Who Is Diana Lovejoy? Why was She Imprisoned? (New Revelations)

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Diana Lovejoy turned into born in the USA on the 26th of October, 1972. She is about 49 years vintage now, and he or she is likewise a former American health teacher and a coach.

She finished her primary schooling at Mountain View High School in California and further graduated with a bachelor’s diploma in Literature, Psychology, track, and French from the University of California, San Diego.

The lady was given many activity possibilities in one-of-a-kind companies including Nokia, wherein she became appointed as a lead documentation professional while completing her college.

After her commencement, she worked at Nokia for 4 years and afterward joined a software program employer. She stop her process and pursued a health business in 2008. 

Diana Lovejoy extensively utilized to participate in the triathlon, and she turned into a top YouTuber sensation who used to make videos on geared-up-to-devour quick and healthy meals.

She is very famous for the murder trial of her husband. currently, she was sent to the Chowsilla girls’ jail serving 26 years of imprisonment on the rate of homicide and try and murder.

After this situation, Diana has become very famous. It become the maximum terrible case in attempting homicide in which the spouse was seeking to kill her son’s father named Greg Mulvihill, who luckily survived the gunshot.

Examine the item to recognize extra facts about the murder case and what had passed off to Diana after the punishment.


Diana labored as a fitness coordinator and used to upload diverse YouTube movies. aside from this, she participated in various triathlons. Most of her YouTube films taught us to create a short and healthy meal with the assistance of diverse scratch merchandise. However, after she was tested responsible she have become the lady who attempted to kill the daddy of her very own son.

About Marriage

The marriage of Diana and Greg lasted for 7 Years. In the ones seven years, Diana needed to face 8 birth miscarriages. Diana gave a beginning to her son after numerous fitness dilemmas and problems. however diverse family issues and increasing strain among the couple resulted in their divorce.

Stresses among Diana And Greg

Diana ended her divorce from Greg in June 2014.  Their divorce case became trialed in the court docket for two years. After the crowning glory of documentation, she acquired complete custody of his son. whilst on the other hand, Greg was allowed to go to his son for some hours below supervision. Later Greg applied in the court docket for joint custody of his son. In the court docket, Diana acclaimed that Greg has sexually and physically abused her son. But in the research, she turned into an established fake, for this reason, the court decided to provide joint custody of their son.

In the summer of 2016, the courtroom dominated that Diana needed to share custody in their son with Greg. And she or he also has to pay a hundred bucks monthly for infant aid. She already had to pay a sum of one hundred twenty thousand dollars to her ex-husband as his share from their circle of relatives residence at Carlsbad. And therefore, Lovejoy had to sell her condominium in Encinitas to pay that large amount of cash to Greg.

On 4th September 2016, an unknown no. called Greg. The person on the other aspect claimed himself to a personal investigator. He is known as Greg to inform him of some exclusive data approximately their divorce conflict. Greg and his friend Jason Kovach went in the dirt direction of Avenida Soledad. On the spot, he has shot a bullet in his torso however the bullet overlooked his heart and as a result, he survived the fatal assassination.

Background story Of Diana Lovejoy And Greg Mulvihill

Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill were married in 2007 in a personal marriage ceremony. Greg regularly visited California for tech work and met Diana Lovejoy on a dating website in 2005. 

And he knew that his future wife could shoot him. just like the typical new couple, they both lived satisfied lifestyles. the 2 bought a stunning house in Carlsbad.

After a few years handed, the scenario among the couple was given worse than ever because of Diana’s eight miscarriages.

After eight disasters, the couple was blessed with a baby, however, things had been over between them until then. In 2014, they filed a case that lasted for two years. sooner or later, the case was solved, and the child’s custody was passed over to Diana Lovejoy.

 Who are Diana Lovejoy’s mother and father; Her youth And task earlier than jail

At the same time as no longer a whole lot approximately her dad and mom or lineage are in the discussions, it’s miles believed Diana’s exquisite grandmothers were local American. The presently 50-year-old Diana Lovejoy become reputedly born on the twenty-sixth of October, 1972.

Lovejoy is a native of Carlsbad, California. the previous triathlete and a software program technical author attended high college and university before enrolling at UCDAI (the university Of California At Davis).

After graduating from college, she was given an activity at Nokia as a technical writer. human beings defined her as a person who had a first-rate grasp of the ways the modern world became the use of distinct technologies.

In addition to being a satisfactory corporate employee, Lovejoy’s online presence become additionally enormous. As such Diana become also a fitness trainer and YouTube star who documented her journey thru weight reduction on social media.

