,000.

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