How Does Elisabeth Fritzl, Girl In The Basement, Look Now?

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The Case Of Elisabeth Fritzl

The complete Fritzl case is scary, grotesque, and worrying. it is about a controlling father who locked up his very own daughter in the basement of his condo for twenty-four years.

He turned into now not simplest a controlling father, however, he was a brutal one that traumatized Elisabeth Fritzl for her entire existence.

Her father imprisoned her for 24 years in a basement. What is happening now with Elisabeth Fritzl? - 247 News Agency

How it started out

The tale emerged in 1984 whilst a woman named Elisabeth Fritzl disappeared in Austria and her mom, Rosemarie, reported that to the police.

After the lacking case became filed, her father gave a handwritten letter by Elisabeth Fritzl to the police.

In that letter, it become stated that Elisabeth become fed up with the existence she had in her residence, and he or she left her dad and mom to live in her friend’s vicinity.

Moreover, she advised her mother and father inside the letter not to ever search for her in any other case the consequences could be dire.

Her father, Fritzl, said to the government that his daughter, Elisabeth, had most likely turned out to be a cult member, which became a lie.

In fact, everything becomes one of a kind. all through Elisabeth’s enslavement, her father becomes the only one who had coerced her to write a faux letter.

What genuinely came about

Fritzl stored his daughter, Elisabeth, within the underground room and visited nearly every day, or at least three instances every week, for the subsequent 24 years.

He used to carry meals and components and relentlessly r*ped her. During her confinement, Elisabeth was given pregnant with seven youngsters.

One of the children died soon after delivery, whilst 3 others, Lisa, Monika, and Alexander, were taken from the basement as newborns to stay with Fritzl’s spouse.

Later, they had been legal as foster dad and mom by using nearby social services. in line with officers, Fritzl realistically targeted how 3 of his toddler grandchildren had been upon his doorway.

Social workers visited the circle of relatives regularly and determined nothing to raise their issues. additionally, they never heard anything.

Elisabeth become the one who taught the children a way to examine and write. Fritzl could every so often punish them by switching off their power or delaying presenting meals for days.

A 12-12 months resident mentioned hearing sounds coming from the basement, to which Fritzl usually informed him that changed due to faulty pipes or the gas heating machine.

Fritzl r*ped her in addition to pressuring her to view pornographic films, which he humiliated her by having her replay with him in front of her youngsters.

How the Case turned into Made Public

The Fritzl case first got here to mild in 2008, while a lady called Elisabeth Fritzl knowledgeable authorities in Amstetten, Lower Austria, claiming her father, Josef Fritzl, had kept her slave for twenty-four years.

All through her enslavement in a mystery region inside the basement of the house, Fritzl had often attacked, threatened, sexually molested, and r*ped her in front of her children.

Josef Fritzl became arrested on expenses of false imprisonment, r*pe, negligent manslaughter, such as inc*st. He become sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty to all expenses in March 2009.

Where Is Elisabeth Fritzl Now?

Whilst Elisabeth turned into abducted on the palms of her own father, she turned into 18 years vintage, and when she become released in 2008, she become forty-two years vintage.

Her eldest baby, whom she had given birth to, required instantaneous hospitalization. as a consequence, her father gave Elisabeth permission to take the kid to the health center.

That turned into the primary time Elisabeth had seen daylight in her 24 years of existence. She turned into rapidly escorted right down to the basement alongside her youngsters.

But there was something fishy. A ordinary letter left through Josef Fritzl piqued the clinical body of workers’s hobby, which they notified the government approximately, prompting the police to reveal up.

Elisabeth Fritzl and her youngsters have been finally determined within the basement and have been saved. She and her youngsters had been taken into kingdom custody and then sent to an area in Northern Austria.

They underwent counseling there. at first, psychologists recommended lifetime counseling attributable to the trauma that they had all skilled, which was painful for them.

After more than one classes with the psychologists, Elisabeth become given a new name however additionally adopted a brand new identification.

To avoid past traumas and reminiscing approximately the hurtful reminiscences, Elisabeth is suggested via the doctors to stay together with her children in a bright and nicely-lit domestic.

Her youngsters presently variety in age from 17 to 35 years old. of the six kids suffered and have been identified with excessive tension and panic attacks.

Because of their previous way of life, the family of Elisabeth all had a tough time recovering. They had been maintained on excessive doses of mood-changing drugs, exercise, and weight loss program regimens whilst recovering.

Their -story domestic is constantly monitored by way of CCTV and protected with the aid of safety guards. Any suspicious person or a stranger seen prowling near can assume to be detained by police without delay.


Her connection together with her mother, Rosemarie, changed into greater tough to fix. It become not possible for Elisabeth to imagine she had no perception she had been enslaved underneath her feet.

Attributable to staying in the windowless basement, all the kids who have been stored along with her had complicated clinical conditions, including vitamin D insufficiency and terrible posture.

Docs are believed to have installed a shipment field outside for Fritzl’s sufferers to head there if daylight and open regions are too traumatizing.

Elisabeth determined genuine Love

Elisabeth has managed to conquer her tragedy and feature a better life as she has found her love of existence.

She survived in opposition to all obstacles, retained her sanity, and raised her youngsters below lousy conditions along with existing traumas.

In 2009, it became disclosed that Elisabeth had fallen in love with Thomas Wagner, a bodyguard given to her by the Austrian business enterprise A&T Securities.

Thomas and Elisabeth have 23 years of age hole, he has moved in with her and her children. one of the doctors said that the romance had made her triumph over her prior studies.

It occurred all of a surprising and slightly a yr after she was launched. each are stated to be content material with their lives.

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