 How Diana Lovejoy Deliberate to Kill Her Husband; What befell?

The day was September 1, 2016. Investigators said McDavid phoned Mulvihill and pretended to be a personal investigator who had incriminating evidence of him.

He told Lovejoy’s husband that he would leave the evidence on a pole alongside a secluded dirt path of a street in Carlsbad, California. Mulvihill then grabbed a flashlight and his son’s mini-baseball bat and asked a neighbor to accompany him and headed to the deserted trail.

After attaining there, Mulvihill and his neighbor heard a rustle within the timber, noticed the barrel of a gun, and then the flash of gunfire. Mulvihill obtained a gunshot within the aspect however survived.

 Diana’s Ex-Husband Greg Mulvihill Survived 

The bullet neglected the light in Greg’s outstretched hand and instead struck him under his left armpit, and went out of his again. After the capture, the government has been able to piece collectively the scheme.

Investigators discovered surveillance photos of Lovejoy shopping the burner cellphone McDavid had used to name Mulvihill.

In addition, they located the AR-15-fashion rifle used to shoot Mulvihill in the garage of McDavid’s domestic.

consistent with police, Lovejoy contrived a plan to pay McDavid $2,000 — and she drove him to the location where the capturing took place.

On 15 August 2016, the Jury noticed the security pictures of Diana shopping for a Tracfone from a satisfactory purchase keep. On 1st September Weldon used their very cellphone to call Greg.

The authorities additionally determined McDavid’s DNA close to the location of the shooting. He later confessed to shitting in the woods. Weldon had wiped off his backside with a towel after defecating in a bush. Police later used the piece of cloth to extract his DNA.

What befell To The Case?

Diana Lovejoy changed into charged with the try to homicide her husband on Monday, the thirteenth of November, 2017. happily, the bullet did not pass through the coronary heart whilst Diana shot him inside the torso.

The court ordered her to percentage the custody of her son with a monthly $a hundred for her infant’s guide. Diana couldn’t provide this quantity, so she decided to kill Greg with the help of her gun teacher, who turned into her boyfriend as properly called Weldon McDavid Jr.

Weldon McDavid Jr served within the U.S. marine for 12 years and educated Diano in some shooting abilities. He also mounted the security gadget in her house. 

Greg, along with his friend Jason, changed into once walking on the dirt road to Avenida Soledade. fortunately, Greg survived the gunshot from McDavid as the bullet couldn’t damage the heart from the torso.

Jason advised the police approximately the incident while Greg was turned in and taken to the health center. He told them it turned into 11 pm when they walked down the road whilst the gunshot incident came about. 

The police desired to realize what can be the cause of Greg being shot. Later, the police, after a few investigations, determined that Greg changed into within the center of a court docket case related to his divorce and his son’s custody.

The police requested the cause for the overdue-night-time stroll on the street, so Jason instructed them that Greg acquired a call from an investigator claiming that he had grabbed a few proofs and he might deliver Greg one danger to have a glimpse of it. just as soon as. 

Jason further said that Greg informed him about the decision and seemed concerned, so he requested him to sign up for him. Then both have been on their manner to test on the proof, however, a brutal incident occurred with Greg.

Reviews similarly got here out in the court docket that Diana Lovejoy forced McDavid to inform her that her husband abused her sexually and molested her son. Later it changed into discovered that he become given $2000 to say this in court.

The court docket overturned their decision and gave complete custody to Greg Mulvihill. Diana became allowed to go to her son once per week for 10 hours simplest. 

Later on, she had to sell Encinitas to pay $120,000 to her ex-husband from the house in Carlsbad she needed to keep before. 

In the meantime in the courtroom, Diana Lovejoy’s aunt Diana Clark came to inform the court of what Lovejoy once asked her. Lovejoy requested her aunt if she knew each person who may want to scare or kill Greg. one of the jurors told the judge that this become the maximum vital point to be mentioned.

After taking note of all the matters and having the evidence in front of the choice, the courtroom observed both Diana Lovejoy and McDavid guilty. Diana was imprisoned for 26 years, even as McDavid became imprisoned for fifty-six years.

Because the court gave the punishments, Diana Lovejoy cried and fainted. choose Sim von Kalinowski straight away ordered everybody to be escorted from the courtroom in order that Diana may be given hospital therapy.

 Where Is Diana Lovejoy Now?

She was imprisoned at the age of forty-four and became at the end located guilty of the attempt to homicide in the case of her ex-husband. She turned into despatched to Chowchillla’s girls’ jail, and he or she nevertheless stays to be there for the relaxation of her punishment that’s for 26 years. 

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